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    Revenant got a reaction from Fenntucky Mike in I think I know where you bought those...   
    Ha! No! One 100-note project is enough for now! I picked the Venezuelan notes specifically because it was a shorter set and I could do just the Fuertes and expand into the Soberanos when I wanted to. Maybe one of these days I'll look through your galleries for some particularly attractive ones to hunt for or just see if you have graded¬†spares you want to dump. ūüėÜ
    I do however like the increase in participation that I've been seeing in several of the Zimbabwe categories though and it is sometimes fun to think that, as with you, my work and my writing might be helping to drive some of it. It's nice to see that my 4th dollar set(s) won't be alone anymore. One thing I always find interesting is the people like you and Holly that focus on the 4-6 note short sets of Millions, Billions and Trillions vs the people that open up in the 3rd Dollar P-65 to P-91 set. I'm one of the few that has sets it both it seems.
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    Revenant got a reaction from Fenntucky Mike in It's a long way to the top, if you wanna (good looking note)   
    Yeah... Not happening for me either. I think I'd think about it if it got to $200.
    Aww! I love the P-86. It has a good look. I like the colors and it has a special place in my heart because it's part of the story with the P-89 and my wife's "Billions" and "Trillions" confusion.
    Since my wife did me the favor of getting me a new, higher grade P-89 I think I'm going to be forced, at some point, to upgrade my P-83 and P-85 and remove the rest of those old, lower grade (Hahahah, 65 EPQ is "lower grade") notes I picked up in late 2015. As the number of holes in my signature set is shrinking towards zero its getting more tempting to circle back and beef up some of the weaker notes and keep the 3rd dollar set competitive. When I got some of those in 2015 I was just picking up some of the higher denom notes for giggles and I wasn't thinking this set would turn into what it has become.
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    Revenant reacted to ddr70 in One thing I do miss about the NGC side of things as we approach the award cut-offs   
    Try clicking on your set's name, then on the history tab.  The history will list by PMG number all the changes including the score changes.  You may be able to recreate your set from the previous year and record the notes competing at that time.  
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    Revenant got a reaction from Fenntucky Mike in I'm the cream of the crop, I rise to the top!   
    Oh totally, but I think you will be waiting unless I surprise myself because upgrading that set isn't my highest priority even for note collecting right now
    One of my uncles once got a box with a brick. Under the brick was a new wallet with a $50 bill. I once got the box to an alarm clock. It was stuffed with paper and had a $50 gift card inside it. So we do stuff like this. I once had Ben show up on mother's day with a shirt that said, "Happy mother's day. I'm your present. Dad says you're welcome." ūüėÜ
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    Revenant reacted to ddr70 in Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.   
    The Economy submission went from Rec'd to awaiting grading to grades posted in a few days and the package is close to home, but not yet delivered.  Maybe tomorrow.  I'll likely be scanning this weekend and updating sets.  The Bulk submission which arrived essentially the same day as the economy is still in the Received purgatory.  S no update on the Atlanta Replacement.
    The Connellsville, PA note graded VF 20, so 5 points better than I thought.  No EPQ.  But it has RADAR SN on the labellebal  ;0  Since sending my notes off for grading I picked up my 3rd $10 VB n The Commercial NB of Columbus, OH (2605).  It doesn't have Radar on the label, but check out the bank sheet number!

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    Revenant got a reaction from Fenntucky Mike in Finally scored some nice wins‚Ķ   
    I can't make journals right now and I'm getting errors when I try to update my note descriptions, but I'm working on a major re-work / update to my New ZWD set to factor in current events (and make note of the Sep 2019 death of Mugabe). I have the following written up in my master Word file and i thought I'd share:
    The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe announced in mid-May 2020 that new $10 and $20 bank notes would be released at the end of May and the first week of June, respectively. A Boeing 747 arrived in Harare from Leipzig Germany on the morning of May 14th 2020 and unloaded 66 tons of bank notes ‚Äď think about that! 66 tons of cash! While the RBZ doesn‚Äôt disclose who does their printing, it is speculated, based on this, that the Leipzig Branch of Munich‚Äôs Giesecke & Devrient is making these notes for the RBZ. An ‚Äúofficial request‚ÄĚ from the German government compelled the firm to stop making banknotes for Zimbabwe in 2008, but the company has been doing printing for the country since 1965, when it was still Rhodesia.¬†
    Inflation (in ZWD) reached 785.55% in May 2020, according to official statistics released by Zimstats.  
