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  1. Hello I have 3 notes(1896 Ed series) that I am taking out of the graded holder and going to put them in a glass floating picture frame and hang them on the wall for viewing. I will put a thin strip of the inert plastic along the edge in between the two glass plates to relieve pressure on the notes that I put in the middle. Here are the questions I have regarding that: 1) If I clean the glass, what should I clean it with so that no chemical residue is left to harm the notes? 2) Is glass more inert that the plastic holders? 3) Although this will be placed indoors away from direct sunlight, should I be concerned with UV light hitting the notes in general? Should I use a special glass? Here is a sample pic of a floating picture frame: Thanks!
  2. I can't wait until they develop a machine that will scientifically and consistently grade notes. We have the technology now that 100% of every aspect of note grading/measuring can be duplicated and assigned a value by a machine. This would eliminate all the inconsistent subjective grading and errors. I want notes graded accurately and scientifically, not opinions of those that could be biased one way or another. It is impossible for humans to have an unbiased opinion on anything. Human minds don't work that way and thank God they don't. Bring on the robots!!