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  1. I finally finished up the last description I wanted to write for my Venezuelan Bolivar Fuertes set and posted all of the new text to the set. I did most of the writing for these weeks ago but then life came up and my focus shifted back to the Zimbabwe notes again and I never finished them and I wasn't sure they were "just right" yet. I finished the first one and said "good enough" - get them posted and work / polish from there. It had reached the point where it was bothering me to have all of that 80-90% finished work sitting on a Word file while the set sat bare. So now its up!
  2. I'm definitely open to collecting them but it would depend on the price (I haven't researched what these go for at all). For now though I'm going to stick to my white elephant, my preferred / favorite "monopoly money", the Zimbabwe collection!
  3. I've heard of them but not really about them. I saw a lot of people posting them on the Silverbugs subreddit. Texas is also making a state bullion repository - because the feds are apparently not to be trusted. I just don't think the states are that much better than the feds, so I see them mostly as a gimmick from people trying really really hard to be relevant.
  4. Well, 1) The sellers should have never put these up for sale at the same time. That's immediately toxic for the selling price of something that depends on supposed rarity. 2) I've long thought that the $5 probably had two people put in sniper bids higher than they were expecting thinking there wouldn't be another bid that high. I would not be surprised if there was some buyers remorse there. Values on all the 2nd and 3rd dollars are way down in the last 5 years. Only the 10,000 and the 20, 50 and 100 Trillion have held up in value. Even there, it's mostly the 100 Trillion. I expect t
  5. I have 1 69 EPQ in my 3rd dollar set. Its the highest grade I have. I agree that a 70 set would be killer. It might be achievable on a short set like that. Someone might be working on it, but I don't think I could ever pay that and feel good about it short of winning the Mega millions.
  6. Well, gotta get 'em somehow I guess. I actually think my Journal (overall, not one particular entry) has more entries, comments and views than almost any other save Gary's, but maybe that means I just talk too much. But, yeah, not sure what the heck is going on here. I haven't really seen anything from them to explain what's going on either.
  7. If you're willing to get them shipped over from China (doesn't seem terribly risky on something you know is fake) you can get the gold ones on eBay for something like $0.40 each. You could probably get them in time for Halloween - assuming there is a Halloween this year. Seems like it could be fun. They honestly make me think of the golden tickets from Willy Wonka.
  8. Those are interesting and neat - good to have, even if they aren't part of the signature set. A collectable that is very adjacent to your Ukraine collection. Not really the same but this makes me think of some novelty notes that some enterprising person in China made that continue the silliness of the Zimbabwe denominations with "quadrillion," and "quintillion." Some have "Octillion" and "Vigintillion" - A vigintillion is a 1 followed by 120 zeros. These amuse me but they're dangerous because some people don't realize that Zimbabwe stopped at 100 Trillion and they don't know that these ar
  9. That seems to be the case - including with the Journals asking for a Category now. I'd like to see PMG's Registry get the facelift that NGC's got about 2 years ago and I'd LOVE to see NGC and PMG add prettied up Signature Set / Custom set functionality to the new registry(ies). They keep saying its coming… one day. It's one of those rules of life I think - things either don't stick to schedule or they don't work at all correctly when they do arrive on schedule - kind of makes me think of the opening part of Star Trek: Generations And they've basically confirmed that all of this is be
  10. Given what I've seen of late, if it has a pick # I think you're probably good. These one-use, cancelled items are interesting but they tend to not be a pretty as the notes. Maybe one of these years I'll have a full graded set of Zimbabwe's traveller's checks. I think that would be something. In some ways I'm happy that this new series of Zimbabwe notes is probably not going to explode into another 27 note run like the 3rd dollars.
  11. No. I've never tried anything like that. There was a time when a guy in front of me paid for two beers with 28 mercury dimes. I bought them off the very confused clerk with 3 $1 bills.
  12. I don't know if I can be any help on which is best but that's an interesting bit of history to be sure. Ultimately you'll have to get it from PMG but given that they are government issues I wouldn't be surprised if PMG would encapsulate them.
  13. They both seem to have the lower transmittance that is the hallmark (IMO) of the old gen, green tint holders... Not sample holders, but the following two images were made at basically the same time using the same imaging method (cheap scanner) and the old gen holder image is just so much darker.
  14. I just thought I'd share this as a journal now that it's here and I can get higher res images: it was stamped as “PAID” on Oct 26 2004 (which happens to be just a week after my birthday, the year I turned 18). It was also marked as “Zimbank Waste” on “11-10-2004,” which, depending on whether you use US or UK conventions for dates, either October 11th or November 10th of 2004. Even though I’d normally expect them to use the UK convention, I’m tempted to say they used the American one and this refers to November 10th, because this stamp seems to have been placed after the Oct
  15. Thanks! I'm glad you like it. I have write-ups chronicling a lot of this in a way that splits it (the story from 2016 to 2020) between the $2 bond, the $5 bond, the $2, the $5 and the $10. That part is going to be part of the $10 note description. I'm unofficially holding the description for the $20 note open (once I have one to enter) and I expect that section / write-up to discuss the death of the new 2019 ZWD - what a way to spit on the 1st dollars of 1980 to re-use that currency code. SMH. I don't expect any more notes in this series at this point. If they release a $50 / $100 and try