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  1. 5 hours ago, Ali E. said:

    Hello, Revenant, and thank you for the requests. Our team will add this to the queue of requests for the new year. :bigsmile:

    Thanks again, Ali!

    Fortunately (for me) I'm more looking to the future and what I expect my "next steps" for 2021 to be so I don't expect I'll even "feel" the freeze. I think I was only 3 months ahead of myself when I asked for the Soberano set in the first place. :Dlol 

  2. 19 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    Don't think you can. That's really the point of the signature sets, you create them because a set doesn't exist for you to display or group your notes in the manner you want. You could ask for a new set to be created, similar to your signature set or find the closest existing set and enter as many of your notes as you can there. Right now all new set/slot creations are on hold until Dec 4

    I don't think you can either. That said, especially once the notes are already registered to you, building competitive sets is FAR easier than building a Signature set, as you well know I suspect with what you're building on Ulkrainian notes. I can't remember if we have the "autobuild" feature here but you can just create a competitive set and click to add any available notes for each slot. You don't have to add / build out slots in the competitive registry.

    19 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    I think signature sets are eligible for awards, in case you were wondering.

    I think over here the Signature sets are eligible for all the major awards. On the NGC side they have 4-5 awards just for signature sets.

  3. After we get past 12/4, would it be possible to add slots for P-101 through P-111 to this category:

    Venezuela, 1940-Date, P31-Date, Complete


    Would it also be possible to add slots for the 2019 issues (P-109 to P-111, 10,000 BsS to 50,000 BsS) to the Soberano set category:

    Banco Central de Venezuela, 2018 Issue, P101-P108

    Given that the 2019 Issues are still BsS notes, and given that there's only 3 of them, I think it would make more sense to add them onto the 2018 Issue set and make it a 2018-2019 set than to make a new category.

  4. So I'm thinking about getting some cheap bills / reproduction notes to people as a gag stocking stuffer, but I'm also wanting to maybe put them in currency sleeves that will be somewhat rigid that will protect them from damage.

    If I'm being honest these things are not worth enough to worry about them getting damaged but I like the idea of giving these to people in a way that will help make sure they stay looking nice.

    I'm wondering if anyone has ideas / suggestions for reasonably priced, good, rigid currency sleeves / protectors.

  5. The seller of this note online is marketing it as a replacement note. However, the note doesn't have the "Replacement / Star" designation on the label.

    Past Zimbabwe series have used ZA prefixes to indicate a replacement note. I think its definitely possible that they could have switched to the "AZ" for this series, but the fact that the "Replacement Note" designation on the label worries me.

    I'm pretty sure that when the catalogue updates this will be a P-101 note, but I'm wondering if it will be treated as a P-101*, if it is a star note.


  6. On 9/26/2020 at 8:11 AM, Fenntucky Mike said:

    They are definitely that but will collectors take to them?

    Banknotes have a much smaller market share in the collecting market when compared to coins. Will items like these introduce people to traditional bill collecting and keep there interest? I guess a better way to put is, will bills like these help or hurt banknote collecting?

    Commemorative banknotes have been around for a long time, to me these are something different. If you were to call them "Monopoly Money" or similar I wouldn't disagree with you but I kind of like them. Probably going to pick up some of the Nevada notes in the near future.

    I'm definitely open to collecting them but it would depend on the price (I haven't researched what these go for at all).

    For now though I'm going to stick to my white elephant, my preferred / favorite "monopoly money", the Zimbabwe collection! lol 

  7. I've heard of them but not really about them. I saw a lot of people posting them on the Silverbugs subreddit.

    Texas is also making a state bullion repository - because the feds are apparently not to be trusted.

    I just don't think the states are that much better than the feds, so I see them mostly as a gimmick from people trying really really hard to be relevant.

  8. 5 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    LOL, that's probably why @Revenant has 207 views on that Journal entry, a third are probably me. :)

    Well, gotta get 'em somehow I guess. lol

    I actually think my Journal (overall, not one particular entry) has more entries, comments and views than almost any other save Gary's, but maybe that means I just talk too much. lol 

    But, yeah, not sure what the heck is going on here. I haven't really seen anything from them to explain what's going on either.

  9. On 9/5/2020 at 12:11 PM, Fenntucky Mike said:

    Getting closer, the tool bar (or whatever it's called) is back and it's easier to get to the journals but still not back to normal.

    Maybe were getting an upgrade around here in the near future. 

    That seems to be the case - including with the Journals asking for a Category now.

    I'd like to see PMG's Registry get the facelift that NGC's got about 2 years ago and I'd LOVE to see NGC and PMG add prettied up Signature Set / Custom set functionality to the new registry(ies). They keep saying its coming… one day.

    It's one of those rules of life I think - things either don't stick to schedule or they don't work at all correctly when they do arrive on schedule - kind of makes me think of the opening part of Star Trek: Generations And they've basically confirmed that all of this is being made worse by Covid with their responses that the ANA registry has been somewhat delayed in launching because of Covid / lockdowns. All perfectly understandable, but it does stink sometimes when you want your shiny toys / spiffy website. lol 

  10. 5 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    Cool notes everyone.:golfclap:

    Are both of those the green tinted holders?

    They both seem to have the lower transmittance that is the hallmark (IMO) of the old gen, green tint holders...

    Not sample holders, but the following two images were made at basically the same time using the same imaging method (cheap scanner) and the old gen holder image is just so much darker.



  11. 10 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    I was hoping to knock out a couple journal entries this weekend. 

    I can get to the journals but its a pain in the rear. I'll just save them on my computer then copy and past when the problem is fixed, I should probably be doing that anyway.

    I actually do a lot of journal entries like that, here and for NGC, just because it seems to be better for spell-checking - not that that means I don't have a few problems with the final versions here and there that I end up fixing.

  12. 39 minutes ago, ddr70 said:

    I'll redouble my efforts :-)  What happens with 5 likes?  Do you get a badge?  Like a steamin' pile o' sheckels?  ;)

    Anybody know how many PMG note holder types that PMG has used in the past 15 years?  I just know of 2--the current holder and the one before that one.

    I think they called the new one a gen-4 holder.

  13. There are certainly people that collect holders - for PMG and NGC - but they're a very small niche thing / group. Most people care about what's in the holder. A few others like me sometimes get a little type-A about wanting all the holders on coins / notes in a set to match or closely match. Even there though, for me, I only care if that set / collection is very important to me / one of my main sets / projects.

  14. Would PMG be willing to add a set in the Zimbabwe registry for either:

    1) P-99 to date (including the Bond Notes (P-99 and P-100) and the new 2019-2020 series notes.

    2) P-101(?) to date, with just the new $2, $5, $10, and $20 notes (so far) for the new series from 2019 and beyond?

    I'd prefer option 1, just because that would give us a competitive set that includes the Bond Notes and because the Bond Notes are still being honored / circulated with the new series notes because of the supposed "cash shortage."

    I was previously told no on a new set for the Bond Notes when it was just the two bond notes from 2016-2017, but, now that we could have a set with 6 notes / slots (and possibly more, depending on how this goes) I thought it worth a shot to ask again.