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  1. Hi, Why are there Israeli banknotes to which you have not yet given a P # number? They do not exist in your lists, and I can not know how many of them were given to the grand and how were the results of the rating? In their review you register them as unlisted even though they have already a long time ago the number P #? for example: 1) 20 New Israeli Shekels from 2017 (Rachel the Poet) 2) NIS 200 from 2014 (Zalman Shazar) 3) NIS 100 from 2014 (Yitzhak Ben-Zvi) 4) NIS 20 from 2014 (Moshe Sharett) 5) NIS 20 from 2008 (not from polymer - standard). It is clear to you that a banknote that is defined as unlisted is worth less than the same bank note that has already been marked with the number P # !! Even if you have a reason to delay the numbering, at least put them in your lists so that we can know how many such banknotes have been graded and what their results are! This painful subject that many collectors complain about does not add much respect and credibility to you! Sincerely Eli Koren [email protected]