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  1. All journals that were originally created on PMG Collectors Society have been migrated into the Journals feature on the PMG Chat Boards. This means that all Collectors Society Journals are now available in one place, in the same area where new journals can be created See the full announcement on NGC and learn more by clicking here:
  2. You can find journal entries by a specific author by using the search tool and visiting their profile, and you can follow members to get notifications when they post new content.
  3. You can also click "My Journal" in the main menu to quickly find your own journal, journal entries, and replies. And you can search all journals by using the search tool.
  4. This is the original view of this journal on the Chat Boards. This view is locked, so members can no longer reply here. This journal is also posted in the new Journals section, which is unlocked. Click the link below to see any other comments about this journal and post new replies.
  5. Hi all, I added a new board for newbie questions to our community: I was finding a lot of general "getting started" kinds of questions about collecting showing up in the area we created for questions about the new boards, and it seemed like a good opportunity to let the community create a kind of Frequently Asked Questions area. The kind of board I created has some special features to help people find the best answers to questions and the most helpful questions. Special Q&A features: Members can upvote questions they think are great questions and most helpful to other members. Members can upvote the best answers in a question and push that answer to the top The ORIGINAL POSTER who asked the question can make a single answer as "The best answer" A block at the top shows questions without answers, and popular questions This is a great place to welcome new members, and help people join the hobby, so I hope you all take the time to grow the community and offer a friendly and helpful welcome. Also... who can get the most top answers? Hm...
  6. Hello, This forum is a good place for new members to ask any kind of newbie questions you'd like, but there are a few simple things to know to get the best value out of this area. People with Questions If you have a question, you should do a few things: Review the popular questions, and search this forum before posting a question. Many of the basic questions may already have been answered, so it is ALWAYS good forum etiquette to try to find existing answers first. People do get tired of answering the same questions over and over again, so a new question that's already been answered may not get much of a response. Highlight the EXISTING QUESTIONS that were helpful to you. If you find an interesting question with a great answer that taught you something important, then GO TO THE TOP of the post, look to the LEFT of the thread title, find the up-carrot icon and click it to up-vote the whole question. If you found it helpful, then there's a GREAT chance that other people will as well. This will help them find it. State your question briefly and clearly in the title. It's very helpful to those answering questions AND to other newbies with the same question to be able to read the actual question you have right there in the title. This helps generate better answers, and helps future newbies to find that same information without have to ask again. Try to ask GENERAL questions that would be helpful to many people. The general idea is to ask how-to kinds of questions that could be helpful to anyone and that will teach you to "fish" for yourself instead of just handing you a fish. i.e. "How do I find the value of a comic book?" is better than "How much money is an Action Comics #1 worth?" Highlight the answers that helped you the most by up-voting and marking the best answers. When you get answers, you can do two things to help highlight the helpful answers. Any answer that was helpful, you can click the up-arrow to the left of the post to add an "up-vote" to the answer. This helps push that answer to the top so it can be quickly discovered by anyone reading the thread in the future. It's also a "thank you" to helpful responders.A STRONGER form of this is to click that check-mark icon on the left of the post. If you are the person who asked the question originally, you can set a particular answer as the BEST answer to your question. And that really makes it easy for future readers to get a great answer right away. It also moves that answer to the top of the responses so it's read first. Please do this. It helps other people know if a question received an answer that solved the issue. This allows the experienced collectors to move on and focus time on the questions WITHOUT a best answer People Reading / Answering Questions If you are either reading or answering questions, you can also help highlight the best questions and answers to make the board more valuable and cut down on repeat questions and answers. Answer questions with good context / general information. Often people with newbie questions won't know quite what to ask or where to begin. So it's super-helpful to offer a bit more background rather than just answer their specific question. Highlight the questions that seem the most helpful to many users by up-voting. When you find a question that seems general enough to be of good use to many people, or uncovers an important area of collecting that people just plain should know about, then at the TOP on the LEFT of the thread, you can find an up-carrot looking icon that allows you to up-vote the whole question. This will help highlight the great questions for other people. Highlight the most informative answers by up-voting. On any answer that was helpful, you can click the up-arrow to the left of the post to add an "up-vote" to the answer. This helps push that answer to the top so it can be quickly discovered by anyone reading the thread in the future. It's also a "thank you" to helpful responders.
  7. What kinds of questions should I ask here? And if I'm answering questions, what are the best ways to do that? Are there any guidelines for doing these things in the proper way?
