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  1. yes, these notes will be together for awhile. What I really want is the SN 5225 note. Then I'd have 3 consecutive notes and the 5225 is a 4-digit radar! I suspect the odds are against me there. I think the blue hue is from my scanner. The holders are in quite good shape, so I suspect I rescued them from the show circuit early before the holders received much wear. What do you think of the grades? SN 5227 is nicer in my opinion. I'm still hoping the original owner sees my post. Anyway, I appreciate the comments!!
  2. I've managed to reunite an interesting pair of $20 Plain Backs from Salem, OH, Charter 43. Both were acquired in Baltimore from different dealers about 6 months apart. So far these are the only two PBs with Lyons | Roberts signature combinations or Fr. 650 and dated Apr. 11, 1902 just like charter 43 date backs. Other $20 PBs that I can find have Speelman | White signatures or Fr. 635 and are dated Apr 10, 1922 (note: Track and Price doesn't identify the Fr. #). The Serial numbers are 5226/V967960B (back plate 325) and 5227/V967961B (back plate 315). Both are from A plates as are all $20
  3. My attempt with Warren, PA The Warren NB Ch. # 4879 and various signatures is here--it's a work in progress though. https://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/ViewPersonalCollection.aspx?UserCollectionID=1184&Tab=list
  4. I like notes with different cashier and president combinations. And I especially like charters where there are two different signature combinations for a denomination so there are more than one Fr. # for a given denomination. Not sure if there was ever 3 or more...??? Not sure--I don't see the collage???
  5. ddr70

    CH #252

    I have a Warren, PA collection, also not a difficult note to find and it's close to Pittsburgh. I like first name towns although the town was named for a general with a last name of Warren. For Charter 4879, there are at least two Cashier/President signature combos (R.W. Mackay and F.E. Hertzel; N. C. Gill and F.E. Hertzel) on series 1902 PBs. I only have a $5 note in a PMG holder; it's in a signature set. I plan to submit at least the $10 one day.
  6. That is a tough note to find in small.
  7. ddr70

    1875 NBN Paris, IL Graded

    Yes, fairly quiet here especially for nationals. Nice note! I like the mis-placed town name of Paris.
  8. ddr70

    Oswego County, NY Nationals

    By accident, I've become of fan of these small towns along I-81! Just added an 1882 Value Back $20 from Mexico, NY. It joins my Albion, NY notes. Albion is England and Mexico is typically known for its beaches and sun, not so much for its lakes. Look for these town names when you are on I-81, but don't blink! Notes are in my Signature set of Nationals along with a few better PA notes. I'd love to add other Mexico NY (and other states) nationals to my collection. Happy Collecting! To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be ad