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  1. Hello, Can you please update this registry set? Reserve Bank of India, 2005; 2006 Issue Set, P94A-P100 For Pick#99, there are slots only until #99e, but the updated Krause cat has numbers until #99w, maybe until #99z as far as I know. Similarly, can you also please update slots for Pick#106 in registry set Reserve Bank of India, 2011 Issue Set, New Rupee Symbol, P101-P107? Currently, there are slots only until Pick#106d, but the catalog has been updated to include more Pick#106 subtypes. Thank you, Jeyanth
  2. Hi, Can you please update the Zambia note registry? The current registry only has entry until the 2012 series, but in the current design (2012- series; 2 kwacha - 100 kwacha; Pick #49 - #54), notes have been issued with 2013, 2014, 2015 dates too (Corresponding pick numbers #49b,c,d; similarly for other pick #s). Also, there is no slot for Pick#55 (2014 50th anniversary of Independence commemorative issue 50 kwacha). Please update the registry to include slots for these. Thanks, Jeyanth