  8. How do you use the journals?
  9. Hi all, This is a little jump-start package of tips to help people navigate the boards quickly. This was originally posted by Architecht on the CGC Chat Boards, but I thought I'd share it here too. NOTE - YOU MAY WANT TO TURN ON/OFF SIGNATURES (while logged in, click "Forums" -> "My Settings" -> "Signature Settings" in the main menu) THEN: GETTING TO UNREAD POSTS IN A THREAD You just click on the black dot / star to the left of the thread title to go directly to the new stuff. You will notice that there is a red line separating the new stuff from the stuff already read. (p.s. it's a star if you have posted in that thread yourself) REPLYING TO A POST AND THEN GOING BACK TO READING You can hit the Quote link at the bottom of each message to reply. After you save your reply, you'll be at the end of the thread staring at your new message, but you might not have read all the remaining messages in the thread. Just click the swoopy arrow on the right side of the post you quoted and you'll jump directly back to where you left off. GOING TO THE TOP OF A PAGE In the lower right hand corner of your screen you will see a red arrow inside of a circle. If you click that you'll be automatically sent to the top. GOING DIRECTLY TO THE LIST OF FORUMS There are a few ways to do this. First, you can use the bread crumbs in the upper left / lower left of the page that show you where you're at, and just click on the level you'd like to visit. Second, you can go to the top of the page, click "categories" and move around that way. GOING STRAIGHT TO A SINGLE FORUM On most pages directly to the right of the breadcrumbs you can find a link that says "Jump To". This allows you to pick a forum from the drop down, click away and hit Go and jump directly there. VIEWING LOTS OF POSTS IN A SINGLE LIST In the menu at the top you will find "activity streams". This offers you various ways to view new content across mulitple forums in a single list. NOTE the expanded / condensed view in the upper right of these pages. ALSO NOTE: Under "My Activity Streams" is the ability to create your own stream, made up of just the forums you care about. It's really sweet.MAKE SURE you click on the gear icon next to choices like content types to get cool extra options, like narrowing by the forum. JUMPING TO NOTIFICATIONS When you get a pop up alert, like about a private message or being quoted - you can click it and go straight there. EMOTICONS Hover over emoticons where ever you see them for a reminder of the text code to quickly add them to a post without needing to click on the emoticons menu. ALSO, use the "categories" drop down in the emoticons menu to quickly find the one you are looking for. FOLLOWING A CONVERSATION If you read a quote in a post and then the reply, but you don't understand the context, use the swoopy arrow on the quote to go to the post they replied to, and see what THAT post quoted. Keeping doing that until you're all caught up. MAKING A POST SOMEWHERE WITHOUT HAVING TO JUMP THERE FIRST Use the Create menu at the top to quickly make a new piece of content WHEREVER you would like to make it, without having to navigate to that section first. SEARCH Hover over the magnifying glass at the top on the right for a quick search box you can click in, without having to use the whole search form. Click it to get a more advanced search. QUOTING PART OF A POST Highlight some text in a post if you only want to quote SOME of it, OR if you want to quote that post AND whatever they quoted then highlight ALL of it. Then hover over your selection and click the quote hover menu. HOVERING Lots of things give you features by hovering. You can see the first and last post in a thread by hovering over it. You can ignore a user by hovering over them (no, not me!). Try hovering. You never know what coolness you will find. EMBEDING YOUTUBE Just paste the link. The boards will embed it for you like magic. READING THE NEXT UNREAD POST Underneath the reply box once you have reached the end of a thread, to the right is a link that will just move you to the next unread thread. To the LEFT is a link that takes you back to the topic list. JUMPING TO DIFFERENT SPOTS ON A THREAD (credit: LazyBoy) Clicking on the thread title takes you to the start of the thread. Clicking on the circle (or star) 1 takes you to the first unread post. Clicking on the page number 2 takes you to the start of the that page. Clicking on the time of the last post 3 takes you to the last post. RESPONDING PIECE BY PIECE TO A QUOTED POST Put your cursor into their text just after the part you want to respond to and hit enter twice. This will split up the quoted post so you can respond to various pieces. I made this text an announcement so that it can be see across all the forums, but I'll post it here too so you guys can compl uh, ask questions about how to do other things.
  10. If you have found that your display name has changed on the boards, and/or you are no longer associated with your old private messages and posts, then you have ended up with two accounts. Please ready the below items: If you have split accounts and haven't requested an account merge yet, please do so on the account merge request board. ONLY you and the staff will be able to see your post on this board. If for some reason you can't access your account, you can still login to the old boards and send Architecht a PM. I'll check over there periodically to see if anyone got stuck. You can also call CCG customer service, and they will add your name to a queue for merging. Here is a description of what happened in most of these split account situations: You had two accounts - one on CS and one on the boards with different emails. You did some things that have created duplicates. If you are interested in the details, the way this happened is below. You don't need to know them, really. You now have two accounts: NAME1: Old CS account (email A) ---> Brand new boards account NAME: New migration-created CS account (email B) --> Old boards account We can merge your accounts to fix this. If you have split accounts and haven't requested an account merge yet, please do so on the account merge request board. ONLY you and the staff will be able to see your post on this board.