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  1. LOL, still too much for me but I'll keep watching. On a separate note, I did pull the trigger on a P-86 for my billion set. One a year is a good pace for this set.
  2. I laughed out loud when I saw that one. I'd say you did pretty good, someone just placed a bid on a 68 EPQ P91 with the opening bid starting at $139.99. Still seems high to me for the # graded but people apparently keep sending them in (and buying) as quite a few of the P91's for sale on ebay have the latest generation PMG holders.
  3. Anyone know of a good book, website, article, etc. on depression era scrip (trade scrip)? If there is a reference that is Michigan specific even better. Thanks,
  4. Thanks, I read a little bit about her as well "wrong place wrong time" popped in my head. Josefa Camejo on the soberano's seems more interesting, she took charge.
  5. I recently read a PMG article titled "Collection Inspiration: Women Writers". In the article a Ukrainian note is referenced, the 200 Hryven banknote, featuring Lesya Ukrainka on the front of the note. In the article a brief description was given about the Poetess and the note, PMG chose to highlight the 2nd series note (good choice) and I thought I would take the opportunity to expand on the evolution of the note itself. After Ukraine declared independence from the USSR in 1991 the two countries remained tethered to one another monetarily. Russian rubles circulated freely in Ukraine and
  6. I did it again, actually twice more but I'll just focus on one for now. My love for companion pieces to my Ukrainian banknote collection knows no end. I recently picked up a few more fake or "fantasy" notes, they are in the same vein as my previous acquisition of a commemorative Antarctic set of notes, see my Journal entry "You need more, more, more (Stuff)" for details on those. As with the Antarctic notes these were printed on behalf of the Ukrainian numismatic magazine Numismatics & Faleristics (Phaleristics). The repro's were printed in 2015 with 1150 sets being produced. The set is ad
  7. So how rare is a specimen? Well, if you collect Ukrainian banknotes not very. I've been looking at Ukrainian specimen notes for a while now, over a year, and one of the initial observations was that "wow, there are a lot available". Meaning that they are not hard to find and they are not hard to find a reasonable prices. For the modern issues anyway, 1991 to date. A quick search of ebay, lazily typing in UKRAINE SPECIMEN, nets 281 hits, of which I would say 50-75 are actual banknote specimens, seems like a lot to me. If I type in Venezuela specimen, boom, tons of hits, I can buy a complete run
  8. Cool note, I think that's a Rare Currency Grading Service holder. I don't believe PMG will cross it, if you want to submit you'll probably have to remove it from the holder. Some people collect holders/grading services, I'm not sure if RCGS is out of business or the age of the holder but it's kind of neat. I'd probably just leave the note in the holder, I don't think it's worth having PMG regrade and holder it unless you're trying to improve the "look" of you collection.
  9. Cool note, Yes, that is a Trinary S#, only having three unique digits. 1,2,3 in your notes case. I don't think it adds much in the way of value to the note. If it was also a repeater or radar then it would carry a higher premium. Hmm, I hadn't seen this site yet. It's a neat site but it doesn't seem to tell you if the S# is a fancy #, or what type, just the odds of getting # combinations. Here's a link to some of the Fancy #'s PMG recognizes.https://www.pmgnotes.com/news/article/5901/Fancy-Serial-Numbers-On-Currency/