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  1. I would have left the neutral, if not negative for deceptive practices!!
  2. Decided to reply after reading a lot of your journals, very informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  3. He's collected stamps for the last 60+ years, so he's kind of familiar with purchasing/selling items. But he has always been interested in paper money and wants to build up a collection, but he realizes that his daughters will inherit them someday and doesn't want them to have a headache selling them. Thanks for all the advice, I will pass it on to him.
  4. I'm posting this for an older friend who wants to start collecting paper money, so his question is: What are the most collected US paper currency series. He's interested in the old educational notes and gold certificates, but due to his age, 74, he wants to be sure that after he's gone, his wife won't have a hard time selling or having a hard time due to it being "rare". He wants something liquid I would say. Please let me know as I'm not a paper money expert or collector.