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  1. I'm not sure what the situation is in the rest of the world , but the paper money at least isn't going away until they find a way to resolve the issue of the "unbanked." There's still a good chunk of the population that doesn't have a checking account or a credit card and they don't have easy access to a bank. The situation is or is going to get worse for some people because banks are increasingly going online and encouraging people to bank exclusively online - even cashing checks, when you actually get one, with an app on your phone. If you switch to requiring people to have electronic money
  2. The P-2e is an interesting note (one of a few 1994 issues, along with the P-1d). It is a somewhat rarer variety than the P-2d, but when you look at the two, on the surface, they look pretty much the same. The difference between the P-2d and the P-2e (and the difference between the P-1c and the P-1d) is that the earlier issue uses the first version of the Zimbabwe bird watermark while the later issue uses the newer, second version of the Zimbabwe bird watermark that was used in later issues, including the Series 2 notes. Zimbabwe started rolling out the Series 2 notes in 1994 and 1995 (and
  3. NGC and PMG tend to show a reluctance to encapsulate things not issued by a government agency. I think that's one of the reasons they have expressed a reluctance to encapsulate some bank-issued Zimbabwe checks that have been given / assigned pick numbers in the catalogue even though they didn't come from the RBZ. There are exceptions though like the Civil War tokens - which NGC will encapsulate. An aside, even though I know you were 100% joking.
  4. I found myself in a very similar place around the same time, not just because gold spiked, but because premiums for anything physical went insane. Like you, I've hit the notes hard. I was really thinking about branching out into Venezuelan Bolivars but when these 1st dollar notes started coming up I had to go for those instead. The first series is a great choice in that it isn't a 27-32 note series (unless you start getting into varieties) and they just have more character and history than the 2nd and 3rd dollars. Every new attempt to relaunch the currency tries to make callbacks in the d
  5. I did a bit of reading last night and found out that the new $20 notes were announced at the same time as the $10 notes, but, where the $10 notes went into circulation in late May, the $20 notes weren't supposed to go into circulation until June. This time delay is probably why the $10 notes are starting to hit eBay but the $20s aren't - yet. I figure, assuming they aren't delayed, we'll see the $20s for sale to US collectors by early July. I said in my post about the new $10 notes that there seemed to be some clear attempts to call back to the original $10 notes from 1980 but it's e
  6. I'm wondering if there's a clear preference here with regard to bank note images in the registry. On the NGC side, the images almost always focus on the coins and it seems a lot less common to see pictures that show the whole holder / slab - but NGC's provided images do show the whole slab, I think in part because those images are provided to verify the authenticity of the coin and slab so showing the slab is relevant to their purpose. Over here, the overwhelming majority of the images I see include the full holder / sleeve with the label. I'm more on the coin side and came to t
  7. "Money" is awfully broad. Are you talking about "Money" as in currencies, like Dollar vs Euro vs Yen? Are you talking about "Money" as in the concept of mediums of exchange and things like Gold vs Sea Shells vs Fiat? Do you mean "Money" as in the actual currency, like the bills? Obviously, multiple books / volumes have been written about a lot of this stuff and there are TONS of topics out there that could easily support a research topic. Hyperinflation is one of my favorite bits of monetary history to talk about, which I currently explore in the context of the Zimbabwe hyperinflat
  8. Yeah. That would have been funny. I wonder if #1,000 is even aware that they were #1,000.
  9. I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but, sometime just this week I think, the PMG Registry just got up to having 1,000 Ranked Users. There's 1,002 now.
  10. Over the weekend I just started seeing these pop up for sale in eBay auctions and new sales / offerings popping up that offer these as part of a 3 note set with the 2 2019 issues, so I'm guessing these are freshly released and they're just now making it out to the dealers. So I guess I might get to see all the designs that were supposed to be released as part of the bond note series afterall. I was really expecting them to tack an extra 0 onto these if they released them and have $100 and $200 notes instead of $10 (and maybe, later, $20) notes. Even with the official exchange rate the governme
  11. I've been looking into storage options for my PMG notes and wanting to get something like this. I'd much rather have something like this than the bags currently offered by PMG but it'd be cool to have something like this available directly from PMG.
  12. Revenant

    A P-11a!

    The funny thing with Zimbabwe is, while it's tempting (and the way I went, and the pick numbering is continuous) to treat the whole thing as a single continuum, the Zimbabwe sets span 4 currencies, each with its own currency code. So, thought of that way, I could see it being totally justified to refuse to do a set from 1980 to date, because, technically, legally, it's not all the same currency / monetary unit. You'd have a similar situation in Germany with the different Marks (gold mark, Papiermark, Rentenmark, Reichsmark, Saar Mark, Deutsche Mark) , or Venezuela now with the 3 or 4 diff
  13. Revenant

    A P-11a!