    The government stopped trading on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) on June 29th in a move geared towards protecting the currency ‚Äď which was still taking a beating and described as being ‚Äúin free fall.‚ÄĚ The closure lasted for more than a month and trading did not resume until August 3rd. ¬†
    In late June 2020 the government increased the salaries of civil servants by 50% and gave them a ‚ÄúCovid-19 Allowance of US$75 (I think this is monthly). Yes ‚Äď the allowance they were paying to these government workers was in US dollars, not local currency. Even if you use the official exchange rates (75 ZWD to US$1), the salary for these workers is only US$40, meaning that this ‚Äúallowance‚ÄĚ is worth more than their salaries. If you use unofficial rates their pay would be much lower in US dollar terms. Government pensioners were to receive a US$30 monthly Covid-19 allowance, tax-free.¬†
    Officials have called the measures ‚Äútransitory‚ÄĚ and blamed it all on Covid-19 ‚Äď not their fault, of course. A member of the central bank‚Äôs monetary policy committee, Eddie Cross, called the announcement ‚Äúcrazy,‚ÄĚ and said he didn‚Äôt even think the country had enough US dollars / money in the bank to pay for it. He also called it "retrogressive" as it violated a ‚Äúdedollarisation‚ÄĚ program which was already facing resistance. Prior to this, the country had already started paying mine workers in US dollars and was now expanding this to the largest group of workers in the country. Cross believed this would lead private workers to demand the same. Jonathan Chew of Imara Asset Management Zimbabwe said the current multiple exchange rate system might be able to limp along a while longer but that this would ultimately lead to a ‚Äúredollarisation‚ÄĚ of the economy (a return to using the US dollar as the de facto medium of exchange and currency of the country).¬†
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    Revenant reacted to Fenntucky Mike in New Set for the Bond Notes and New Notes!!   
    Haha, awesome! 
    Glad they included the Bond Notes, that made the most sense to me as well.
    Enjoy the #1 set while it lasts. JK. When I do enter my set, in the descriptions I'm just going to write **See the Pittman Family Zimbabwe Dollars Reborn set for descriptions.**, I'll never be able to top them.
    Nice to see they fixed the typo in the Set Type description, although Royal Bank of Zimbabwe does have a nice ring to it.
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    Revenant reacted to Sheik Sheck in New Set for the Bond Notes and New Notes!!   
    Being number 1 with 160 points is an achievement, no doubt about it. Don't worry about the wife, mine quit speaking to me years ago. She just grunts and snorts when she hands over the cardboard envelope that we both know what the contents are (once she has doused it in disinfectant). Funny how she checks the serial numbers of all her notes and gets excited when she spots a star note. She wasn't too thrilled when I created a note from her home state.  

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    Revenant got a reaction from Fenntucky Mike in I feel I'm going to win (Oh S***! I'm going to win!)   
    Ha! I wish I had duplicates! I wish I had the budget for a lot of duplicates! This set is so dang huge, if I was sinking a lot of money into duplicates and upgrades right now I'd be in trouble with the misses.
    One of the few things I'd count as an absolute duplicate is a P-98 that I wouldn't want to give up because my two P-98s are sequential serial numbers.
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    Revenant reacted to Fenntucky Mike in Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.   
    Great note, love those NBN value back's. Let us know how she grades. Do you think it will grade VF and/or receive an EPQ designation?
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    Revenant reacted to Fenntucky Mike in "long hair freaky people" Only!   
    Note to self.
    Tried it and it was disturbing, it looks even worse when shrunken down. Some creepy, shrunken, floating head. Weird.  Went back to the old avatar.
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    Revenant got a reaction from Fenntucky Mike in A P-23 and the 15-year labels in the context of the Zimbabwe sets   
    Yeah. It's usually not too hard to get 68's for a lot of things for not much more than the cost of grading.
    Of course, my Zimbabwe set leans on a lot of bulk-graded 66 EPQs that I got at bargain prices, but I'm usually pretty happy to have a 66 EPQ. I'll take a 67 EPQ or 68 EPQ if I can get it for a reasonable price. The other thing I find is that, once I have a 66 or a 67 - especially with a 67 - it's hard to convince myself to drop money on an "upgrade," even when one pops up at a good price. I am giving some thought to going back and swapping out some of the few 65 EPQs I have later on though.
