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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has an old version of the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money - General Issues, I have the 16th edition and under Ukraine Pick # 40 it has the following description "#40 has been merged into #35". I'm pretty sure I know what they did but I would like to get a transcript of the description for Pick # 40 before it was merged with # 35 to verify what I think they did. I have no idea when this happened otherwise I'd just buy the volume myself, so I'm hoping someone can help me out. Thanks in advance, FM
  2. A very good start to the set! I'd love at least two more pictures per note, especially moderns, to display the note under UV and IR and watermarks.... Hmmmm..... Ok, I'd like to see at least five more pictures. Or be able to post pics in the description, I think I might even prefer that, but they don't even have these features across the isle and if it's ever going to happen it'll be there first. Then maybe over here in my lifetime. The link is not working. My Sets Listing (collectors-society.com) I didn't know about the GPO and BBS plates, good stuff.
  3. Now all you need are the Quadrillion, Quintillion, Octillion, Centillion, Bicentillion, Tricentillion, Yottalilliion, Durmillion, Zettalillion and Quadringentillion fantasy notes and you'll be all set. I took a look on ebay to see how many fantasy banknotes there are for Zimbabwe and there are quite a few but not as many as Ukraine. That stinks. I can see those silver ones tricking a lot of people, especially if the sellers aren't up front about them. Those silver notes have probably fooled hundreds/thousands of people. How many $$$$'s have been made on these, , selling to knowing and
  4. The 5000 Dinara completed the 1963 specimen issues for me.
  5. Here's another for the group. Held out for a long time before I bought this one but when a 67 popped up for sale, well... The issued note is harder to find in UNC condition and more $$$.
  6. These would look good in the "Post you latest addition!" thread.
  7. "Hey uh kid! Think I got a little problem here." but the good news is that my themed set is progressing nicely.
  8. Hi, Could a new Category and Set be created for Eritrea, Bank of Eritrea? Cert # 8084769-056 Also, what do you think about an Ireland - Northern, Danske Bank Complete set? Looking for a home for Cert # 8075808-001. Thanks,
  9. The more I think about this the more I wonder if I should just put the NOTES section in the description.
  10. So, this is me toning down descriptions for my banknotes. I'm not sure why this is such a source of angst for me but I have to believe at the core of it is my desire to produce something that's halfway legible, informative and enjoyable, not just content for the sake of it and my distain of a word limit. Meh, well the only way I'm going to know is if I throw some of it out there for critiquing to the PMG Journal audience, all four of you. I'm working on a basic structure, well not really, it's the same structure I've had from the beginning but I like it I want to see if it works for all m
  11. Your notes are FRB "C" , looks like they did seven 64,000 note runs for a total of 448,000 star notes, the second highest total of this series. If those numbers are correct.