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  1. I submitted them...$71 a piece...I prolly messed something up...let’s hope they do well
  2. When submitting, do I need to select any add ons? If not, will my bill come back in one of their holders with a grade still?
  3. Awesome, thanks to quick reply! Question, is there a difference in value for the E series?
  4. Hi guys, extremely new to this... long story short I took all my paper currency into a store and was told I had two major error bills and another error bill. It was recommend to submit them and the guy said he’d put $700 insurance on each bill. My questions are: should I submit them, what would they be worth. also I have no idea how to submit things for grading, but I’d also be very nervous asking for so much insurance (don’t want them disappearing in mail.) Any info or guidance would be appreciated.