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  1. Hello. I have a parcel coming from pmg tracking number RE112308180US stuck at custome for 10 days ++. Asking if anything USPS can do to get the parcel moving. I dont want to lost this one. Already lost 40 banknotes gone missing.They cant figure out where it's gone. Thanks
  2. Good morning Hello,is there any update about my package from usps. And I have another package submission number 8083181. Can I get a tracking number for it.thanks
  3. Hello Thanks you very much ,appreciate the help. I will rate Jennifer F 10++ on 10 for the work she is doing.She been always very helpful in any situation.Every time I had ask for some help ,she was always very positive and doing all she can to help. Thanks again Jennifer.
  4. Good morning Thanks to reply back. The submission number is 8083246 Tracking number is RE112301703US Any help will greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello I have couple of parcel send back to me from pmg.i received 2 of them.1 cant be delivered.i ask pmg to help with tracking and check it said cant be delivered because of address issues. I contact pmg if the shipping department can tell me on which address it was send but did not heard anything back from last friday.. I just asking if the shipping department can help me out and let me know on which address it was ship.they need to have a record of I can continue with the procedure to look for my package.thanks.
  6. Hello Hope you are doing Fine. Am requesting a new competitive sets for mauritius banknotes in behalf of all mauritius collectors. Year 1830 to 1843 including varities. S136r : 2511804-006 S125 : 2511802-004 S122r :2511802-002 S126: 2511800-003 S127: 2511800-005 S128: 2511800-004 S129: 2511801-001 1F: 2511802-001 Thanks you.
  7. Hello There are some mistake in Mauritius 1907-Date P16-Date type set ,issued notes . P61 is listed as 500rup but need to be 200 Rup as per catalogue and pmg P62 is listed as 1000 rup need to be 500 rup as per catalogue and pmg P63 need to be 1000 Rup instead of 2000 rup P66 need to be 500 Rup instead of 50 rup


    Hello ALI Thanks to reply back.NGC is for coins. So how I display all varities for 1967 to date banknotes for mauritius. There is no slot for varities. Got mostly all varities graded by pmg for mauritius banknotes 1967 to date but there is no available spot for them.


    Hello Can you help how to create a custome NGC registry set so I can display all the varieties .thanks
  10. Hello I working my way with mauritius and canada banknotes.i realise canada , US and lots other country have all different set seperately available to fill up But for mauritius there is 1 set 1907-1954 (which included 6 sets in that) Why dont have all the set separate with all varieties in each set so collectors can fill the set they want with all varieties. Instead of having 1 big set from 1907 to 1954 and with no variety. We can have 6 sets as followed . 1907 to 1930 set with all variety 1919 set with all variety 1930 set with all variety 1937 set with all variety 1940 set with all variety 1954 set with all variety. Like that we can have more slots available with variety .Thanks
  11. ASH-BOSS


    Hello MAURITIUS BANKNOTES There is only 1 slot available for 35 but there is 35a and 35 b.Can one more slot added. Same for 37a certification number 2511797-015 and 37b 2511797-014 only one slot available.need 1 more slot Same for 39 There is 39a and 39b but only 1 slot available need to add one more slot Same for 40a certification number 2511797- 017and 40b certification number 8074328-060.Only 1 slot available.Need one more slot added. Can you add the 4 slot thanks. Mauritius banknotes 1985 -1991 series.
  12. ASH-BOSS


    Hello For mauritius Banknotes; Can you please add slot for P26r certification number 2511804-004 No slot for mauritius banknote P25s certification number 2511808-006 Slot available but dont want to accept certification number.Mauritius 26r1 certification number 2511804-004 And 26r2 certification number 2511799-001
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    Hello Am requesting new slot for 1954 mauritius 5 Rup pick 27 , there is only 1 slot available but there is 5 different signatures of this year .so need to have 5 slot for different signatures. Same for 10 rup 1954 pick 28 there is only one slot available and there are 3 different signature as per the book. Requesting to have slot for each signature like all other mauritius banknotes.Thanks
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    Hello I have some mauritius banknotes from 1967. Some of them the signature are on the label ,others are not. So if I want the signature on the label what i need to do. Send it to reholder or something else
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    Hello is the fees for membership annually or one time fees