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  1. 1 hour ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    You have yours (P-72) and I have mine (P-125). Some of the parallels between our sets make me laugh at myself, I always think its just me. I have two journal entries cued up and if I combined them into one entry it would be very similar to this. One, I'll hold back now, the other I'll publish today or tomorrow. My notes are supposed to be delivered today.:)

    Nuh uh, well.... Unless you're talking about the P-99 to Date set, then yes. I can't wait to get rid of those $2 bond and $20 67's and upgrade them. For most modern notes you should be able to get a 68, at low cost.

    Oh yeah. Totally. The other funny thing is both your Ukrainian set and my Zimbabwe set are mostly a mix of 66 to 68 EPQ graded notes with a lone 69 EPQ. My set also has about three 64 EPQs and a handful of 65 EPQs I have mostly just to fill a couple of holes.

    At this point the 3rd dollar set, which came into the year at 92%, got one big upgrade and one new note. We'll call that a good year! :D

  2. 44 minutes ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    I'd say you did pretty good, someone just placed a bid on a 68 EPQ P91 with the opening bid starting at $139.99. Still seems high to me for the # graded but people apparently keep sending them in (and buying) as quite a few of the P91's for sale on ebay have the latest generation PMG holders.

    I suspect this will always be a head-scratcher, but it's always in the magic of supply and demand. Its funny to think about because back in the day I remember thinking that I'd pay a little more for the P-91 and get it in 67 EPQ (at the time the highest graded and most expensive note in my small set) because it was going to be the "star of the show." Now, looking back at it, I'm glad I got it then because I'd have a hard time spending $140+ for it now.

    I ordered a 20-pack of the gold-foil $100 Trillion fakes on eBay for $7 and bought some rigid BCW top-loaders on Amazon. If they arrive in time I think I'll keep one and make the rest cheap, gag stocking stuffers. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    LOL, still too much for me but I'll keep watching. :bigsmile:

    Yeah... Not happening for me either. I think I'd think about it if it got to $200. lol

    4 minutes ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    On a separate note, I did pull the trigger on a P-86 for my billion set. One a year is a good pace for this set.

    Aww! <3 I love the P-86. It has a good look. I like the colors and it has a special place in my heart because it's part of the story with the P-89 and my wife's "Billions" and "Trillions" confusion.

    Since my wife did me the favor of getting me a new, higher grade P-89 I think I'm going to be forced, at some point, to upgrade my P-83 and P-85 and remove the rest of those old, lower grade (Hahahah, 65 EPQ is "lower grade") notes I picked up in late 2015. As the number of holes in my signature set is shrinking towards zero its getting more tempting to circle back and beef up some of the weaker notes and keep the 3rd dollar set competitive. When I got some of those in 2015 I was just picking up some of the higher denom notes for giggles and I wasn't thinking this set would turn into what it has become.

  4. 5 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    I read a little bit about her as well "wrong place wrong time" popped in my head. Josefa Camejo on the soberano's seems more interesting, she took charge.

    I haven't gotten to her yet, but P-101 is going to be one of the next notes I'm looking to get for the Venezuela set I think, now that I have P-100 and P-102* around it. There actually was a P-101 in 67 EPQ at a good price that I was considering getting next month but someone beat me to it. I'll have to wait for the next one.

  5. Interesting notes and person. I've been wanting to do something similar on the $10 and $20 denoms for Zimbabwe but I don't want to do it until I have the P-3 and the P-40 in my collection.

    I was disappointed a while back when I looked into the bio of a famous woman on the Venezuelan notes just because it seemed like the thing she was most famous for was marrying a general at 16 and being thrown in prison for it during the war for independence.

  6. 5 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    That tweet is kinda neat, did he write a news article or air a story using that headline? Wouldn't mind reading it if he did.

