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  1. To get the best price out of your paper money, you needs to be. No folds, No marks of any kind, No writing on it, to get an good example, got to your bank and ask for a brand new won dollar bill, and make sure it stays in that condition. put in a plastic sleeve mad for paper money, # 2 Depending on your bank, small banks are better, treat them very nice, make at least one of them a friend, and tell them, to watch for whatever kind money you want, this can take along time, but if there are willing, you would be surprised what you can get from them, you can also try this at a store you go too a lot make friends with a cashier. some time kids will spend some of what was in Dad's or Mom's coin and or paper money collection. you can also do this with friends.
  2. Check my post on Packaging for shipment question....
  3. I don't know if this will help. But when I ship my paper money. I take thick cardboard and lay it out so it's side by side. And use wide scotch tape and tape the two halves together, then put the money in the plastic sleeve, then fold the cardboard and Gently fold it together with money inside, then put it in a padded envelope and mark the envelope. "Do not bend" on both sides. For me, all this weighs less than 2 oz and ship USPS first class mail with insurance. I think the first $50. insurance is free. Then I ship signature required with a tracking number. I have never had a problem yet.