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  1. I think they called the new one a gen-4 holder.
  2. There are certainly people that collect holders - for PMG and NGC - but they're a very small niche thing / group. Most people care about what's in the holder. A few others like me sometimes get a little type-A about wanting all the holders on coins / notes in a set to match or closely match. Even there though, for me, I only care if that set / collection is very important to me / one of my main sets / projects.
  3. It arrived in the mail today. I have to follow my own rules and not open it for three days but I'm getting closer to having it anyway!
  4. Yup. I'll be honest in that I'd gotten my hopes up that I could walk away with it for $25 + tax + shipping when it went into the final minute with no other bids and I was a bit disappointed when it spiked from $24.89 to $37.77, but I wanted it and I was prepared to go higher if that had been needed to get it. It just adds something to the overall set I've built that I've wanted for a while. This is only the 2nd one of these checks that I've noticed come up for sale that was PMG graded. The other one was a P-18 graded as a 63 that came up at a time when I just couldn't justify bidding on it.
  5. About 2 weeks ago a P-77 came up for auction. This had me super excited because it would have completed my “Millions” set and left me needing only the $10,000, P-72 to complete my 3rd dollar set… but then someone else bid at the end and the price was getting out of hand so I let it go… sadness. Then about a week ago a P-3 came up that would have given me a 100% complete 1st dollar set… and the bidding got so high at the end that I didn’t even bid on it… However, I’ve finally scored some wins that I’m very happy about and I was able to do it because I didn’t blow all of my budget and
  6. Lol. Hmmm... I think you might be stirring up trouble with that photoshopping. It'll actually be 201 points and about 84% complete once the $10 comes in the mail. With more of the $20 notes hitting listings this will probably be the next set / category that I get to 100% complete just because getting the last notes I need for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dollars has been proving challenging lately.
  7. Yeah. It would have been a bit sad to have those permanently orphaned. I was pretty thrilled when you got that note though. It meant that at least one other person would want and use the category. It's nice when you aren't asking for a new set just so you can sit there unopposed. Not much of an achievement to be #1 if no one else is even in the running. My Zimbabwe set has close to 10 competitive categories now though and it gets interesting trying to balance and split efforts and attention across all of them. Glad you like the job I've done. I wouldn't ever dream of trying to com
  8. This probably has made me way way happier than it should, but I am super stoked about this: My new 2020 $10 note should be arriving in the mail early next week and I really can't wait to get it now! This is making me want the $20 super bad - but I'm probably going to have to wait on that because I'm working on other things and if I spend too much this month my wife may injure me.
  9. Would PMG be willing to add a set in the Zimbabwe registry for either: 1) P-99 to date (including the Bond Notes (P-99 and P-100) and the new 2019-2020 series notes. 2) P-101(?) to date, with just the new $2, $5, $10, and $20 notes (so far) for the new series from 2019 and beyond? I'd prefer option 1, just because that would give us a competitive set that includes the Bond Notes and because the Bond Notes are still being honored / circulated with the new series notes because of the supposed "cash shortage." I was previously told no on a new set for the Bond Notes when it wa
  10. Ha! I wish I had duplicates! I wish I had the budget for a lot of duplicates! This set is so dang huge, if I was sinking a lot of money into duplicates and upgrades right now I'd be in trouble with the misses. One of the few things I'd count as an absolute duplicate is a P-98 that I wouldn't want to give up because my two P-98s are sequential serial numbers.
  11. Yeah... I'm not sure what's up with that. I think there might just be slightly less awareness of the $10 and the $20 and I think people might just not be in a rush on those since they're so new. Hard to say. 5 months ago the first dollar notes could go up for auction at these prices in auctions and no one would bid or I'd just win them unopposed. Lately a few people have emerged that are showing some strong, consistent interest in the 1st dollar notes and there are more and more battles over some of them it seems. I also just absolutely got thumped on a P-77 I wanted to complete my "Milli
  12. Yeah... I went for that 67 EPQ on the 10 in part because I was expecting sharper competition on that 68 EPQ. You got away with that for cheaper than my 67. I had thought about bidding on that 68 when I saw it going so low but I decided against it since there are some notes ending today that I wanted to go for instead. I was hoping to go for a P-3 $10 note ending today but the bidding has gotten too steep. I think I'll wait for now.
