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  1. I agree that if you have some of the traveler's checks that are pristine and not stamped then those are truly a rarity in the market. You're lucky to have gotten the chance to get them yourself back in the day.
  2. Okay. I'll just go that route then. Thank you!
  3. They'll let you cross them I think, but I don't think they've ever guaranteed the same grade would be given.
  4. I was hoping PMG might consider adding a set / category for the Bond Notes issued by Zimbabwe in 2016. The series was cut short when the population essentially rejected them, so there's only 2 notes - a $2 and $5 (P-99 and P-100) - so it'd be a very short set, but I'm looking to expand my Zimbabwe collection to include one or two of these in the near future.
  5. A currency dealer I shop with frequently just did a "fall sale" - putting all PCGS Currency graded banknotes on sale for 30%. This has me wondering if the PCGS graded notes haven't been selling since the shutdown and their values really have taken a hit, even on the lower ends of the market - including the market for modern banknotes.
  6. Well, that has nothing to do with what I asked, but thanks for the first part responding to my question.
  7. I'll agree with you that it's embarrassing, but it's totally understandable - I could totally see that sneaking past someone considering I'm sure they're looking at a ton of those thing and just looking at each one a few seconds. It's very close - just not quite right. Go ahead and contact PMG if you haven't already. I can't speak for them but I wouldn't be surprised if they're willing to make it right given that it's their error.
  8. That's interesting / cool. I think this is the first year you'll have the cut-off and the announcement for PMG and NGC on the same days.
  9. Apparently this is the design they were considering. Strange that it wasn't going to have the modern security features like the colors even - or maybe this was a work in progress / incomplete design.
  10. Like Lance said, it's cool, but not cool enough to be valuable.
  11. Would a set of notes that is from a government that no longer exists or which the government has demonetized be considered "obsolete?" Or would a set of such notes still just be classed as "World" (Non-US) currency / sets? I'm mostly asking this in the context of signature sets in the registry, where-in you can choose "US," "World," "Obsolete," and some other options.
  12. Probably just used the snipping tool app, saved it and attached it to his post. Anyway... Great catch as he said. Unfortunately I'm not sure there's much PMG or you can do other than maybe notify eBay (and good luck with that). The bill isn't fake (we assume it's the real one taken from the holder). They took it out of the PMG holder and are no longer claiming it as PMG graded, or claiming the grade, or anything like that. If you called them out on it they'd probably say it was sold to them like that and claim that they had no knowledge of it being bleached (and how would you prove them wrong?).
  13. PMG has certified some 10 Million dollar Zimbabwean Bearer Checks as P-55a and P-55b. I can't find anything in my available references that explains what the difference is between the two. Most other PMG notes have some kind of notation on them which indicates why a note is the sub-type it is. For instance: P-5a will say "light brown back," where P-5b will say "dark brown back." I can't find anything like that on these notes. I know the 10,000 and 100,000 notes in the same series have a difference in the digit grouping that sets P-46a and P-48a apart from P-46b and P-48b, but that doesn't seem to impact P-55. Could someone explain what the difference is between these two types?
  14. I think you also have to consider the idea of Jackson on a "Federal Reserve Note" rather ironic given that he worked very hard to kill the Bank of the United States, hated the idea of a central bank, thought the national debt was a national curse and would have hated the Fed and the FRNs.
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    PMG review of topics

