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  1. I'd love to see the Zimbabwe Third Dollar/Trillion Series from 2007-2008. I think it's probably a lot more popular and will get a lot more interest than the forth dollar series we have in the registry already.
  2. Of course, now they're demonitized. So they're even more worthless as money than they were before! They're fun notes. I'm working on a set for the so called "Trillion Series" that includes the full run-up of the so-called "third dollar" from the 1 dollar bill released in 2007 to the 100 trillion released in 2008. I might or might not go for the short "forth dollar" run, especially now that I see there's a registry set for them.
  3. That is in crazy-good condition for it's age! Really nice looking note and cool idea for the signature set. I love the copper civil war tokens. I wish I had more time to devote to collecting them. I've been working on a set of the Zimbabwe Trillion Series and I'll be posting about that later. I like the PMG holders because it lets me flip them around and look at the note without worrying about messing it up. I also hope it'll help me later on when I try to show them to the kid.