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  1. Thank you both for your time and your insight here. You're right, it does look pretty good for a 121-year-old piece of paper and I'm just thankful I was lucky enough to have crossed paths with it. See you guys around the forums and stay safe out there.
  2. Thank you, Mike, for all your help. Your insight is very much appreciated. I'm just gonna let this go and move on to my next acquisition. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks, Mike. Will post a copy of the back as soon as I get off of work. The PMG reference number is 8078093-001.
  4. I'm new to note collecting. Not new enough to be considered green, but growing up with a decent coin collection and a sprawling stamp collection, I knew enough about numismatics to know that there's a system to grading. I have a certain tack in mind when I buy and I'm sure I'm not the only person who implements this: I look for ungraded notes that, when graded, will produce a piece a little more valuable than what I paid for it. Hey, it makes me feel better, since I don't have money falling out of my . So, I buy this note off of a dealer, ungraded, and I congratulate myself, because the price is right and I can't even find a crease - let alone a fold - in the photo of this 1899 series $1 bill. When I got it in the mail, I couldn't believe the condition of it. It looked like it'd been sitting in a bank vault for a hundred years. I thought, for a minute, that I just bought a fake, but then my nose said it smelled just like money. Amazing, it had the same bewitching smell back then that it has today. And, it was the same bill from the picture in the add: just the tiniest of tiny folds right in the corner, that's it. Imagine my chagrin when it only pulled back a measly 30 on the PMG richter scale. I'm, like, no flippin' way. I just got back a 1917 series $1 bill from them, with the same score, that was way more beat up: three major folds and even seemed crinkled a bit. I called them up to talk to someone. I needed more information; I didn't want to accept the grade that I'd gotten. When I was told that it's looked at by three different people (in a place called the quiet room), well, what more could I say after hearing this? I thanked him for his time and ended the conversation, more confused than ever. I feel so strongly about this that it's two months later and I'm writing about my experience in this forum. I thought about doing a crossover grading with PCGS, letting them take a look at it. I've photographed both items, since the submission index search is currently down. Will someone please advise me? Each photo's name is its PMG reference number, in case you want to take the time to view their photo of it. They're definately better than mine. Thank you very much for your help and your time and stay safe! Kind regards, Martin C. from San Francisco, California ReplyForward