    I'm pretty sure you can block the user so you won't see it anymore. But the ones you're complaining about - they just spammed everywhere and they need to be banned IMO. It's obviously a spam account. Edited to add: They call it "Ignored users."
  16. That's interesting. I've heard elsewhere that the prices of some of the collectable currency has been down - somewhat broadly and across the board. That could lead to problems if the data they're going based on is dated but that also potentially makes things tricky of you have a rare note that doesn't come up for sale often and people can tend to sit on things longer in a falling market because they don't want to sell and accept / realize the loss.
  17. Nice! I'd say that was a pretty good price for it - especially if it really is "mint" / uncirculated. I think in uncirculated condition people ask ~$10 for those sometimes. Looking at it, I'd say it does probably have some wear on it though. It might only be XF, in which case I think you might still see it go for $5-6 (I am by no means an expert on grading these so don't take any of that as gospel). Are you new / just getting into note collecting? If so, welcome!
  18. Was there anything that might have explained WHY the grader thought it was worth more than what you paid? Did you buy it thinking it would grade lower than it did (paid for a 63 and got a 65 kind of thing)? I wonder if they use a price guide or actual recent sales / experience. If they use a price guide I'd be curious to know which one they use. On the NGC side, with the 10G set I collect, their price guide lists a 1876 in MS63 for $475. In the current market, that coin in MS65 seems to rarely go for more than $300-350. They list an 1888 in MS63 for $550 and I bought my 1888 in MS65 for $500.
  19. One of the things I've always found interesting in the Zimbabwe series is that the first notes in the 3rd dollar series (from $1 to $1000) were released on Aug 1 2008 and the 4th dollar notes (from $1 to $500) were released just 5 months later in Jan 2009. But 1 4th dollar was worth 1 TRILLION 3rd dollars. So they couldn't have people confusing the two note series, which were circulating very much at the same time. It would not have been good if there was even a reasonable chance that someone might think one of the "old" 3rd dollar notes was a 4th dollar note. So, when you look at examples of each for the different denominations, you can see how hard they were trying to make sure there was not confusion. $20 notes... $500 notes:.. I think the most striking thing for me is the coloring and the changes to where the denominations are, but, if you're paying attention at all, you're not going to mistake one for the other.
  20. I think it could be fun to drastically redesign our currency and move away from the "greenback" concept. I've been seeing more and more world currency lately and most of it just looks a lot better than the current batch of US currency. They've added colors and security features over time but they've been reluctant to move away from the base look / design concept of the "greenback." As far as Tubman on the bill? I think it could be good... but all the concept art I've seen for the bill is just "blah." It doesn't look good. I suspect that's because most of what's out there keeps the basic look of the bill but inserts Tubman in the place of Jackson. I really hope that when they roll this out they'll make a visually appealing bill. I'd love to have one and keep it in my collection. It'd be a really special development for US currency.
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    PMG app coming?

    I'm liking the new NGC app. Is there a plan to make one for PMG?
  22. What set are you trying to put it in? Are the points listed as a "0," or are they just blank?
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    Latest Acquisition

    I don't really consider myself a note / currency collector. I just have my one, very narrow and targeted, area of interest in notes and beyond that I'm about the coins. But, even in my narrow focus, it seems like prices have generally declined since 2015 / 2016. I'd mostly chalked this up to a drop in interest as we gained more distance in time and people forgot about the Zimbabwe hyperinflation. I still think that's probably a big factor in that series but it's interesting to hear that prices are down mostly across the board. But I'm no currency expert.
  24. Yup. I see your point. I'm definitely not in love with the signature sets on this side of things. My view counts are stuck at zero even though I know people look at them, Every time I make even the slightest change to the slot name or comments my pictures disappear. Every time I try to add a new slot that doesn't go to the end of the set most of my pictures and some of my comments get blanked. I back-up all my writing in a word file on my dropbox to stop losses... I've brought most of this up with them but they haven't fixed it yet. I suspect the issues will be fixed when they just release a new format and change everything. I can't really blame them if they take that approach. When something is a mess and you're replacing it anyway, why invest time in fixing what you're just going to kill soon?
  25. In a note related to the topic of my last entry, the more time goes on the more I that opinions on what constitutes a "complete" set of Zimbabwe notes seems to vary widely. I was on reddit recently and a user said they had a complete set of the Zimbabwe notes. I was curious so I asked them what they were considering complete. It turned out that the poster had a full set of the 27-note 3rd dollar banknotes series - but nothing beyond that. For a long time there, BanknoteWorld - while they were publishing those books - as well as other merchants seemed to define "complete" to include the 2nd dollar bearer checks and agro checks in addition to the 3rd dollar bank notes - about 59 notes and checks. Another vender I deal with often encourages people to try to build a complete set from P-1 to P-98, but this still excludes the newer bond notes (P-99 and P-100) and includes the 1st dollar traveler's checks and Standard Chartered bearer checks P-13 through P-20 and P-24 through P-27), when seemingly few others do. I think ultimately I'll have to arrive at my own definition of complete for this set / project, which may end up being whenever I just decide I'm satisfied or I'm done.