    I can't find any. Near as I can tell, he's an editor and doesn't write many articles himself and I mostly just pull up twitter activity on him. (shrug)

    5 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    'm waiting :whistle:. Looks like I'll need to go update the description for my $20 :devil:

    Hold your breath. I dare you. ;) :devil: You'll be waiting a bit I think - including for my $20 note to have anything really interesting to say. Things mostly seem quiet over there as the government seems to be slow / reluctant to acknowledge what most people seem to already know - this currency is dead. Now that I have representative pieces for all of those, I don't think I'm going to be in a hurry to upgrade any of it except for maybe doing something about the P-100, because that is going to continue to annoy me I suspect. I'll probably go ahead and bump it to a 68 EPQ just because I see no point in getting a 67 at this point if I have any interest in one day bringing the set up to 68 EPQ.

    5 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    Ditto, I regretted snapping up the $20 in 66 so I upgraded a few weeks ago. Might have been me who out bid you on that $20 a few weeks back, patience is something I need to deploy more in my collecting. Oh well, I now have a Zimbabwe $20, 66 EPQ stocking stuffer for someone on Christmas. Or, I also play numismatic trivia with family members via group text and will award a prize for the first person to XXX points, usually takes 3-4 weeks to get to the arbitrary point total, at the end of which I give out a prize. Maybe that will be the $20's fate.(shrug)

    It wouldn't at all surprise me if you beat me on one. I feel like I've made a lot of impulsive and knee-jerk choices with that set - including that I probably could have gotten a 67 EPQ for cheaper or a 68 EPQ for about the same money if I'd just been more patient on the $10 note.

    My priority this year has consistently been the first dollar set(s). At this point, I want to build back a bit of a cash reserve and wait. There are three big notes left that come up much more infrequently, randomly, and unpredictably and they tend to be more expensive when they come up. Getting the P-1d was a great win for the 1st dollar set and I'm glad to have it but I really want a P-3 and I want it bad. I want that registry set 100% complete - at least of of my 4 first dollar sets anyway. lol Once I have a little bit of a war-chest saved up for getting those notes if / when they come up I'll either try to finish the Bolivares Soberanos or give some thought to upgrading some of the weaker notes in the Zimbabwe collection. Even then, some of the 65 EPQs in the 3rd dollar sets will probably be more attractive for upgrades than those 67 EPQs. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    Makes sense, very strange to have three VERY similar designs of different denominations circulating. At least they changed up the portraits for the Soberano's, well except for the dude with the glasses.

    I'm doing some looking into it.

    -The series, released in 2007, consisted of just the first six notes (2 Bolivares Fuerte to 100 Bolivares Fuerte, P-88 to P-93).

    - The economy and the currency collapsed in 2016

    - In December of 2016 they pulled all of the first 6 notes from circulation and replaced them with the new sequence of six notes (P-94 to P-99) - So P-88 and P-93 were not supposed to circulate at the same time / in tandem with P-94 to P-99.

    - The currency kept collapsing and the new 100,000 Bolivares Fuerte note was announced in Nov 2017, just three years ago and less than year after the new sequence.

    - The Bolivar Soberano was announced in August 2018.

    - New, higher denomination Soberanos (P-109 to P-111 I think) came out in 2019.

    I think there's enough visual difference between the P-99 and the P-100 for people to not confuse them with each other - especially with the lack of zeros. I would have been more worried about the P-93 and the P-100 but the P-93 were gone by the time the P-100 hit.. %1%24s&

    Edited to add: I had been putting my descriptions with information on the person and the animal on the back on both sets of 6 / all the notes for now, but my original plan and what I want to do eventually is to have the first six notes talk about the historical figures and animals in the design and have the last 7 talk about the history of the series and the historical context, maybe taking some information out of the set description text and moving it into the note descriptions. I'd like for this Venezuela set to be more like my Zimbabwe set ultimately, just smaller and less intimidating.

  8. 2 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    I wonder how the locals felt about it or if there was much confusion on the ground, the color schemes are very different so it was probably not that bad. Probably stumped a few tourists/visitors though.

    I'm sure! It probably still confused the locals based on how much confusion the US had with the golden dollars and the SBAs vs the quarter.

    I need to do research to see of this is actually the case but the P-100 feels and looks very much tacked-on as an afterthought. You have 2, distinct six-note sub-sets that repeat the same portraits and designs and then you get Simon Bolivar again with a "100" note that is almost a dead ringer for the old P-93 100 Bolivar note.

