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  1. I use a boxes I bought at a show from supplies dealers to store various size notes. When set up at a show I can quickly put the better notes out in my cases and stack the remaining ones after space is taken up. Consequently I will have two or three cases at a show and will have some Slabbed World Gold Coins and Double Eagles in my cases as well. These coins are expensive material I do not do in my ebay store due to risk tolerance reasons (scammers target big ticket material) and tight margins.
  2. I buy the Mylar D holders Denly's of Boston has. These are the best. I put them in order in currency storage boxes. I have thousands of US aand World notes many graded by PMG. The World Currency Market is doing well and has a bright future.
  3. I have developed a graduated matrix to price my notes in the 64-67 ranges. These notes are worth much more than 60 value.
  4. I have bought a few of these - modern issues in PMG 65 - 67. Some have gone for greater than CV and some for much less. I see some of these are from sellers in the Far East - China, Hong Kong, Korea. Whar are your thoughts in buying these if seems like a good deal? Have you done well on them? I am starting to track these in an excel sheet to try and make sense out of some of the realized vs CV variation.
  5. No CGA or CGC? I remember when they were the only Currency Grading Companies. I still have the grading book for US Currency published by CGC.
  6. If you were to compute a factor for valuing a PMG Graded World Note where CV in CU60 was $50 (no amount given for higher grades) what would you use for a Gem CU 66 EPQ? I believe this would be worth much more than the value given for CU 60. I think $100 would be a conservative asking price.