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  1. Oh good, I thought it was something I said... :-) Seems to work this morning. I have problems with my work website based on which browser you use, including Safari on your smart phone. I just wish someone would grade my notes now--they've been in Sarasota for over a month. Ooops chat boards seem to work, but journals still not working.
  2. Just 4 off from a radar. I'd bid it up to about $10 if it were at auction. Nice they gave it a grade.
  3. Finally, here's that sample. Sorry it took so long.
  4. I'll redouble my efforts :-) What happens with 5 likes? Do you get a badge? Like a steamin' pile o' sheckels? Anybody know how many PMG note holder types that PMG has used in the past 15 years? I just know of 2--the current holder and the one before that one.
  5. ddr70

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    Another week down; notes still stuck in Received. Here's one of my small size NBNs waiting to be graded.
  6. Now I want a descending pairs SN :-)
  7. Make sure the font on the SN on the back is exactly the same as that on the front. It looks good to me with nice embossing evident on the front. See also PMG's posts on counterfeiting and changes to Serial Numbers (e.g., see: https://www.pmgnotes.com/news/article/8052/). For example, they use UV to see if a SN has been removed (but be careful not to look into UV as you can damage your eyes). I like the look of the note except for the lines where the SN would have been. That's a flag to me. Especially check this area as shown by the arrow in the attached pic. 99% sure it's genuine given
  8. Report it to the shipper. Save the packaging. Photograph the package. Let the seller know. If eBay, they also will help protect you.
  9. On a VG probably not, on a CU, may just make it an AU or possibly just a comment.
  10. ddr70

    The only $10 VB recorded

    Kelly's 6th edition of national bank notes is a good entry level book on populations. It's about 60-70 dollars. Maybe you can find one used. The census data is dated, but it doesn't change that much. Track and Price subscription which is a yearly charge gets you auction prices and updated census data, but you miss out on data elements like treasury serial numbers. Maybe the NBN census is the top of the line--not sure what the subscription is but I know they take paypal :-) I just have Kelly--census comes on a CD. So for example, the Security NB of Dallas shows 12 other $10 PBs not i
  11. ddr70

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    I definitely will post the note in its new holder. It will be like Christmas Day/BDay/Return from Overseas assignment Day combined when my notes arrive home safely! I'd be OK with a F15 grade. Not going to be a lot of points, but it would be hard to beat all the things this note has going for it. The folks in Western PA got a lot of use out this $10. I was a bit reluctant to give my grade, but I'm comforted by the fact that no one from PMG seems to read these journals--and I kinda trust their grading process.
  12. ddr70

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    I just sent a good chunk of my NBNs to PMG to grade. The post office sure took it's time, but got my package there in 8 days instead of 4. PMG listed as received about a week after it arrived in Sarasota. Here's one of the notes awaiting scrutiny. I can't wait to add it to one of my series of 1882 collections here. Connellsville, PA The First NB (E)2329 Radar Treasury SN on a $10 1882 VB Fr. 576 Tillman | Morgan SN 9076/T493394 pp F/118. Love that SN especially on an early value back. Chartered 4/8/1876, Liquidated 6/22/1928. Assumed circulation of 4861, Yough NB of Connellsv
  13. ddr70

    The only $10 VB recorded

    Good eye, hard to beat that for a 65EPQ. That should be about $200 on an Heritage auction; $500 on a LK auction :-) The upcoming HA Dallas auction is starting to post pics. It's got a ton of Texas notes!!
  14. ddr70

    The only $10 VB recorded

    I've had that note on Bryan, TX for quite some time--5 years. Five years ago is about when I really got into nationals and I've bought next to no coins since. It's in my first name signature set too (along with Victoria and Clarksville, TX of course). Seems like I only buy banks from towns that are first names on Texas. I had PMG certify it about 2 years ago and was happy with the VF 25. No EPQ for Bryan :-( I didn't know where Bryan was... We could always do a trade one day. I've been close to Victoria driving to S. Padre Isl. My collecting goals are shifting more towards series of
  15. ddr70

    The only $10 VB recorded

    In keeping with the Texas theme here, I'll share my series of 1902 TX set in it's current state (which would be more like Delaware in Size than Texas). I do have a Houston, TX The First NB Ch. # (S)1644 $10PB on the way to PMG. Basically it needs PMG to give it a grade about 3 levels too high for it to displace my PMG 30 Victoria NB $10 PB, but the numbers are just cool... 220361/X16961 pp Q/111