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  1. I wouldn't consider that to be a fancy serial number. So it probably isn't worth much.
  2. Ever since I found out about them I've been scratching my head thinking about what to do - if anything - about the bank issued bearer checks and traveler's checks. They have pick numbers assigned to them (P-13 through P-20 and P-24 through P-27). In that sense, it feels like you can't completely ignore them and like they should be part of the collection. At the same time, they were issued by banks, not the RBZ, they could only be used / redeemed once, by the person they had been issued to, and they had to be cancelled - so they weren't really currency or banknotes in any way. They we
  3. I got this poster in the mail a while ago. It came in a poster tube on its own. I'm guessing it was a marketing thing and a "thank you for being a customer" type thing. I do like it though. I think I might have to get this framed one of these days to go with my note set. I like the fact that it includes the 1st dollars and the 1980s era coins. I wish it included the 4th dollars and the bond notes - but I guess nothing can be perfect. There's still just too much emphasis on the 3rd dollars (the "Trillions Series") and the 100 Trillion dollar note..
  4. When I first started collecting the Zimbabwean 3rd dollars I thought they were all about the same size regardless of denomination. When I expanded my set to include more of the first dollars I started to notice that this wasn't the case with them. I was shocked the first time I held a P-1 note. Compared to the higher denominations in the series it is tiny. The shot below shows the $2 note over the $20. Then I finally got some low denomination 3rd dollars - P-65 and P-66 - and I realized that this wasn't exclusive to the 1st dollars. The ZWR had it too, I think the picture below
  5. Looks like, while I've been distracted by the birth of my 2nd son, the government of Zimbabwe and the RBZ have been busy. The announcement came on 2/19/2019, one week after my son was born. On 2/20/2019 the “Zollar” “quasi-currency,” pegged to the US dollar at a 1:1 ratio, represented by the bond coins released in 2014 and bond notes released from 2016-2018, became the official currency of Zimbabwe – called the RTGS dollar. It consisted of the bond notes and electronic money. The Bond Notes and electronic money would be converted or merged into the new currency with a 1:1 par
  6. I guess we're outliers together in that it also drives me up a tree. I just try to ignore it as much as possible. This issue is one of the reasons why, when I make images for the registry, instead of imaging the whole holder and label like some do I crop down to only show the note and I'll use Photoshop to rotate the image a few degrees as needed to get the note as straight / level as possible.
  7. Sorry to hear you're having to deal with that. Best of luck to you and I hope things get better for you soon.
  8. I ran across the following in my continuing research from my Zimbabwe note set. It’s from the FAQ of a website that sells the notes. This made me shake my head, that anyone would still think it’s possible that these things would ever be money / currency again - 10 years after issuance was suspended and 4 years after the official demonization of the 4th dollars. The complete failure of the 2016/2017 bond notes evidences the challenge that Zimbabwe is going to face if they ever hope to have a national currency again. The issuance of the bond notes should also provide evidence
  9. Call it a "soft launch" since, for the time being, the only notes in it are going to be Zimbabwean notes that are also part of my set of that currency's notes for my hyperinflation themed set, but I've decided I'm going to make a signature set of notes that feature elephants - inspired by my sons. We have a membership to the Houston Zoo and whenever we go or talk about going the animal that Ben usually mentions wanting to go see is the elephants, which he absolutely loves. We also chose elephants as the theme for Samuel's nursery / bedding (for Ben the theme was turtles). Severa
  10. I wanted to make my best attempt to photograph and show off a funny feature of the Zimbabwe banknotes. Some of these banknotes have security features on them, like color changing / holographic ink, watermarks and complicated color schemes and had them as far back as the early 1980s or the 1990s, much earlier than I remember the United States introducing these to the "greenback." The 1983 Zimbabwean notes have watermarks but I don't think the US introduced watermarks to our currency until the mid- or late 1990s. One thing that's particularly interesting / funny to me is the "Zimbabwe
  11. It doesn't look like your picture is working / posted correctly. I'm assuming from the title that the problem is that the note is crooked in the holder?
  12. Were you talking about PCGS or PCGS Currency? Because apparently PCGS Currency shutdown right around the time you posted this.
