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  1. Thanks! I actually just realized this note has the day and month of my birthday. That’s cool. Probably a keeper for me now that I saw this.
  2. Found this tonight and just looking for some feedback as to if it has any value. I’m definitely much more of a coin collector but paper has peaked my curiosity and I’m still learning about its intricacies. The 8 in the left side serial number (pardon me for my verbiage if this is not numismatically correct) is visibly out of place but other than that I’m not sure about the general value of the bill itself. Thank you for any input.
  3. Hello Mike. Thanks for the link. Lots of good info there.
  4. I just joined this site. Glad there’s a site like this for paper currency. I am new to paper and have recently been looking at note serial numbers while learning all along. Just came across this $20 bill and thought I’d put it up on this forum to see where I stand on it (or where this note stands) in value. If I’m correct in saying, this is a trinary with four consecutive numbers, please correct me if I am wrong. I have used the online “Fancy Serial Number Checker” and it says that this serial number is fairly rare (I’m not putting my confidence into this yet). Cool, Almost Cool, Very Cool...... whatever it says...... is this a reliable source to determine rarity of a note? Thanks, -E7