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  1. A couple of weeks ago I was watching several 67 EPQ graded notes listed by Noteshobby for the Venezuela Bolivares Soberanos set. I was thinking I might try to buy them in December if they were still available. It would have been a good way to make quick progress on that set for a good price. Then one day they all sold along with several Zimbabwe notes I was watching. Yesterday, a new set of Soberano notes showed up with those notes in 67 EPQ and the same person just made several new Zimbabwe sets. Okay... I see how it is. I wanted those but there's more out there! I am / wa
  2. I see a lot of variability from our mutual supplier in Thailand. Sometimes I get it in less than a week. Sometimes it takes more than a week for them to reach USPS.
  3. Oh yeah. Totally. The other funny thing is both your Ukrainian set and my Zimbabwe set are mostly a mix of 66 to 68 EPQ graded notes with a lone 69 EPQ. My set also has about three 64 EPQs and a handful of 65 EPQs I have mostly just to fill a couple of holes. At this point the 3rd dollar set, which came into the year at 92%, got one big upgrade and one new note. We'll call that a good year!
  4. This came in the mail today but I'm not going to get it out and enter it until tomorrow. I'm using the seller's pic to support my laziness.
  5. I suspect this will always be a head-scratcher, but it's always in the magic of supply and demand. Its funny to think about because back in the day I remember thinking that I'd pay a little more for the P-91 and get it in 67 EPQ (at the time the highest graded and most expensive note in my small set) because it was going to be the "star of the show." Now, looking back at it, I'm glad I got it then because I'd have a hard time spending $140+ for it now. I ordered a 20-pack of the gold-foil $100 Trillion fakes on eBay for $7 and bought some rigid BCW top-loaders on Amazon. If they arrive in
  6. Yeah... Not happening for me either. I think I'd think about it if it got to $200. Aww! I love the P-86. It has a good look. I like the colors and it has a special place in my heart because it's part of the story with the P-89 and my wife's "Billions" and "Trillions" confusion. Since my wife did me the favor of getting me a new, higher grade P-89 I think I'm going to be forced, at some point, to upgrade my P-83 and P-85 and remove the rest of those old, lower grade (Hahahah, 65 EPQ is "lower grade") notes I picked up in late 2015. As the number of holes in my signature set is shr
  7. Back in early August a P-77 graded by PMG popped up and I got really excited. It would have completed the “Millions” set that PMG featured in an article last year and it would have put me only 1 note away from a complete 3rd dollar set. Unfortunately, the note went above $80 (after shipping and taxes) and I let it go. I just couldn’t convince myself to bid higher for it. Letting that go was a bitter pill - I wanted that thing. A couple of weeks ago, however, with the deadline for the registry awards looming another on
  8. So I ran across this and couldn't help but laugh. First: They're showing a picture of a 67 EPQ graded note for the listing but they aren't selling PMG graded notes. They're selling a brick of uncirc notes. But don't worry! The picture is for reference only! It isn't meant to deceive the buyer in any way! Second: At this price, for 5,000 notes, that puts the lot at $2,000 per note. Even if they were selling PMG graded notes these notes would go for ~$200 if you were getting a good price and selling them individually. And there's 2 available! It always makes me laugh whe
  9. BTW, I don't know if you noticed but our favorite watched pot is "on sale" for only $800. Maybe you should pop for it?
  10. I haven't gotten to her yet, but P-101 is going to be one of the next notes I'm looking to get for the Venezuela set I think, now that I have P-100 and P-102* around it. There actually was a P-101 in 67 EPQ at a good price that I was considering getting next month but someone beat me to it. I'll have to wait for the next one.
  11. Interesting notes and person. I've been wanting to do something similar on the $10 and $20 denoms for Zimbabwe but I don't want to do it until I have the P-3 and the P-40 in my collection. I was disappointed a while back when I looked into the bio of a famous woman on the Venezuelan notes just because it seemed like the thing she was most famous for was marrying a general at 16 and being thrown in prison for it during the war for independence.
  12. Thanks again, Ali! Fortunately (for me) I'm more looking to the future and what I expect my "next steps" for 2021 to be so I don't expect I'll even "feel" the freeze. I think I was only 3 months ahead of myself when I asked for the Soberano set in the first place.
