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  1. Thanks Mike! I also found and got a 'free' account to and they have retail value guides that helped. Mine shows $4750 retail and that's what I was looking for. I've got the bug for sure, now I want a '64 EPQ grade
  2. I'm just beginning to try to understand where to get population and values for some of my currency. One I want to sell but can't find online data about market value. And I'll admit I'm ignorant about all of the factors on US currency that impact pricing. I'll be reading as I have time but appreciate any pointers on the value of this guy should I decide to sell it. And the best online resource for solid pricing data. I already look at Ebay sold and Heritage auction results but am not sure how my note compares to others beyond grade. Seal, and other data is just foreign to me as I'm a long-time US coin person. thanks!