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  1. Ah, yes. I know, but I wish what's left of my rapidly receding hairline did. Thanks! It feels like a big win - incidentally, I think it's the only P-23e currently graded and PMG had to add it in for me this morning so I could add it to my set. No. Unlike most other special labels, you can get it for free and don't have to pay a $5 fee to get it, but you still have to explicitly request it on the form and I've seen plenty with and without it. The label gets discontinued in about 5 months on 12/31/2020. I didn't request it because I'm not the one that had it graded, but the dealer I boug
  2. A couple of weeks ago a pair of P-23 notes came up for sale - a P-23e and a P-23c, ending in that order, a couple of days apart from each other. I have not seen a lot of P-23s come up for sale over the last few years. One of the few I’ve seen offered is one that has a “Pick-Unlisted” label that was graded years ago, so you don’t know from the label what variety you’re getting and the seller wanted $200 for it - which has always and still seems insane for that note. This probably explains why it still sits unsold. Anyway… These new notes had starting bid prices of $29 - which was very
  3. Looking at the charts again, I'm probably just whining without good reason. They're not doing so hot this week - even though I'd expect them to be with the more recent moves up in gold and silver - but since I started buying in March I'm up about 30-35%, which is very respectable.
  4. 70 is perfect 60-69 are uncirculated but not perfect. 50-59 is basically lightly circulated. As you keep going down you get more and more worn. Anything below about a 10 or 20 is a heavily circulated, barely holding together rag that's only going to be valuable if it's a very rare old note. I wouldn't expect a Disney dollar to be worth much of anything unless it's at least a 65 or better - Gem Uncirculated. It sounds like yours aren't going to be worth much. Unless something is very rare and therefore desirable in any state / condition, people like things to be clean s
  5. And yet, my shares of gold mining companies aren't really moving all that much - they're even down a little so far today. I'm really not sure what to make of it.
  6. eBay is full of absurd listings though. It's good for entertainment though. Recently, just for a laugh, I put in a "Best Offer" on a pair of items that has been listed at $79 each for years now. I offered $24 each because I honestly don't think they'd get much more than that for them if they decided to put them in auction. The response was crickets. I may come back in another month or two and offer more like $35 each on them, just because I'd love to fill those holes in my set.
  7. I agree that I haven't seen major problems with crooked notes in the newer holders / more recently graded notes with cert numbers starting with "80XXXXX-". It's nice to see.
  8. I totally understand that, though the weekends are often the time when I find time to make noise. Thanks for getting it all taken care of.
  9. I find it fairly hilarious that this, of all reasons, is why you have Zimbabwe notes. "Well, I'd rather have this than pay for shipping." Yeah. Typical for any place that deals in bullion - they all talk out of both sides of their mouths at every opportunity. They don't really care why or what convinces you to buy - as long as you decide to BUY NOW!!
  10. When a note is graded before they have a pick number for it they write "Pick unlisted" on the label of the holder and it's listed as "VENUNL$$$$$" - "Venezuela Unlisted (Denomination)." My 2019 Zimbabwe notes are "ZIMUNL2a" and "ZIMUNL5a."
  11. Yeah. The pick numbers did change each time. The 2 through 100 are P88 to P93. The 500 to 20000 are P94 to P99. I say of of this on my Zimbabwe set but, in hyperinflations and periods of high inflation when they are making these new notes they usually don't have the luxury of taking months or years to make new designs for everything and you see designs and design elements get reused a lot. I'm not a huge fan of the old holders for this reason either, but at lease they fixed the problem in later versions. This is one case of NGC & PMG upgrading a holder that was a VERY welcome upg
  12. Yeah. I tried entering it into the slot but didn't see the language I'm used to where it said it was in the admin queue, so, since I've been doing other posts about these sets here I thought I'd just make sure it was on the pile.
  13. On the set / category: Banco Central de Venezuela, 2000-Date, P84-Date Slot ID: 10,000 Bolivares 2007-2017 Issue (formerly VENUNL10000a) P98 Why is the score assigned to P98a lower than the score assigned to VENUNL10000a (snipped below). Aren't they the same thing? P98a is 194 points in 66 EPQ and VENUNL10000a is 272 points in the same grade.
