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  1. Hi all! My first post here. Earlier this year I took deep dive into family history and coming out of that I have gained an interest in collecting confederate currency (mainly paper money at this point). My interests are from a collectors standpoint and not an investors, so I'm not looking to drop a large amount of $ on a super rare bill with the intent of selling it for profit in years to come. I'm looking to collect average grade stuff that I will keep and pass down to my children as part of the story of their heritage. Just thought it would be cool to have some of the currency my great great grandparents used back during their lifetime. Anyhow, my question has to do with the presence of the interest paid stamps on the back of confederate currency and how that effects the value. My guess is the presence of the stamps on the currency makes it less valuable and currency with out the stamp is worth more. Am I correct in my line of thinking? Any other pros / cons I should be aware of when looking at these bills. Thanks in advance for your time and input.