    I suspect the P-100 was introduced as a throw-away, short-term stop-gap solution when they already knew the 2nd redenomination and the new Soberano series would be coming.

  9. 5 minutes ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    I don't know, I kinda like the reverse of the P100 better, to much red saturation for me on the 99, the obverse could do with out all that shadowing around the portrait. Regardless, very cool looking notes.

    In terms of color and overall look the P-100 is much better than the P-99, but the decision to not put "100,000" and print all five zeros comes off as pure, grade-A, laziness in basically re-printing the P-93 while adding "Mil" in a couple places. They should have printed the zeros. They had to add "Mil," adding the zeros wouldn't have been much more. Not putting them on is just inconsistent and confusing. It drove me nuts when trying to shop for P-100s.

  10. Yeah... But then I do periodically kick myself for not fighting a little harder for that P-77 and that P-3... Not really... but also kinda yes. It is so annoying when you are 1 note away from finishing a major block... No matter how expensive it is. 

    Too bad that one got away from you - but buyers' remorse only gets worse over time. ALWAYS.

  11. 27 minutes ago, Sheik Sheck said:

    REVENANT!!! In case you didn't see this article.

    Hmmm... Interesting. No I hadn't seem that, thank you! But the accuracy of their assertion depends in some respects on how you define hyperinflation. Some consider the debasement of the Denarius in 3rd century Rome and the effects it had on the value of the Denarius in trade to have been a hyperinflation. Some others might also include the devaluation of the Continental Currency and the expression "Not worth a continental," to have been an example. The continental currency didn't beat the French event by much chronologically but its there.

    Funny note but, while, so far, it hasn't met certain technical definitions of hyperinflation, I think the new ZWD from 2019 is currently experiencing a new, 2nd Zimbabwean hyperinflation and that it's all but officially dead.

  12. 16 minutes ago, Sheik Sheck said:

    I think what Revenant is trying to say is...We Rule NBN's!!:roflmao:

    Seems fairly accurate to me.

    36 minutes ago, ddr70 said:

    So there's 100 other LSNBN sets besides the top 2 owners competing sets--that's 4 times more than Disney dollar sets

    Yeah. You still have more sets, but the 4 to one would only hold if you two were the only ones with multiple sets and you aren't. Akadata has 8 LSNBN sets for example.

    I'm not really trying to make any point other than, if you look at user base as a gauge of interest, it isn't quite as skewed as you imply. Even then, I don't actually think the expected number of participants has anything to do with what categories get created. Rather, someone asks for them, and, if PMG feels like it, thinks they can reasonably implement it, and think it fits in with some scheme or vision they have for how they want this place to run, they do it.

    On the NGC side, one you get asked for a lot is Civil War Tokens. Lots of interest. Lots of people ask for it and would love it. It is darn hard to implement with a competitive set, so there are none and people make signature sets instead.

    41 minutes ago, ddr70 said:

    Zibabwe has 14 different sets, so over twice as many sets as NBN sets.  
    If you look at the top 3 in these 14 Zimbabwe sets, 8 are you. 

    Very true. There are a lot of areas in the registry where you have one or two dominant users. Funny thing is, I think two of those categories are completely unnecessary - arguably 3. I only compete in them because they're there.

  13. I think it is unfortunate that there are so many empty categories for Disney dollars, but I think you're skewing things a bit by counting sets instead of counting users. Yes, there are 176 sets for Large NBNs, but something like ~48 of those are just you - You alone own 27.3% of the LSNBN sets if I'm seeing this right. Another large chunk of that is Sheik (26 sets, 14.8%). The two of you together own 42% of the NBN Registry Sets There are 141 Small NBN sets, but 14 of those are just you and 9 are Sheik sets.

    Those 25 registered Disney Dollar sets represent 22-23 unique users. So, if you count users and not sets, this is less skewed than it sounds from your post.

    Although, now that you mention it, my wife would probably enjoy me branching out into Disney Dollars. She loves Disney World and Disney Cruises.

