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  1. Ok....do I have to send in OGP...and this set has a moon picture that is numbered to match the last 4 digits in the $50 bill...will this be graded to...PMG should put together A set with $50 bill and picture with matched numbers ...just a thought...only 6000k mintage.....
  2. hello...will PMG be grading of the Apollo 11 currency se($50.00 bill)....that is being released on July 16...with any kind of special label for Apollo 11...any special submission instructions thank you PMG
  3. hello is PMG doing any grading or encapsulating the newly released Declaration of Independence by the BEP released through the US Mint today? thanks
  4. hello... what is the turnaround times to have all three of the Apollo 11 engraved prints encapsulated ...thank you