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  1. Maybe, if it is still there in a few weeks. I went a little crazy with my mad money this last week, need to build it back up.
  2. Fenntucky Mike

    Reconvening the 252 club

    So using the seal to fourth digit identifier would not be accurate 100% of the time, you would also need to take into account the font, spacing, tilt, "rubber stamped" look etc.? Are there some instances were there are no discernible differences between a normal production note and a replacement?
  3. That's neat, having all the varieties. That was a hell of a get, I think. I was paying attention to that note, same thing, I couldn't justify it to myself at $190 (not even close). I did not see it get relisted for an auction starting at $100, I might have thought about it a little more if I did see it, I don't think I would have bid on it. Guess we'll never know. How far do you think you'll take your collection, specifically, will you or do you look for replacements and/or specimens? I haven't looked around but how readily available are Zimbabwe specimens?
  4. I did. It looks like it was a short sale, it's back at $1,000. I'm guessing it'll follow the same sequence as your P-1d until someone is willing to pony up. The only question now is how low will it go.
  5. I'm looking at the new $20 now and since you mentioned it, yeah, the elephant is not depicted well. The legs seem to long, the body is baggy, ill defined and to offset to much to one side and the head looks to small. That being said, Hmmmm, I think I like the new $20 reverse better than the P-4. I like the perspective better on the new $20.
  6. That is too funny! Sounds like you had/are having a good day, being around family and everyone's happy and well, that's the best. Getting a funny story out of it, well that's the icing on the cake. The note is pretty cool and a really good gift to boot. Congrats.
  7. When I first started collecting Ukrainian banknotes, three or four years ago, the first purchase I made was the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money (Modern). hereafter Krause. This book gave me the general information I was looking for, what did some of the notes look like, how many different notes are there, etc.. This basic info gave me an idea of #1 did I like the notes (are they interesting and attractive to me), #2 how much was this going to cost (how many different issues and how rare), #3 how long will it take and will I be able to obtain most of the notes (availability). I then used
  8. Fenntucky Mike

    Reconvening the 252 club

    Thanks, Pictures with instructions always help me. Is using the Seal the most reliable diagnostic because it is overprinted with the serial #? Is the "tilt" of the serial # an indicator? Sure, I always like learning new things. I have some NBN's but have spent almost zero time learning about them, hope to start getting serious about them next year sometime.
  9. When I do get that 50 it's going to be great! Even better if the price goes down instead of up. I'll probably hang it on a wall, or put it in a picture frame on my desk so I can bask in it. It's not entirely self restraint and common sense that has me pushing this note back again. One of the big selling points to myself is, "Well. Do you want just one note for $X or do you want several really good notes for $X? Hmmmm... ". I can usually sell myself on more is better.
  10. So I'm really torn here. As some may know I've been selling off some of my duplicate coins to acquire funds to purchase a particular banknote (Pick 125, 2011 50 Hryven Commemorative), see Journal entry "Right now! Catch that magic moment, do it right here and now?". I've been wrestling with this since July, I've hit the total needed to get this note probably 3 times and each time something else came up, i.e. a coin or a run of banknotes, etc.. We'll here I am again, I hit the target amount to buy the 50 Hryven note and guess what, a slew of notes pop up from multiple sellers that would be grea
  11. Lol, all in good fun my friend. I'll be waiting... It would be hilarious if you did get a "nothing box" as a gag. Have fun.
  12. In addition to foreign banknotes I also collect Obsolete and NBN's from the State of Michigan and I recently picked up this beauty. It's not in the best shape but the price was right and the $3 notes are always hard to find because of the "nonstandard" denomination (the $3's are the most popular because of this and harder to find). It's not a real attractive note in regards to the design, a simple geometric design wreathed in a stylized floral design was used for the left and right dies, then a depiction of an eagle for the center image. The eagle is not well depicted, with an overly
  13. Well after much foot dragging (and a little prodding), BAM!, I created a set for my Zimbabwe (new dollar) notes today. I must say the air is fresh and crisp up here at the top, (deep breath) ahhhhhh (thumbs firmly hooked onto suspenders *SNAP!*, hands on hips and looking stoically into the distance from atop the Registry.) . I recently purchased the final three notes I needed to complete the set, the $2 & $5 Bond Notes and the new 2020 $20 (say that three times fast). They arrived today, no big surprises on the Bond Notes as they are almost identical to the 2019 $2 & $5 issues the only
  14. Awesome! Can't wait to read about it.
  15. Welcome to the Forum, Yes, I believe the whole number has to repeat. It doesn't have to be just two numbers repeating though it could be something like 123123123, it needs to be a minimum of two numbers repeating at least twice. Here's a link to recognized Fancy #'s by PMG. https://www.pmgnotes.com/news/article/5901/Fancy-Serial-Numbers-On-Currency/
  16. I think you're right, no takers on that $5 70EPQ at $995 I'd be feeling BIG TIME buyers remorse if I was the person who bought the first one.
  17. Interesting number combination, I would have never noticed that. I struggle with paying attention to the serial numbers. Thanks for sharing.
  18. You could say that. I thought about that 69 for quite awhile, I've been watching it for at least 3 weeks. I hated not having this set complete, all those notes popping up everyday and a pocket full of ebay bucks.... I couldn't take it any more , I wanted to finish the set. Now that I have those holes filled, I'll probably never think about that 69 again. Well not as much anyway.
  19. Ha, if it was that $20 66EPQ then yep that was me. I was looking at a 69 $5 and I just couldn't justify the price, even with my eBay Bucks to offset some of the cost. I figured it was better just to go with a lower grade and kill two birds with one stone, in the end I'm just looking for some quality examples. Like you said the odds of these increasing in value is not good. If there were like 25 registry sets I might have been willing to take a gamble on the 69 as an investment but right now it's only you and soon to be me.
  20. Ha. I'm just dragging my feet on getting them into the registry. I got kind of side tracked with Isle of Man coinage, so I've been spending my time on that. I'm kind of shifting back to banknotes again so I'll probably get the set started on PMG this week, maybe next. I have the $2, $5 and $10 in 68 I've been waiting for a $20 but just haven't seen one in the grade I'm looking for, I was kind of waiting to get the $20 so that, BAM, I could just post them all at once. We'll see, I just used my eBay Bucks to get the $5 Bond note.
  21. You've probably already seen this but another $5 70 EPQ is for sale on eBay, starting price $955.55. I'm watching it, let's see if it sells. I'm suspecting bigtime buyers remorse for the person who bought the last one. Apparently getting a 70 is no big deal with these notes. The new notes are still not listed in the population reports If this note sells for that price or higher, then I have to conclude that there was something going on with the $2 listings. I don't know what else it could be, we'll see.
  22. Nice note. It seems like a Pick 56 to me, the PMG description is probably off. Interesting note, looks like there is a couple of varieties, a thick paper (less than 3490) a thin paper (greater than 3490) and an error (date 912 the "1" missing). If I get a chance I'll look into it a little more over the weekend. As far as condition goes it's always tough to tell from just pictures but it looks like VF to me, more towards the higher end of VF maybe.
  23. Awesome! glad I didn't jinx you on the grade. LOL, nice find.