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  1. That is what i think as well i know that at one time they were talkimg about making a bill with her on it for some type of tribute to her or something like that but from what i read they didn't and that is why i think it is a misprint and hoping it is a one off !!
  2. Hello how's it going ? So the reason why I started this topic is because I have a $20 bill that's I have never ever seen before I had asked around to several people that I know they have some type of knowledge about currency and notes for that matter and they also stated to me that they never have seen this bill or a bill like this so this is the reason why I joined this site and got on because I really need some help finding out if this is a misprints that is been circulating out there for a while and if there's other misprints like this or if there is a chance this is a one-off misprint and