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  1. Submission #8085376 Economy Service Arrived at PMG April 6th per USPS Tracking Current Status: RECEIVED Currently this submission has been in your facility for 81 days Can you verify that everything is alright with this submission, I'm starting to worry.
  2. Very interesting, thanks for posting!
  3. Does anyone know what the procedure is to file a claim with the United States Post Office? I've never had to initiate a claim but often wonder when I buy insurance from the USPS what they would require from me if I had to submit a claim on a lost package. Would they want a receipt for what I paid for the lost item or items? Would they want pictures, serial numbers, proof of condition or grade? Would they want an estimate of value from a 3rd party appraiser? Just wondering if anyone has had the misfortune of experiencing the procedure and how it is handled.
  4. 2IDMP

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    The wait continues as I have now resorted to sending in my notes in batches of ten, one batch per month. I figured this would give me something to look forward to every month as it is always a treat to get a box in the mail from PMG. This Oconto note was one of the first notes I had gotten some 30 years ago, one of the elder statesman in the hobby at the time learned of my interest in Wisconsin notes and offered up this note for little over face value. I just got it back from PMG and to my surprise look how PMG attributes the note.
  5. 2IDMP

    Citizens United

    Very Nice Set!!! I don't have a lot of Citizen's in my collection and one of them you already have in your set. Green Bay Charter 3884:
  6. That is a beautiful set no matter the serial number but the two digit SN's take it to another level!!!
  7. 2IDMP

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    I think my scanner is causing the psychedelic "anti counterfeiting" rainbow toning surrounding the portraits. The story behind the same banks having different charter numbers: As told by Tom Snyder; The first national bank chartered in the state of Wisconsin was the Farmers and millers Bank of Milwaukee. Its president at the time of the national bank proposal was Edward D. Holton, H.H. Camp was the cashier. They received charter number 64 under the name of the First National Bank of Milwaukee. Their bank notes continued to be issued and reissued and in April 1882 their charter expired some four months before legislation to re-charter the banks for a second 20-year period was completed. This and the other early banks had no choice but to wind up their business under the old charter and reapply for a new charter as a completely new organization. The First National Bank of Milwaukee now received a new-20 year charter as number 2715. In 1902, the 20-year re-chartering procedure was in place. Following the practice of some eastern banks and for prestige reasons, in 1911 the bank requested of Congress and received an act reinstating its original charter number of 64.
  8. 2IDMP

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    I got to checking my notes for "Radar" serial numbers thanks to ddr70 and found only one that was kind of interesting.
  9. 2IDMP

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    Trying to figure out the attaching of pictures, this note is from Charter 64, same bank as Charter 2715, same signatures. It is an interesting story on how this bank went from Charter 64 to 2715 and then back to 64.
  10. 2IDMP

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    I like your idea of a 1902 Type Set from Wisconsin I'm going to have to look into how to to build a type set. I noticed your $10PB in your Wisconsin set is from Cincinnati? I will keep an eye out for for your posting of the (2715) replacement note. My bulk submission is is now in QC also so I should see some grades soon.
  11. 2IDMP

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    My bulk submission has seen movement, now "Scheduled For Grading", I think I may qualify to be called a "two digit midget" on my countdown calendar. Nice to have a fellow Warrior on board, not to many people recognize the crest but I always thought it was a pretty cool design. I was at Camp Casey 76 to 77. I collect large size Wisconsin Nationals and some US Large size type notes. One of my "Home Town" notes.
  12. Will do. Thank You
  13. I recently bought a US National note in a PMG holder that has the wrong type note on the holder. The label says it is a 1902 Date Back when the note is actually a 1902 Plain Back. Can I send the note back to PMG the next time I submit notes for grading to have it corrected and put in a new holder? If so how should I handle the paperwork on it?
  14. 2IDMP

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    I sent in a bulk submission of Nationals that were received by PMG on Dec 9th, with a 180 day turn around I should see my notes back around May or June.