  13. I don't think you can either. That said, especially once the notes are already registered to you, building competitive sets is FAR easier than building a Signature set, as you well know I suspect with what you're building on Ulkrainian notes. I can't remember if we have the "autobuild" feature here but you can just create a competitive set and click to add any available notes for each slot. You don't have to add / build out slots in the competitive registry. I think over here the Signature sets are eligible for all the major awards. On the NGC side they have 4-5 awards just for signatu
  14. After we get past 12/4, would it be possible to add slots for P-101 through P-111 to this category: Venezuela, 1940-Date, P31-Date, Complete Would it also be possible to add slots for the 2019 issues (P-109 to P-111, 10,000 BsS to 50,000 BsS) to the Soberano set category: Banco Central de Venezuela, 2018 Issue, P101-P108 Given that
  15. So we're about 17 days away from the cut-off for consideration in the 2020 Registry Awards. The ad campaigns so to speak are in full swing - I've gotten the emails, seen the Instagram and Facebook posts. It's hard to miss when you follow their social media and spend time here. Anyway... This has gotten me thinking about how far the Zimbabwe set has come in the last year - something I take a lot of pride in. While my 3rd dollar set has been largely static at 92%, this year I think I've brought my 4th dollars from about 45% to 100%, my 2019-present series from 0% to 100% (as soon as the $20
  16. I can't find any. Near as I can tell, he's an editor and doesn't write many articles himself and I mostly just pull up twitter activity on him. Hold your breath. I dare you. You'll be waiting a bit I think - including for my $20 note to have anything really interesting to say. Things mostly seem quiet over there as the government seems to be slow / reluctant to acknowledge what most people seem to already know - this currency is dead. Now that I have representative pieces for all of those, I don't think I'm going to be in a hurry to upgrade any of it except for maybe doing something
  17. I was not aware of this world event or this tweet at the time (I was busy getting started in a new job at this point in 2017), but three years ago the following tweet was made: On Nov 19, 2017 Mugabe was told to resign by the 20th or be removed. When he didn't do it they filed for impeachment on the 21st and he resigned that same day. I also wasn't aware of this when I named my set "Gradually, then suddenly," when I re-made and re-started it in 2019. But, when I found it online about a week ago, I couldn't help but save it and want to talk about it. It was just a little t
  18. Thanks! I think I'll probably go with that.
  19. So I'm thinking about getting some cheap bills / reproduction notes to people as a gag stocking stuffer, but I'm also wanting to maybe put them in currency sleeves that will be somewhat rigid that will protect them from damage. If I'm being honest these things are not worth enough to worry about them getting damaged but I like the idea of giving these to people in a way that will help make sure they stay looking nice. I'm wondering if anyone has ideas / suggestions for reasonably priced, good, rigid currency sleeves / protectors.
  20. I'm doing some looking into it. -The series, released in 2007, consisted of just the first six notes (2 Bolivares Fuerte to 100 Bolivares Fuerte, P-88 to P-93). - The economy and the currency collapsed in 2016 - In December of 2016 they pulled all of the first 6 notes from circulation and replaced them with the new sequence of six notes (P-94 to P-99) - So P-88 and P-93 were not supposed to circulate at the same time / in tandem with P-94 to P-99. - The currency kept collapsing and the new 100,000 Bolivares Fuerte note was announced in Nov 2017, just three years ago and les
  21. I'm sure! It probably still confused the locals based on how much confusion the US had with the golden dollars and the SBAs vs the quarter. I need to do research to see of this is actually the case but the P-100 feels and looks very much tacked-on as an afterthought. You have 2, distinct six-note sub-sets that repeat the same portraits and designs and then you get Simon Bolivar again with a "100" note that is almost a dead ringer for the old P-93 100 Bolivar note. I suspect the P-100 was introduced as a throw-away, short-term stop-gap solution when they already knew the 2nd redenomin
  22. In terms of color and overall look the P-100 is much better than the P-99, but the decision to not put "100,000" and print all five zeros comes off as pure, grade-A, laziness in basically re-printing the P-93 while adding "Mil" in a couple places. They should have printed the zeros. They had to add "Mil," adding the zeros wouldn't have been much more. Not putting them on is just inconsistent and confusing. It drove me nuts when trying to shop for P-100s.
  23. Leading up to my birthday a couple of weeks back I became aware of a 100,000 Bolivar Fuerte (VEN-100) note coming up for sale and ending on my birthday. On the big day the note hadn’t got any bids. I showed it to my wife, and she told me to just bid on it and call it an extra birthday present if I won. I bid. I won unopposed and took it for $24.99 after shipping. Normally I don’t know if I would have popped on a 66 EPQ at that price but the VEN-100 is one of the more desirable notes in the set it seems – much like the 100 Trillion of the Zimbabwe notes - and I wanted to fill a hole in my
  24. Yeah... But then I do periodically kick myself for not fighting a little harder for that P-77 and that P-3... Not really... but also kinda yes. It is so annoying when you are 1 note away from finishing a major block... No matter how expensive it is. Too bad that one got away from you - but buyers' remorse only gets worse over time. ALWAYS.