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  1. Interesting to see this slow build up in note count over time... If I had more energy and cared more I might try something similar with Zimbabwe. But then, I'm mostly done with building that set and I'm not shopping anywhere nearly as actively as I once was.
  2. Thanks for the link! Very helpful of you. That's added to my wishlist now. We'll see if the wife bites the next time she needs to give me something.
  3. Wow. Those would be amazingly rare in that condition. I have no idea what you could get for them if you found the right person. I'm not sure which way my preferences lean on these honestly. The pristine ones like yours are interesting to look at and rarer but they lack some of the character and history of the stamped ones.
  4. Funny that you mention that because you see the stuff about them buying paper for a 100,000 bolivar note and then they didn't even print it / saved the paper because it wasn't worth it! I never know what to expect and I don't put a lot of expectations on these things because you never know what these crazy governments will do. I was shocked there were no new notes in 2020 really. I was expecting more sooner and here we are. When the new Zimbabwe series started I was both excited and filled with dread at the possibility of another 27-32 note set.
  5. My first love of hyperinflation is a bit quiet and dull lately but Venezuela is not disappointing. They've announced new 200,000, 500,000, and 1 Million Bolivar notes to be released soon. The 1 Million Bolivar note will be the highest denomination Venezuela has ever issued - they always re-denominated the currency before they got to that number before - but it's only going to be worth about US$0.53. Like in Zimbabwe, the economy is becoming increasingly dollarized -
  6. I will be THRILLED if they come back with 60+ grades. We'll see. I mostly just want something reasonably nice for closing this gap in my set and the story I want to tell with it.
  7. I got one of the BNW lights as a freebie over the holidays but haven't messed with it yet. I need to try to look at the uv features of my Zdollars! Lol Cool stuff as always, Mike.
  8. It'll come in its time. My 2nd and 3rd dollars are increasingly in the same state.
  9. I've seen canceled examples get grades in the 63-67 range so I don't think PMG dings them too bad and looks at the condition of the document while almost ignoring the writing from a "damage" perspective.
  10. Hey, it looks good for a 121 year old piece of paper / cloth! That said, I'm with Mike in that I don't think I'd throwing more money at it is going to bring you much joy here. Enjoy it for what it is I say. Valuewise how do you make out on a 30, after grading fees?
  11. The seller was on the ball about getting these mailed out and they look pretty good for things that were supposed to be used once and thrown away nearly 20 years ago: I'm on the fence at the moment about whether I want to 1) Submit the P-15s or not since I have one of these graded already and 2) Do I want to submit both of each or pick one and go with it / hope for the best. There's a part of me that says "Gradually, Then Suddenly," only needs one each of these and that I could use some of that grading credit to grade fuel coupons and such instead. There's another part of me that fi
  12. So I've had my mental health break - I don't think I bought a single piece of Zimbabwean currency or pseudo currency in the three month period of December, January and February. I don't think I've gone anywhere near that long (or even 1 month) since Jan 2019. But I'm feeling a bit recharged and refreshed now having spent some time messing with other things. I think getting the plaque in the mail has helped stoke the fire and get me motivated to move forward with buying some things, using that grading credit and rounding out the set a bit / filling out the new holes I added in January.
  13. So... I'm confused... what is this app going to do? The.problem with scanning / messing with images of money is governments don't generally like it. I've had to resort to mostly using MS Paint of all things to crop my scans I make for the registry here because Adobe Photoshop recognizes images of banknotes, flips its lid and auto-closes on me almost every freaking time. If you try to release an app with high resolution banknote images or if you're distributing such you might even have legal troubles from it. I wouldn't think it worth the risk.
  14. True, but with anything modern any grade below about a 66 or 67 is basically trash / should not have been graded to begin with and anything graded above, I think, a 63 will always have it.