  14. I got the bulk lot of six Venezuelan notes in the mail on Thursday, and, after letting them wait / sit a while I opened them today. This is such a funny group of notes because, the Bolivar Fuertes series has 6 designs where 6 portraits and 6 animals & nature scenes are paired and this same sequence of 6 note designs is repeated twice in the series in the same order. This group of 6 that I bought together has an odd-ball 2 Bolivar notes and not the 500 Bolivar note that would match up with all the other notes in the sequence from 1,000 to 20,000, so you get all 6 portraits and de
  15. Venezuela, 1940-Date, P31-Date, Complete Slot ID: 2 Bolivares 2007-2016 Issue P88 Cert # 2506666-072 (The note I want to add) My problem in a nutshell is I want to add a P-88e but the slot is only set up to accept P-88a and P-88b.
  16. Not quite the same as what you mean, but a large part of my 2nd dollar and 3rd dollar sets are bought off BankNoteWorld. They submitted large numbers of various denominations - many years ago I think, some more recently, and there are a bunch of notes in my sets that have the same invoice number (first 7 digits) as each other. I've always found it slightly amusing.
  17. Hmmm... More drama and intrigue than I would expect in such an arena.
  18. Thanks! If you're interested in the set yourself BankNoteWorld has 7 of the denominations in grades of 66 EPQ or 67 EPQ for about $14 each. They have a couple in 68 EPQ for $30-38, but I have a hard time justifying that with these.
  19. Yeah... Not a lot of those graded really - just north of 1,400 total for Ukraine. So I can totally see you getting excited when one you need just pops up in a high grade and you can just buy it instead of taking a roll of the dice on a raw note. Something funny to think about but, the ~62 graded notes you have in your registry are over 4.3% of all the PMG graded Ukrainian notes in the world at the moment. You own more than 1 in every 25. Venezuela is doing slightly better at about 3,650. Zimbabwe looks a lot bigger at 13,100+, and in some ways it is, but over 6,000 of those are just
  20. It's a pretty big deal over there on everything. My company is working on a 4th gen product. The first gen was the 101, followed by the 2nd Gen 201. The current products are the 300, 301 and 303 (different tech base than the 300 and 301, which the new product will replace). There's been talk that the 4th gen unit may be the "302" or something else specifically because a "401" would not sell in China.
  21. Thanks! I agree they were the logical next step for me, but I'd also be interested in getting into some of the Argentina notes from the hyperinflation of the 1970s and 1980s in that country and that had been an alternative. USPS tracking is saying that all of the notes (in 2 packages) will arrive on Saturday. I'm really excited by that, but, if I follow what we've been doing to minimize virus risk, I won't get to open them until Tuesday.
  22. The Venezuelan hyperinflation and the Bolivar / Bolivar Fuerte (“Strong Bolivar”) / Boliver Soberano (“Sovereign Bolivar”) Series got my attention last year while I was heavy into building and shopping my Zimbabwe set. I think they are cool looking notes, I love the animals on the back, and I love the fact that some of them have turtles on them, in addition to being hyperinflation notes / series. I didn’t start collecting them though because I was neck-deep in Zimbabwe, I didn’t have the budget to do both and I’ve long since decided that I’m happier doing 1 thing well than doing 5 in a very ra
  23. Currently there's four categories in the Venezuela Registry. The Banco Central de Venezuela, 2000-Date, P-84-Date is the closest one to what I'd like to see but it includes P-84 through P-87, which are part of an earlier run of notes and I think they're still Bolivars (Bs, ISO Code VEB). The rest of the set (P-88 to P-100) are the Bolivar Fuertes series (BsF, ISO Code VEF) Would it be possible to remove the four slots for P-84 to P-87 from this set so it's just Bolivar Fuertes notes? Also, would it be possible to get a new, separate category for the Bolvar Soberano Ser
  24. I just realized that this old thread was updated for the 2020 awards... When did this happen? I've been waiting for and looking for the big announcement. Did i miss something or did PMG go super low-key this year? Anyway... Glad to see it continue!
  25. I hear ya. I do. My 4 year old had trouble understanding recently that my laptop - which was bought 3 months after his birth - did not have a touchscreen like his tablet and you have to use the keyboard and mouse. I am soon to be 34 years old and I have received my paycheck as a physical check precisely 1 time in the ~16 years of my working life. When I was on unemployment they mailed me a pre-paid debit card and they just loaded my benefits onto the card every 2 weeks.