  13. Yeah... and I think there is a 68 for that one coming up in a day or so. I thought about going for that 68, but my other 2 so far are 67s, I'm pretty happy with 67s but I am trying to mostly make 67s happen just so they'll be "Superb Gem." If they ever make a competitive set for these you may force me to upgrade to 68 EPQ just because I don't want to take the #2 spot in Zimbabwe . Joking... Maybe... One of these days I'm probably going to be forced do go back and upgrade some of my 4th dollar notes and some of my higher denom 3rd dollars just to clear out some 65 EPQ notes and one 64 EPQ tha
  14. Yeah.... That shocked me. I audibly gasped and my wife asked what was wrong. 😆 Again, I'm good with my 67 EPQ. I actually won the auction for that 67 EPQ $10 note at 4:30 AM - bidding unopposed for $28.99 (about $37 all in after shipping and taxes).
  15. Yeah. I agree. I've gotten very careful lately about not bidding until the end. Part of this is the result of some activity with one seller that I think might have been shill bidding, but, in general, I feel no need to give people more time to run me up or think about increasing their bids. Much better to decide going in what the absolute maximum you could be happy paying is and put that in with a minute to go.
  16. I have no idea. Interestingly, it seems like there's a resurgence in interest in these notes going on right now. I'm rather surprised by how aggressive the bidding has gotten on that note so quickly. The last few auctions I've been in for 1st dollar notes and a P-77 I lost have all been getting harder and getting more interest lately it feels like. I'm wondering if this new series is reviving interest or if something else is going on. $300 seems like it'll be easy. I'm thinking we might see $400-500 at this rate. I guess we'll see. Again, I'm happy to have my 67 EPQ that I scored for abou
  17. To be honest, I'm glad the old one is back.
  18. Is the length really unlimited on the signature set side? I thought the 5000 character limit was set throughout. I tend to have the same thing in the competitive set and the signature set and treat the competitive sets as subsets of the signature set, which is what I see as the "true" set / project as I define it. Your name for the set, "The REAL DEAL," suggests that you see yours similarly. It's interesting in that you go into a lot of the finer details and security features with your descriptions. Doing that, I could easily see you getting up against the 5K limit. I don't go into
  19. I don't know that I would have felt that way until recently, but the P-7, P-9 and P-5 variety I wanted popped up so close to each other, then the P-11a, and then a P-12a pops up not too long after I talk about that being the last 2nd series note I needed and I do start to wonder. The one thing that keeps me from being paranoid is I keep seeing P-6 notes come up and I've long since now stopped caring about those after getting a 68 EPQ. Yeah, normally I'd never openly admit that I want to bid on something in particular, but if you look at the open slot in my signature set and my bidding
  20. Yeah. It's usually not too hard to get 68's for a lot of things for not much more than the cost of grading. Of course, my Zimbabwe set leans on a lot of bulk-graded 66 EPQs that I got at bargain prices, but I'm usually pretty happy to have a 66 EPQ. I'll take a 67 EPQ or 68 EPQ if I can get it for a reasonable price. The other thing I find is that, once I have a 66 or a 67 - especially with a 67 - it's hard to convince myself to drop money on an "upgrade," even when one pops up at a good price. I am giving some thought to going back and swapping out some of the few 65 EPQs I have later on
  21. Wow. Yup. I had to go looking when I saw that. I'd seen a 69 but not that 70. That's intense. Puts my 67 EPQ to shame I guess but... I'm okay with a 67. I think I'm going to have to watch that one just to see how much it sells for though. I think there was a 70 EPQ for the 100 Trillion note that someone actually agreed to pay about $12,350 for. I.... struggle to comprehend that price for a condition rarity of a note that is common as sand on the beach. The 69s and 70s are impressive when they show up and I've seen 70s appear for several pick#s in the series at this point. If anyone could
  22. Ah, yes. I know, but I wish what's left of my rapidly receding hairline did. Thanks! It feels like a big win - incidentally, I think it's the only P-23e currently graded and PMG had to add it in for me this morning so I could add it to my set. No. Unlike most other special labels, you can get it for free and don't have to pay a $5 fee to get it, but you still have to explicitly request it on the form and I've seen plenty with and without it. The label gets discontinued in about 5 months on 12/31/2020. I didn't request it because I'm not the one that had it graded, but the dealer I boug