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  1. Meh. Maybe... Not really something I feel a burning need for.
  2. Interesting. So I guess the PMG holder doesn't block UV and you can still see the UV features in graded notes. I have a UV light I might actually use now...
  3. So, I knew going into this and in making my other post that the old Travellers checks are pretty out there and common and available... As long as you don't insist on them being uncanceled / unused... (Geeeze! That is a heck of a lot of money!) But I'm finding that the Cargill Checks (P 13-14 and P 24-27), may just only be available much more rarely and at prices I am just 100% not willing to pay for them, short of me winning the Mega Millions. However, the more I look at them the more excited I get about the idea of buying and collecting some of the old fuel
  4. Thanks for that. That and a bit more research my form the basis for starting a comment on my P-104. If that's happening they'll abandon the new dollars officially soon enough.
  5. Thanks a lot. It meant a lot. I was very happy to get it and I appreciate your message.
  6. Totally. Happy to do that, once I pick something to buy anyway.
  7. I'd be quite surprised if it ever won another major award - pleasantly, but very surprised. I'm hoping it's not QUITE that bad, but I'm hoping to start buying some of the notes I need at the start of February. I'm also not ruling out adding some new varieties and replacement / non-replacement notes to compliment what I have already, which would also add more slots over time.
  8. So the 2020 PMG Registry awards are in the books and PMG has paid my work / writing another very high compliment: The $500 grading credit that this comes with is going to open up a great opportunity for me get get some notes in my set that I don't often see come up for sale already graded by NGC and get this set more or less "complete." I don't have the financial resources or the facilities to bulk grade notes or to sell a lot of notes that I don't need. I'm also not all that great a grading notes and making sure that what comes back are gem 66+ notes. Given this, and given the
  9. Ya know, if my prattling-on encouraged someone to dump a couple of G's in the span of 2 months just for the joy and pleasure of hammering me into the dirt on rankings, I'll take that compliment. I don't talk about this part much but, part of my motivation in building "Gradually, Then Suddenly" was that I really liked this series and found the history interesting but when I brought them up a couple of times on the NGC side a few people kinda dumped on them and dismissed them as "just big numbers," etc (A quote that was in my description for a while there at least, it torqued me off so ba
  10. Oh yeah! It's a less desirable, less valuable note that earns about 5% of the points of the other if the label is correct but PMG made a mistake! Let's pile on and act like some data-entry person at PMG hitting a instead of b makes this very common note somehow more valuable. Never mind that the note is worth about $20-25 on a good day usually. I guess there's a chance that there are slab / holder collectors out there that would like it but I have no interest personally. A true 48a, with an AA prefix I might add. A type B, from the same AW prefix run that the error label note co
  11. Yeah... They are buying Zim dollars from P-1 to P-104 at a pace that is mond boggling to me and the same thing for Venezuelan Bolivar. I have zero interest in playing that game. They can have it. 😆
  12. Sorry, man. I never saw this, but, yeah. That looks like 48b to me, which is a big problem because 48a is a lot rarer.
  13. Got some other money burning holes in your pocket thinking about it?
  14. I'll get to that eventually... My 1 Billion and 10 Billion notes are on a short list of high priority / high likelihood upgrades but I'm just finding myself in no rush in general with Zimbabwe right now. I'm actually doing some things with my wife that have me getting much more into my other love at the moment - photography.