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  1. thank you, that will help as i send in more notes
  2. If I submit a bill that i think is a 60 and price it under $1,000 and will you grade it higher and charge me the next grade scale? I've got a 1914 $5 FRN type one Minnepolis, with a notation that reads only 32 known to exist, I dont know how to grade it and have a bunch more simsliar
  3. dont know how to do pics but apparently they all have the symbol at the end of the number. Im talking about a woodchopper 1907. Thank you for the interest
  4. what does the markings mean, triangles above and below a dash following the serial number on some us notes
  5. is it worth getting a really nice 1917 $2 bill united states note with small tears and small places missing on the bottom, it looks like it would be unc grade