  14. 1 hour ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    How do you get caught in a country as corrupt as Zimbabwe when your a relative of the man in charge. Did she walk through the one terminal/scanner that wasn't on Mnangagwa's payroll?

    In my mind I'm imagining the gold bars bursting from the bottom of the handbag and falling to the floor for all the airport to see and hear. Then, sheepishly, she tires to calmly pick them up and place them back in the handbag, by that time everyone is gathered around cell phones out video taping the whole thing. Finally, the guard is like "Ok, that's enough. Let's go.".

    I mean... it was a lot of bars but they must have been small. Article says 6 kg. That's only about 13 lbs. That'll make a heavy bag but it's not enough to break most bags unless you're carrying it around in a plastic shopping bag. I would hope / think someone carrying around $300,000 in gold would be able to buy a bag with good stitching and strong material.

  15. On 10/22/2020 at 6:04 AM, Fenntucky Mike said:

    I might have thought about it a little more if I did see it, I don't think I would have bid on it. Guess we'll never

    Side note but I think there's a 65EPQ P-1D going for $40 on eBay. It's *only* a Gem Uncirc note but it's a P-1D - still one of the highest point getting 1st dollar notes - for $40 if you want to start down that road to a 1st series set.

  16. 2 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    I was paying attention to that note, same thing, I couldn't justify it to myself at $190 (not even close). I did not see it get relisted for an auction starting at $100, I might have thought about it a little more if I did see it, I don't think I would have bid on it. Guess we'll never

    The P-1d was the note that single handedly knocked me out of the #1 spot in the 1st dollar category when someone else added a 66 EPQ to a set a while back. So it has been on my radar for a while as it is hard to compete in that category without having these scarcer varieties and I increasingly take pride in the overall strength of that variety set.

    2 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    How far do you think you'll take your collection, specifically, will you or do you look for replacements and/or specimens? I haven't looked around but how readily available are Zimbabwe specimens?

    I already have several replacement notes and there are a few cases where I have a replacement and a normal note. I could easily see that expanding with time. I've often thought a full replacement set of 3rd dollar notes could be fun but it would be expensive. Replacement notes for the 100 Trillion tend to have moon-money asking prices. I have seen Specimens but I don't see that happening as when they come up people like to slap $2,000-3,000 price tags on them and I nope out on that.

  17. 52 minutes ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

    The only question now is how low will it go.:bigsmile:

    I'd say you'll be looking at $300-500 before someone pops on it. I think the first one only got $1100 because two people thought it was the only one.

    I've seen plenty of scarcer 1st series notes go for $110-130 in eBay auctions so dropping that for the P-1d seemed reasonable enough - especially in a very high grade. But these P-70s are crazy to me.

  18. On 10/19/2020 at 4:55 PM, Fenntucky Mike said:

    That is too funny!lol

    Sounds like you had/are having a good day, being around family and everyone's  happy and well, that's the best. Getting a funny story out of it, well that's the icing on the cake.

    The note is pretty cool and a really good gift to boot.^^


    Did you see that the $5 70 EPQ is on sale as a BIN for $1000, but on sale this last week for just $950????

  19. My Zimbabwe set has definitely balanced higher grades vs getting more notes at still very good grades leading to a more complete and IMO better overall set.

    Part of the reason it took me so long to pull the trigger on the P-1D even though I really wanted it was even for $100 I knew I could fill more holes in my set and I though getting things like the P-15 would do FAR more for my overall set than having the 4th and final P-1 variety.

    So I know your pain. When the time is right to get that one I think you'll know. I waited on the P-1D and I'm happy.

  20. On 10/16/2020 at 10:55 AM, Fenntucky Mike said:

    Lol, all in good fun my friend. I'll be waiting...:popcorn:

    Oh totally, but I think you will be waiting unless I surprise myself because upgrading that set isn't my highest priority even for note collecting right now

    One of my uncles once got a box with a brick. Under the brick was a new wallet with a $50 bill. I once got the box to an alarm clock. It was stuffed with paper and had a $50 gift card inside it. So we do stuff like this. I once had Ben show up on mother's day with a shirt that said, "Happy mother's day. I'm your present. Dad says you're welcome." 😆