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    The P-1d

    I mean... it was a lot of bars but they must have been small. Article says 6 kg. That's only about 13 lbs. That'll make a heavy bag but it's not enough to break most bags unless you're carrying it around in a plastic shopping bag. I would hope / think someone carrying around $300,000 in gold would be able to buy a bag with good stitching and strong material.
  2. The seller of this note online is marketing it as a replacement note. However, the note doesn't have the "Replacement / Star" designation on the label. Past Zimbabwe series have used ZA prefixes to indicate a replacement note. I think its definitely possible that they could have switched to the "AZ" for this series, but the fact that the "Replacement Note" designation on the label worries me. I'm pretty sure that when the catalogue updates this will be a P-101 note, but I'm wondering if it will be treated as a P-101*, if it is a star note.
  3. Revenant

    The P-1d

    Maybe the President of Zimbabwe can help you out. Talk about bad headlines:
  4. Revenant

    The P-1d

    Side note but I think there's a 65EPQ P-1D going for $40 on eBay. It's *only* a Gem Uncirc note but it's a P-1D - still one of the highest point getting 1st dollar notes - for $40 if you want to start down that road to a 1st series set.
  5. For some reason I'd gotten it in my head that it was the 6th of December but I don't know why / how. It's almost always that first Friday. Crazy to think the year is almost over and we have ~1.5 months left. Of course, it usually feels like December is just a deadzone / lull and the competitive part of the year is just 11 months from Jan to early Dec.
  6. Revenant

    The P-1d

    The P-1d was the note that single handedly knocked me out of the #1 spot in the 1st dollar category when someone else added a 66 EPQ to a set a while back. So it has been on my radar for a while as it is hard to compete in that category without having these scarcer varieties and I increasingly take pride in the overall strength of that variety set. I already have several replacement notes and there are a few cases where I have a replacement and a normal note. I could easily see that expanding with time. I've often thought a full replacement set of 3rd dollar notes could be fun but it w
  7. I'd say you'll be looking at $300-500 before someone pops on it. I think the first one only got $1100 because two people thought it was the only one. I've seen plenty of scarcer 1st series notes go for $110-130 in eBay auctions so dropping that for the P-1d seemed reasonable enough - especially in a very high grade. But these P-70s are crazy to me.
  8. Did you see that the $5 70 EPQ is on sale as a BIN for $1000, but on sale this last week for just $950????
  9. I still don’t have a P-3 at the moment and I still have that nagging hole in the set, but I recently won an auction for a P-1d – one of the highest grade examples you can ask for – a 68 EPQ Star. This thing popped up on my radar about three months ago when it and a 68 EPQ (no star) were put up for sale with price tags of $190 (with the star) and $100 (no star). They were up for auction and those were the starting bids. Buying a P-1d was a dream and a goal of mine for over a year now but getting one of these notes at those prices would have easily made the note the most expe
  10. Forgot to say this earlier but, while I don't have it yet, I think the new $20 falls short of the P-4 design its copying, particularly with how the elephant on the back is done.
  11. So today is my bday and my wife gave me my birthday gift last night. This journal is going to come in two parts: 1) Why it is freaking hilarious and kind of perfect that she got me this. 2) Why I'm actually happy with it this time. So in the long ago days of January 2019 my wife was pregnant with our 2nd child and looking for a way to surprise me with something I'd love for our anniversary. It was a stressful time for us. She was in a high risk pregnancy. There was a very real risk that she'd die and that this could be the 4th and final anniversary together. So she go
  12. My Zimbabwe set has definitely balanced higher grades vs getting more notes at still very good grades leading to a more complete and IMO better overall set. Part of the reason it took me so long to pull the trigger on the P-1D even though I really wanted it was even for $100 I knew I could fill more holes in my set and I though getting things like the P-15 would do FAR more for my overall set than having the 4th and final P-1 variety. So I know your pain. When the time is right to get that one I think you'll know. I waited on the P-1D and I'm happy.
  13. Oh totally, but I think you will be waiting unless I surprise myself because upgrading that set isn't my highest priority even for note collecting right now One of my uncles once got a box with a brick. Under the brick was a new wallet with a $50 bill. I once got the box to an alarm clock. It was stuffed with paper and had a $50 gift card inside it. So we do stuff like this. I once had Ben show up on mother's day with a shirt that said, "Happy mother's day. I'm your present. Dad says you're welcome." πŸ˜†
  14. Mkay... I'll make plans to bust your chops about this later. Lol I very very seriously thought about a 2019 $2 in 68 EPQ when I bought my P-1d but I'm still holding until I find out what I get from the wife on Monday.
  15. Yup. That seller likes to put starting bids close to "fair value," as a way of making sure they don't lose their rear. I think the first one led them to over estimate the market value in a market where more than one exists. It's interesting that the "loser" on the first note didn't come back for the 2nd. Probably thanking their lucky stars the other person beat them. I'll talk on this more later but I "won" the 1994 $2 P-1d in 68 EPQ Star - the highest grade example so far of the rarest P-1 type. It set me back $115 all told. I'm much happier with that than a 69 EPQ of the new $5 note or
  16. I buy a lot of notes from a seller that was based out of thailand and never had a problem even though they were in envelopes because the seller used corrugated boards to back and support the note in the shipping envelope.
  17. You might get 6 for it from someone that likes 6s but I wouldn't expect much more than that.
  18. Yeah. My big.problem right now is my lack of a P-3. My 4th dollar $5 note is just a 64 EPQ because its the only one I've seen up for sale and for about $20 it was worth just not having to look at that hole.
  19. Ha! You actually thought about it? I guess the bug has bit you bad with this set! The funny thing is, we're not the only ones buying these - that much is clear, because we aren't the ones dropping $400-1100 for 70EPQs. Zimbabwe notes are also among the most posted / discussed things in the Paper Money and Currency sub-reddits and there are even whole online stores dedicated to this - like "" It's not that I don't think there's interest in the notes. I just think the RBZ has printed enough of them to ensure that they never have any chance of being hard to find.
  20. BTW, I'm pretty sure you bought something I was watching and considering. So this clearly means war! Later... After I'm done with other areas of focus and after I figure out what my wife bought for my birthday in 2 weeks. Lol
  21. Sounds like you've been busy! If you pass me up when you do get around to posting them I'll look into giving you a hard time with it later. πŸ˜†
  22. So you have me somewhat curious because at this point you have to have a $2 and $10 note in your possession but you aren't listing them yet. What you up to, Mike!?! Lol
  23. I hadn't seen it but I'm not surprised. I wouldn't say a 70 is NBD. If you look at all the 100 Trillions graded back in the day and the relatively small number of 70s, a 70 is still relatively rare and hard to get. Even so, I'd rather have a 68 or a 67 for a much much lower price. I think its probably buyers remorse and hoping to get out of it without losing their but... I don't see it working out for them. The long term (5 year) trend on these is down for everything except maybe the 100 Trillion and I do not expect these to be investments. When the newness wears off these will probably b
  24. Well, I'm very late to this party, but, I can't give you three people posting but I can give you a bunch of notes. Part of the fun of the Zimbabwe collection from P-1 to P-104 is watching how some denominations compare across series and with time.