  13. When collecting a series, sometimes the notes / coins / denominations you don’t see are almost as interesting and telling as the ones you do see. I remember a few years ago when I first started looking into and trying to collect the Zimbabwe hyperinflation notes… I found the 100 Trillion note first and very easily. It’s the definitive poster-child of the series after all. I also quickly and easily found the 50 Trillion, 20 Trillion and 10 Trillion notes. Then I tried to search for a 5 Trillion… and a 1 Trillion… and a 500 Billion… and I found nothing. I tried looking for a 100 Billion,
  14. Thank you, Ali! I've sent an email that summarizes this and the other problems I've been having with links to the relevant sets to the email address you provided. I'm actually not getting an error message. The pictures and descriptions are just disappearing / getting blanked out. Sometimes things look fine at first and then days later my pictures are just gone and I have no clue how or why.
  15. So I've been trying to build a set of Zimbabwean notes and I've noticed a seller offering one of the new $2 Bond notes that debuted in late 2016. The price is good and they're the only ones I've seen offering the bond notes already graded by PMG. Even though the note is graded by PMG, with all the fakes - including fake encapsulated coins - that have come out of China in recent years it makes me a bit suspicious. At the same time, part of me has a hard time believing someone would go through the effort to fake a $2 Zimbabwean bond note - which sells for about $2 raw - and fake a PMG holde
  16. I've been working on a PMG signature set and I know some people I know and talk to have been looking at it but the view count stays at 0. Meanwhile, some competitive sets I have that have some of the same notes in them and which were made around the same time are showing a few views each. The only thing I can figure is that the signature set view counter isn't working or is broken / stuck at 0. Not a big deal - it's just something I've noticed.
  17. I hadn't realized until recently, when Dena / PMG made posts about it, that PCGS Currency had shut down. I also hadn't realized, until I read the announcement on the PCGS Currency page, that PCGS Currency wasn't run / operated by / part of Collector's Universe. If I'm being completely honest, I never really spent any time looking into PCGS currency, so I don't know if my lack of knowledge in that department was from my lack of effort or them not advertising it / publicizing it much. I never bought a PCGS currency graded note so it just never came up for me. The thing that's particularly i
  18. I'm sure. This seller had a great feedback score and seemed great. I was more commenting on the novelty of it from my perspective. I rarely buy from outside of the United States were a US seller has the item just because the shipping costs (to say nothing of time) can be prohibitive - sometimes shipping cost is as much or more than the cost of the item. But this was one case were I was able to get what I wanted in the grade I wanted most easily by going with an international seller.
  19. Fortunately, notes aren't people. When we started putting numbers on people with ink it was a bad time as I recall. It is fun learning the story and the history of each issue and series though. Totally agree there.
  20. What you say is probably true, but, to me, that's just a reason to get something very nice in the 66-68 range and let other people play the speculation game - and that's what it is, speculation. You're just hoping and praying that when you sell there's someone willing to pay what you did or more. With a lower grade, a bigger pop, a lower price and, as a result, a broader collector base and more stability. The other part of the problem with condition rarities is that you're hopong the pop in grade stays very low. If you're talking about a 70 you're talking about a modern note - nothing old
  21. This just came in the mail today and I just thought it was a little funny - thought I'd share. The vast majority of the coins and notes I buy are from sellers / dealers in the United States. I very rarely buy from international sellers, it's not often I get a package with a customs declaration form, and this one in particular is a first for me - Croatia. The seller is located in the capital city Zagreb, which I did not know was the capital until I looked it up. I ordered the note about 2 weeks ago on March 1st and the delivery estimate was between March 11th (which seemed optimistic
  22. Wow. I had not heard about PCGS Currency shutting down... I'm glad I went with PMG.
  23. When the set was introduced around 2016 the Zimbabwean First Dollar Set Category (“1980-2004 Issues, P1-P12, Complete”) included slots for all the sub-types, so instead of a slot for P-4 there were 4 slots for P-4a, P-4b, P-4c, and P-4d. They later went back and reduced the set to just 12 slots – one for each pick #. I can only assume NGC decided to do this on their own because I don’t think anyone other than myself has ever had a set in this category so it’s hard for me to believe that someone else (a user / member) asked for or recommended this change. I made
  24. Thanks for the responses / suggestions. Just starting to look at options as my set starts to grow a little more.
  25. Most of the notes in my Zimbabwe set come to me by way of a couple of different merchants that do a lot of business and have a lot of diverse inventory for the banknotes of that country and many others. One of those two merchants is BankNoteWorld (BNW). One of the interesting things about buying from BNW is the fact that they send a copy of this little book with every order that includes Zimbabwe notes. The book has gone through at least a couple of editions that I’ve seen. The older one is thinner and doesn’t include images of the notes under UV / black light. The new edition ha