    Side note but I think there is a 68 EPQ for that note up for sale right now if you're willing to drop about $50-60 for it. There's a 68 EPQ of the new $10 notes that I think I'm going to go after. I got handed my head on an auction for a P-77 I wanted yesterday so maybe I'll win this new note instead.
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    Revenant got a reaction from Fenntucky Mike in A P-23 and the 15-year labels in the context of the Zimbabwe sets   
    Wow. Yup. I had to go looking when I saw that. I'd seen a 69 but not that 70. That's intense. Puts my 67 EPQ to shame I guess but... I'm okay with a 67. I think I'm going to have to watch that one just to see how much it sells for though. I think there was a 70 EPQ for the 100 Trillion note that someone actually agreed to pay about $12,350 for. I.... struggle to comprehend that price for a condition rarity of a note that is common as sand on the beach.
    The 69s and 70s are impressive when they show up and I've seen 70s appear for several pick#s in the series at this point. If anyone could ever pull together a set of them one day that would be crazy impressive and they'd have mad-props from me, but I don't think that will be me - not any time soon. Probably not this decade. I think if I do start trying to upgrade any of my existing notes any time soon my wife is liable to get rather cranky with me.
    I am rather pleased / proud of the set I've put together on the whole though with a fair number of 68 EPQs now and one solitary 69 EPQ. This set is just so dang big that just trying to complete it in reasonably good grades just gets hard.
    I think there might be a bit of a lag / time delay before things make it to the pop report and this seller keeps submitting new notes for grading.
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    Revenant reacted to Fenntucky Mike in "long hair freaky people" Only!   
    Note to self.
    I may have to make that jumbled up portrait my new avatar.
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    Revenant got a reaction from Fenntucky Mike in These were on inventory a while I think...   
    When a note is graded before they have a pick number for it they write "Pick unlisted" on the label of the holder and it's listed as "VENUNL$$$$$" - "Venezuela Unlisted (Denomination)." My 2019 Zimbabwe notes are "ZIMUNL2a" and "ZIMUNL5a."
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    Revenant reacted to Fenntucky Mike in Branching out to to Bolivares Fuertes   
    Nothing like striking while the iron is hot and being able to nearly complete a graded set in a days time. High grades and reasonable prices no less, can't beat that. 
    Sounds like the Venezuelan Bolivars were a perfect choice for your next set.
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    Revenant got a reaction from Fenntucky Mike in Big (Dirty) Money Goes Around The World   
    I hear ya. I do.
    My 4 year old had trouble understanding recently that my laptop - which was bought 3 months after his birth - did not have a touchscreen like his tablet and you have to use the keyboard and mouse.
    I am soon to be 34 years old and I have received my paycheck as a physical check precisely 1 time in the ~16 years of my working life. When I was on unemployment they mailed me a pre-paid debit card and they just loaded my benefits onto the card every 2 weeks.
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    Revenant reacted to Sheik Sheck in Some big progress for my 1st dollar set   
    Fantastic set. My compliments to the chef. 
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    Revenant got a reaction from ddr70 in Where has all the action gone, gone to flowers everyone.   
    The 2nd series of designs for the Zimbabwe 1st dollar, issued in the mid-1990s, used an image of some flowers that I think are supposed to be Flame Lilies - the national flower of the country.

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    Revenant reacted to Sheik Sheck in 4th dollar complete! ~90% Overall!   
    Awesome accomplishment!
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    Revenant reacted to Ali E. in A P-44a...   
    Hello, Revenant.
    You requested your note with Pick# 44 to be added on Christmas Day. It was approved by an administrator and accepted into your set a few days later. Thank you and let us know when we may assist with the PMG Registry in the future.
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    Revenant got a reaction from gabeh1979 in ADDING - ONES in JUNE 2019 - TRUMP DISSES "HARRIET TUBMAN $20 DOLLARS BILL"   
    I think you also have to consider the idea of Jackson on a "Federal Reserve Note" rather ironic given that he worked very hard to kill the Bank of the United States, hated the idea of a central bank, thought the national debt was a national curse and would have hated the Fed and the FRNs.
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    Revenant reacted to Sheik Sheck in Another collage