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  1. Hi Michael, a replacement note will have a star at the end of the serial number, your note “as pictured” is not a replacement note, unfortunately it’s a circulated note, I wouldn’t have it graded, it won’t grade well in my opinion. It’s value would be approximately AUD $50, maybe less, this is because of its condition.
  2. Hi PMG, where can I buy PMG graded notes protective sleeves? Are they available in different sizes? Regards
  3. Can anyone tell me where I can buy PMG Protective Sleeves, please look at the photos, this sleeve fits perfectly PMG graded notes, very professional, are they available to buy and are they available in different sizes, I would appreciate if some can direct me to the seller, thanks
  4. Hi PMG Please explain to me how there could be two different signatures as Pick 5a? Please look at the photos, the first two photos show the note in question, the 3rd and 4th photos show The same note PMG graded as 5a and 5b which are correct according to websites on the internet, what is the true pick number of the first photo? It can’t be 5a with different signatures, what pick number is it? Thank you
  5. I know PMG has graded this Rare Congo Republic note as Pick No. 5a. But the signatures don’t match either 5a or 5b. I have always wondered if it’s unlisted pick number or an error? Look on the internet and you won’t see these 2 signatures together as either 5a or 5b I would appreciate if someone can clarify the pick number for me.
  6. Be assured banknote collecting will grow, I started at 42, and I am now 50 years of age, I spend all my spare time looking and researching online. In the decades to come, paper money “banknotes” will be obsolete and discontinued by banks and governments, future generations will look at banknotes as antiques, a memory of history, art and commerce. The time is now to collect as high quality and rarity as you can afford. The notes that will be most in demand will be the most artistic and historical “colonial notes”. Covid-19 has really launched this hobby towards the online platforms, Third party grading has made it easier to showcase banknotes online, I predict within 10-15 years paper money will be no longer, prices will go up dramatically.