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  1. $3500.00 Firm This note looks amazing and it was graded a 64PPQ by PCGS. Any questions, please ask. Thanks,
  2. $6800.00 Firm This note looks amazing and it was graded a 53 by PCGS. Any questions, please ask. Thanks,
  3. $4200.00 Firm This note looks amazing and it was graded a 55 by PCGS. Any questions, please ask. Thanks,
  4. $9200.00 Firm Any questions, please ask. Thanks,
  5. The reality is that the graders are all different and the chances of all notes being graded the exact same is practically impossible. Remember, this is 60% details and 40% how it "appears" to them. Once it has been graded by PMG, it will most likely retain that grade because they protect each other and PMGs reputation (understandably so). If you had a note graded by them and then requested a re-grade or even took the note out of the holder (sending it in like it has never been graded), they will look up the serial in their system to see if it had been previously graded and you will end up with the same grade. If you could put 10 graders each in different rooms and give them 10 notes to grade. The only way they would all have the same grade is if they cheated. I would bet a thousand bucks on that! Someone should develop a scanner that can measure everything from creases/folds, centering, stains and even color depth so that it takes the human factor out of grading. Until then, just pray that when you send it in for the first time, that your grader is having a good day.
  6. The re-grade process is a sham. Regardless of whether you send in as a re-grade or you take the note out and send it like it has never been graded, they will look up the serial to see if it has been previously graded by them and then just give you that same grade to protect each other. If it wasn't for the nice holder they have I would go somewhere else.
  7. Hello I have 3 notes(1896 Ed series) that I am taking out of the graded holder and going to put them in a glass floating picture frame and hang them on the wall for viewing. I will put a thin strip of the inert plastic along the edge in between the two glass plates to relieve pressure on the notes that I put in the middle. Here are the questions I have regarding that: 1) If I clean the glass, what should I clean it with so that no chemical residue is left to harm the notes? 2) Is glass more inert that the plastic holders? 3) Although this will be placed indoors away from direct sunlight, should I be concerned with UV light hitting the notes in general? Should I use a special glass? Here is a sample pic of a floating picture frame: Thanks!
  8. I can't wait until they develop a machine that will scientifically and consistently grade notes. We have the technology now that 100% of every aspect of note grading/measuring can be duplicated and assigned a value by a machine. This would eliminate all the inconsistent subjective grading and errors. I want notes graded accurately and scientifically, not opinions of those that could be biased one way or another. It is impossible for humans to have an unbiased opinion on anything. Human minds don't work that way and thank God they don't. Bring on the robots!!