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  1. The second 70EPQ $2 sold for $399.99 (same price as the first $2 70) with one bid, significantly less than the $5. This has me scratching my head, I don't get why the $5 would sell for that much more. I feel like there is something going on with the sellers listings, seems like they are not showing up in searches very well. Yep, I just can't bring myself to spend close to those amounts for a 70, at least for these notes. I have a hard time believing these (if a person was purchasing for an investment) will appreciate in value. If people are buying because they enjoy the notes and have tha
  2. I'm stealing this from Just Bob on the NGC side but who cares. It's my 100th post dang it! Let's see if we can get more than two people.
  3. I was wondering what collectors thought of the Utah Goldbacks (I see there are Nevada Goldbacks now), I actually picked up a few this last winter (not graded). I haven't done much research on them, but they are supposedly "legal tender" in the state of Utah and are meant to be used as such (not sure if that's actually happening). They appear to have classically inspired designs and contain a fractional amount of gold for the "bullionistas", which I'll freely admit I'm one of. Just wondering if anyone thought that these have actual "staying power" or if they'll slowly fade away like most NCLT?
  4. I wasn't planning on a Journal entry today but what the heck, I saw something that just got the juices flowing, mostly jealousy. While wrapping up my morning browsing of eBay I enter my final search "Zimbabwe PMG". Sort, "Time Newly Listed", check. Scroll, scroll, scroll,wait what! Back, back, back, ooooooh! A PMG 2019, 70* EPQ Zimbabwe $2 banknote, sweet. I hadn't seen or noticed this note earlier in the week, as it looks like it was posted several days ago, with a little over a day left in the bidding. It's listed by a seller I've purchased from before in fact this is the seller I purchased
  5. That stinks, I haven't submitted anything to PMG yet, over at NGC, once received they have usually shipped my submissions (Modern tier) in a week or less. Although I sent a submission last week and it hasn't been received in yet, probably at the bottom of the Labor Day pile of packages they are still opening. (Or at least that's answer I would get if I asked)
  6. Yeah we're going into week three with journals not being back to normal. You can get to the journals but it's a bit of a pain, lot's of clicking. I click on one of the Journal entries to the right of PMG Forum, then scroll to the top of the entry and click on Journals in the address line, that will get you to the Journals. That is how I've been doing it. Don't tell anyone, shhhhh. LOL, that's probably why @Revenant has 207 views on that Journal entry, a third are probably me.
  7. Thanks for posting more pictures. I did a little searching and I haven't found any comps yet but based on the pictures I would put the condition somewhere between "About Uncirculated" and "Very Fine" which is not very good for a modern note. That being said the main thing this note has going for it is the serial number, it is not a solid serial number but does have a good run of 6's on it, but if they are on a common banknote in average to below average condition they probably won't pull a premium. I'm going to stick by my first assessment and say it's worth slightly more than face value.
  8. Can you post a pic of the other side? Condition doesn't look good, I'm thinking not much above face value.
  9. I've seen that one, I did a double take, said "No WAY", and moved on. The gold foil took me a minute before I came to my senses. I would consider picking up one of each, if the price was right, to add to my collection. For sure. I forgot about those, thanks for posting them. The Zimbabwe Million, Billion and Trillion dollars notes are some of my favorites to pick up in circulated condition. If I find a 10 pack of any of them, for a buck a piece, I'll pick them up and hand them out (Halloween maybe) or leave one with the tip. Anyone else have some "Fantasy Issues" ,in their collection
  10. "It was a dark and stormy night" Not really but it was pretty crappy out so I decided it was a good time to sort through the pile of cr*p (why does crappy show in the Journal but not cr*p, need to work on their censoring) on my desk. In doing so I realized it was a pile of supplemental material that I had saved, news articles, pictures, notes I made, etc. Towards the bottom of the pile was a group of "banknotes" (?), oh yeah, I remember these. It was a set of commemorative "fantasy" banknotes that I picked up online about a year ago to go with my Ukrainian banknote set. It's a set of seven no
  11. 100% agree, but they tend to have more of a story behind them, I think, especially if they were used. Ugly or not, this one is part of the set (which I agree with) and I'll add it in one day. I tend to be a bit over the top with my collecting habits, I'll try to add as many (what I think are relevant) items to the sets as possible, even if it is just for my personal collection/s at home. I can really get carried away sometimes with varieties or related items to add to my collections, making them more complete in my mind (telling a broader tale). I was actually doing some research on a set
  12. Nice, I've gotten a few "keepers" in my change, I consider anything pre 65' a keeper, I also pay attention for major errors as well but have not come across one. Never had anything like that happen to me, yet.
  13. No problem, just looking for people's best guesses. In the end it's up to me to pick one. After looking at the images again, I really don't like the margins, left margin on the obverse in particular, on #1935283. I'm pretty much ruling that one out of contention unless I or someone else sees any issues with the other notes. It sounds like they are loosening the reigns in regards to what they will and will not grade. It has a Pick # and is in the registry so I figure the odds are good. I pulled the trigger on a couple of "cashed" Certificates yesterday. Remainders are fine but nothin
  14. The NBU announced this week that 25 Kopiika coins and banknotes introduced into circulation before 2003 "will cease being legal tender and will be withdrawn from circulation on 1 October 2020". Just say in. https://bank.gov.ua/en/news/all/moneti-nominalom-25-kopiyok-ta-banknoti-grivni-starih-zrazkiv-do-2003-roku-perestayut-buti-zasobom-plateju-z-01-jovtnya-2020-roku Tried spending an old Ukrainian "junk" note today, I got a dirty look and had to go to the end of the line. The cashier didn't seem to think it was as funny as I did, they were pretty pissed at me so I decided to forgo t
  15. Hmmm, after studying the images myself, I probably should have used a black or darker background. Next time.