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  1. I looked up the note using the cert #. What I'm seeing is 3 potential folds running vertically (if not folds then heavy creasing), the front upper right corner appears to have been dog eared, edges/corners aren't great, there is missing ink in spots and possible surface tears, lots of soiling, foxing, shadowing and it looks like there is some yellow substance or yellowing on the back. Makes me wonder if it wasn't previously mounted in an album or something. Sorry, I'm not trying to run down the note but that's what I'm seeing. 30 seems a little heavy handed, based on the pictures I would
  2. The bill looks like it may have been flattened. Why did it not receive EPQ they sometimes list it on the back of the label? 30 seems a little low for that note but without seeing both sides and the note in hand it's impossible to be certain. I will say base on the images of the front, the note appears to be no higher than AU.
  3. That's awesome, congratulations again on the award! Pssst, you're gonna need a bigger shelf. Glad Sam liked the plaque so much, that pic of him holding/staring at it cracked me up. Reminds me of one of my nieces, she's in a similar situation/condition, biggest smile I've seen out of her was when I told her all my junk mail was for her and she opened a Luxury Accessories pamphlet I had gotten from HA. It had all kinds of purses and stuff in it, well, she had pretty much the same expression as Sam. Long story short she wouldn't put it down, took it home and her parents were pissed at
  4. Not the most attractive design on the front but one of my favorite UV effects on the back. Journal entry coming soon.
  5. I'm much like you, same age bracket, very few attended shows if any, etc.. Collector age often comes up (when I say collector I'm talking about a person with the means, interest, time and passion to collect an item/s) and my opinion is that the average age of the collector will always remain middle age and up as that is typically the time of a persons life where all those things align. I'm not overly concerned with future demand, one, because I do think the future collectors and collector base is out there (there will be a slow gradual turn over of geezers to 40 somethings, most people probabl
  6. Ordered this on Nov 6th and it finally just arrived last week.
  7. For me it's a note by note decision. If it's a note with a big population where EPQ's are common I'll wait, if it's a note with a low population, not many EPQ's or one I seldom see I'll jump on it. Or if like you say the price is right I'll forgo the EPQ designation, EPQ does drive the price up typically. I'd prefer a note with EPQ but I'm not hung up on it as I can always revisit the note in the future if I want. I'm also a little impatient though.
  8. Uh oh... The new UV lights arrived earlier this week, I ordered both through Amazon, one a fluorescent UV light from Banknote World the other a LED UV flashlight. Both seem to be of good quality and I would have no problem recommending either one of them, depending on what you are using them for. Buuuut, we're talking banknotes here and one is better than the other, which will bring the question of "whether or not the label for anP82b in PMG holder is accurate" to a close. For reference, I initially examined the note using a single LED UV light mounted to a loupe. The first test was
  9. Fenntucky Mike

    Citizens United

    Great set! I like the signatures on the Riverside note. That set has a lot of room to stretch yet. I might start an "Old Citizens NB" set, then a "First Citizens NB" and so on. Baby steps for me, when I do start. So many ways to collect.