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  1. Jeremy, I sent the note to PMG and they placed it in a Silver Certificate graded holder. When I sent it back after I had explained it to PMG that it was an altered note, they then took it out of the holder and sent it back to me as and Altered upgradeable item. Honestly it doesn't make sense to me when these are well known and a True piece of American history. I guess you could say PMG considers it a counterfeit because it has been altered. They're truly wrong on this note. Tim
  2. Jennifer, I sent this note in for Grading submission number 1743760. The person grading the note disregarded my note on the submission form about the serial number being a North Africa issue Fr.2309 only and never reseached it. They then graded it as a Fr.1702 Silver Certificate which is obviously incorrect due to the serial number. Fr.2309 1934a $10 North Africa issue Silver Certificates in the A-A block began with serial number A91044001A thru A99999999A. Fr.1702 1934a $10 Silver Certificates in A-A block began with serial number A74761305A thru A91044000A where the North Africa series began. The note I sent in for Grading has serial number A99726529A meaning it is a Fr.2309 1934a $10 North Africa issue Silver Certificate and the seal is either error in color or was altered. I spoke with and sent pictures of this note to Scott Lindquist, Author of the "Standard Guide to Small Size US Paper Money 1928 to Date" and he confirmed this note being a Fr.2309 citing the seals on some Fr.2309 notes were "Cover Colored" with precise detail during World War II in Europe as the perpetrator feared the Notes would be demonitized. Now knowing Scott is the Leading Authority of US Small Size Paper Money and I am also well known in the field of US Paper Money collecting buying and selling some very Rare items over the years I believe PMG made a mistake in disregarding my note on the submission form and not at least researching it as it's a very Rare item with only 3 known to date. This was a Great opportunity for PMG to research and Grade a Super Rare historical item. Please contact me or have the proper person with knowledge of this situation contact me in regards to this matter. Thanks Again, Timothy Martin CSO22368 817 988-5234
  3. This note is now scheduled for Grading. While considering it an Error the Grader should remember to check serial numbers as they are in the Yellow $10 North Africa Silver Certificate range Not the Standard Blue Seal. The note has a Blue Seal but should have a Yellow Seal. Thank you for your time. Best Regards, Tim.
  4. Hello, I will be sending this note and a few more for Grading tomorrow. The submission number is 1743760. Please make sure while considering this an error the Grader also checks the Serial number as the 1934A $10 North Africa A-A block series began with serial number A91044001A and went thru A99999999A. This note is serial number A99726529A with a Blue Seal instead of the Yellow seal it should have in this serial range. The highest serial number for a 1934A $10 Blue seal Silver Certificate in A-A block is A91044000A. This is an ultra rare error by my examination. Thank you, Timothy Martin CSO22368
  5. I found this note a 1934A $10 Blue Seal Silver Certificate serial number A99726529A faceplate number 157 that is in the serial number range of the North Africa issue which should have a Yellow seal. I heard a story a few years back about one of these being found. The story was, that during WWII the Germans had seized a train carrying payroll to the US troops in France. The Germans then in fear the US would demonitize the currency changed the seals from yellow to blue. As you can see the note I have seems to be one of these notes. My question is can this note be certified as one of these notes or would it be considered an error? Regardless I believe this to be a Great find as I only know of 3 to be known. Please let me know how to begin this process. I have sent many notes to be graded but this one seems extra special with the history behind it. Best Regards, Tim.