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  1. 16 hours ago, IndoHound said:

     However, what I noticed is that the Traveler cheques hitting the market were all redeemed ie they had a dated stamp with the date of redemption as well as signatures of the people that bought and then redeemed the notes.

    On the other hand, I made sure that I did not sign the notes when I bought them even though urged to do so by the bank staff of RBZ at the time. They are also not bank stamped, of course. Except for the examples I mostly sold into the South African numismatic market at the time and a couple of others spread to Zim fanatics around the globe, I haven't seen any re-enter the market.


    I agree that if you have some of the traveler's checks that are pristine and not stamped then those are truly a rarity in the market. You're lucky to have gotten the chance to get them yourself back in the day.

  2. 7 hours ago, Lance A D said:

    We won't see a Tubman bill until Donald is history. As a life-long , it hurts me to acknowledge that he often time asks like an insufficiently_thoughtful_person child.  Why not remove a (Jackson) from the face of the note? He is despised by many blacks and native Americans.  Why not replace him with a hard-core , Bible thumping, gun-toting, war hero who happens to be a black woman?  He could get a lot of votes if he would get his head out of his 'you know what.' 

    I think you also have to consider the idea of Jackson on a "Federal Reserve Note" rather ironic given that he worked very hard to kill the Bank of the United States, hated the idea of a central bank, thought the national debt was a national curse and would have hated the Fed and the FRNs.


  3. I think it could be fun to drastically redesign our currency and move away from the "greenback" concept. I've been seeing more and more world currency lately and most of it just looks a lot better than the current batch of US currency. They've added colors and security features over time but they've been reluctant to move away from the base look / design concept of the "greenback."

    As far as Tubman on the bill? I think it could be good... but all the concept art I've seen for the bill is just "blah." It doesn't look good. I suspect that's because most of what's out there keeps the basic look of the bill but inserts Tubman in the place of Jackson. I really hope that when they roll this out they'll make a visually appealing bill. I'd love to have one and keep it in my collection. It'd be a really special development for US currency.

  4. I don't really consider myself a note / currency collector. I just have my one, very narrow and targeted, area of interest in notes and beyond that I'm about the coins. But, even in my narrow focus, it seems like prices have generally declined since 2015 / 2016. I'd mostly chalked this up to a drop in interest as we gained more distance in time and people forgot about the Zimbabwe hyperinflation. I still think that's probably a big factor in that series but it's interesting to hear that prices are down mostly across the board. But I'm no currency expert.

  5. 3 hours ago, Sheik Sheck said:

     I guess you get my drift. And I am still working on the custom "signature"sets which is a really poorly written code. You agree? Anyway, no answers from me. Just rambling.

    Yup. I see your point. I'm definitely not in love with the signature sets on this side of things. My view counts are stuck at zero even though I know people look at them, Every time I make even the slightest change to the slot name or comments my pictures disappear. Every time I try to add a new slot that doesn't go to the end of the set most of my pictures and some of my comments get blanked. I back-up all my writing in a word file on my dropbox to stop losses... I've brought most of this up with them but they haven't fixed it yet. I suspect the issues will be fixed when they just release a new format and change everything. I can't really blame them if they take that approach. When something is a mess and you're replacing it anyway, why invest time in fixing what you're just going to kill soon?

  6. 10 hours ago, theplaceintexas said:

    I have acquired via eBay many banknotes from Croatia without any problems. All were send via registered mail and arrived within two weeks. 

    I'm sure. This seller had a great feedback score and seemed great. I was more commenting on the novelty of it from my perspective. I rarely buy from outside of the United States were a US seller has the item just because the shipping costs (to say nothing of time) can be prohibitive - sometimes shipping cost is as much or more than the cost of the item. But this was one case were I was able to get what I wanted in the grade I wanted most easily by going with an international seller.