    If you want it, and want it for you / to display your set the way you want and not to compete with others, I'd just make a signature set like I have with my Zimbabwe set. It's a little more work because you have to build out the set / slots on your own, but it lets you make and define the set the way you want.
  14. So did the prices go up? If you offered it for sale would someone give you 1,000 Euro for it now? 600? 550?
  15. Revenant

    A P-11a!

    For a P-1 to P-12 including varieties, If I remember right there used to be one. When they first added Zimbabwe sets to the registry set the category for first dollars had a slot for each variety. They later changed that and collapsed it down to 1-per-pick. I suspect the Why comes back to what NGC/PMG have said about wanting the "average" collector to be able to reach 100% completion in any set / category. Getting a 100% 1-per-pick set together is pretty straight forward. Trying to get a full variety set together is far more difficult and far more expensive. It's possible, for sure, I think. B
  16. I feel like some of this might just be a bias toward the familiar to some degree and that I feel like the new labels actually aren't all that different from the old ones. I haven't gotten the note yet but last night I won an auction for what will be my first note with the gen-4 label. It happens that I have a nearly identical note P-11a vs P-11b in an earlier gen holder and It'll be a pretty even side-by-side when I can have the note in hand make consistent images. I don't have a problem with the new labels and, given time, I might even prefer the new ones. I feel like the
  17. Somewhat to my surprise a PMG-graded P-11a popped up for sale in an eBay auction the other day and I decided to go for it. I say "somewhat" to my surprise because the P-11a, like many / most of these, isn't especially rare but you don't see every variety pop up having already been graded as a high uncirc grade every day. I think this is actually the first PMG-graded 11a I've seen and it's only recently been graded based on the holder. The auction ended at 10:15 PM Sunday night so I stayed up just a little later than normal (kids get me up early) and watched it end. I put my bid in wi
  18. The notes I ordered about a week or so ago have arrived and they’re starting to clear our quarantine period so I’m finally getting to take a closer look at what I bought… and the are not 2016 bond notes. The bond notes actually say “Bond Note” and that’s the one modification / omission these 2019 issues make (other than the date) that separates them from the Bond notes. I’m laughing to myself because this is 100% my bad for not noticing. The seller’s listing listed them as “P NEW 2019.” The pictures and the labels said 2019… I just was assuming and taking for granted
  19. So staying mum on the P-99a/b and P-100a/b issue? Do I need to bug the people in the "Ask PMG" forum? In any case, thanks! I learned things I wasn't expecting from this thread in ways I wasn't expecting.
  20. Somewhat inspired by ddr70's recent post about lowball sets, I thought I'd share this today, just for a laugh. My new P-5b, P-7 and P-9 notes finally came out of quarantine today and I finally got the certification numbers to add to my set(s). With the addition of these notes, my 91-92% complete set now finally beats Muzzer42's 8% complete set... by a whopping 3 points. Muzzer has a P-1d note in MS66 EPQ. The P-1d is the rarest and most valuable variety of the P-1 note. It's the only P-1 variety that I don't own. I'm "winning" so hard he could go out at any time and
  21. Since I didn't respond to this earlier: Thanks!
  22. Hmmmm.... Is it just me or has someone been doing some time traveling? I feel like this is the thing that makes trying to expand my Zimbabwe collection forward into the 2016-Date period both very interesting and sometimes very frustrating because the story / the situation just keeps changing because the people of the country have ZERO faith / trust in the RBZ and the RBZ just keeps justifying and reinforcing that lack of trust because every time something meets with a little resistance they drop it completely and make 90 or 180 degree changes in direction. It's insane! At this poi
  23. To the extent that they aren't as expected it's my fault for not paying attention to them being 2019 issues and not 2016/2017 issues and not noticing that they don't say "bond note" in the top corner. So what I thought was a bond note is actually a newer issue I wasn't previously aware of.
  24. Yeah. I definitely feel your pain there increasingly with my 3 first dollar sets, the 2 sets each for 2nd, 3rd and 4th dollars. We'll see how many I end up with! You both have a lot of great Nationals. It's not ideal but it's not the worst problem to have!
  25. Okay... Per a conversation I'm having today in the PMG Registry forum... It's looking like I did NOT get my Bond notes this week, but I'm going to have to look at the notes more when I get them in the mail soon. Still happy with the purchase. Still happy to have them... but... It's starting to look like what I thought I bought and what I bought are 2 different things.