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  1. C S A $20.00 COUNTRFEIT NOTE's BY SAM UPHAM THIS IS PART OF MY C S A COUNTERFEIT NOTES MOSTLY $20.00. THESE NOTES HAVE A STORY BEHIND THEM AND THE MAN THE SOUTH PUT A BOUNTY ON . HE IS REPORTED TO HAVE PUT INTO CIRCULATION OVER 1 MILLION INTO THE SOUTHS ECONOMEY.HE HAD A DRUG STORE / stationary STORE.GOT PICTURE OF $5.00 NOTE IN NEWS PAPER AND STATED PRINTING THEM UP.SELLING THEM FOR 5CENTS SOLD OUT QUICK so he started buying bills and reproducing them sold to fast to keep up.people were going down south buying loads of cotton paying with counterfeit notes. the U S gov. went to sam stationary store but but to his surprise they were not there to arrest him. No they resupplied him with ink and paper. [true]before that he had printed his name and address on the bottom of notes. that his buyers would just trim it off. I have them with and with out name ,address. start of war c s a doll. was @ about .88 cents on dol. not bad. till sam's funny money brought it down. will try to upload photos ASP happy trails