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  1. ddr70

    Brown Back Collage

    You're missing the replacements...
  2. Try clicking on your set's name, then on the history tab. The history will list by PMG number all the changes including the score changes. You may be able to recreate your set from the previous year and record the notes competing at that time.
  3. My Kelly, 6th Ed. has a population of 12 Small and he listed $1000 for a note in VF, so that offer was in the ball park. Only 96 sheets of ty 1 $20s were issued (6 notes per sheet). A different database (T&P) would have the current population broken down by denomination and type 1 or 2. I have a note on the Citizens NB of Albion, NY; I paid $625 for a Ty. 1 $10 in VF+; it's now in a PMG 30 holder. Neat town name and a pop of only 5 small (in Kelly), but New York is a common state. It's in this set: It's a pain to get them graded. Easier if you have a dealer close by that does a
  4. That note is hard to find as I can find no recorded sales on Heritage Auction's archives. I don't have my Kelly reference handy, but will check next week for population. Someone else may have population from Track and Price (T&P). Those are rather large signatures from the logo type which may mean it's an early production from the Government Printing Office (most notes were made by a contractor, BBS, and typically have smaller signatures (and a few other diagnostics for the logo type)). The logo type is the bank info including charter number and signatures. The town name is neat which
  5. ddr70

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    First week of November is gone and my bulk submission STILL hasn't moved out of received. I put the package in the mail in July. I'm hopeful I get the package by Thanksgiving now.
  6. ddr70

    Disney sets need more collectors

    Yep, BEP reused the rolls for Caldwell, National Bank and even the "THE" (Texas is 6607 and NJ is 7131). Good eye. Looks like the Jersey plate got a little flourish between Caldwell and the tombstone. Caldwell is a city in the states of OH, KS, ID, TX, & NJ with 13 different banks! Two are Small NBNs only. Surprisingly, NJ has the only Caldwell with just one National Bank.
  7. ddr70

    Disney sets need more collectors

    You can check out my signature sets as ones I would add in addition to the ones I mentioned earlier. Easiest to implement for PMG ought to be sets by Denomination OR Fr. # for the various series (original, 1875, 1882, 1902). Sets by region might be fun, but hard to implement as would be sets by states--an IT savvy person could do this and hopefully PMG has IT savvy folks protecting us from cyber attacks (I'd prefer not having my credit card info hacked here :-). First 100 charters is a fun set--I actually don't have one of those and for Small NBN collectors, 14000 and above charters are col
  8. ddr70

    Disney sets need more collectors

    So there's 100 other LSNBN sets besides the top 2 owners competing sets--that's 4 times more than Disney dollar sets. Zibabwe has 14 different sets, so over twice as many sets as NBN sets. If you look at the top 3 in these 14 Zimbabwe sets, 8 are you. Now that's fine and good for the Zimbabwe collectors as they have a place to display and compete their notes. Ought to be more national bank note sets and I wouldn't have to make a 1902 type set for all of my favorite states (and two for PA and NY and MA). My complaint is about lack of sets--build a better place to compete Nationals
  9. There are 18 Disney dollar competitive sets, only 3 of which are in use for a total of 25 registered sets. For Large Size National Bank Notes there are 6 competitive sets, all are used for a total of 176 registered sets. For Small Size National Bank Notes, there are two competitive sets, both are used with a total of 141 registered sets. Can't NBN collectors get as many competitive sets as the Disney dollar collector? Or at least a few type sets like the Wavin' Mickey or Proud Goofy? Disney Dollars get denomination sets ($1, $5, $10, $50). That would be neat for NBNs; I'd prefer the $20
  10. ddr70

    Reconvening the 252 club

    No discernible difference--probably. Also, paper has a bit of give and if it collects enough folds that makes these 'landmarks' tougher to use--so you might end up with a false positive or a false negative. The other key thing to know--and you HAVE to know this one--PCGS has called more notes replacements INCORRECTLY (that's the old PCGS) and Heritage sold them as such, than ought to be acceptable to the collecting community. Best example is Lake Village, Arkansas The First NB in Ch. # 13632 NOT a Replacement, but PCGS lists notes from the SN 1 sheet as Replacements! The C position note s
  11. ddr70

    Reconvening the 252 club

    Nice that Sands' signature appears as calligraphy. The vertical on the L is thick as is the underline (horizontal) under Sands, so I suspect he just went back over those lines to make them thick when submitting the exemplars to the BEP. Then again, I got "Cs" for penmanship 50 years ago :-( 400600 is a fun SN, but I'd prefer the repeater 400400. I try to catch SNs on FRBNs, but I really don't pay as much attention to them as I do NBNs. I do look at the Philly notes more closely. Let me know if I miss one with a fancy SN that you don't want. The HA block is funny (ha ha). I should look
  12. ddr70

    Reconvening the 252 club

    Serial number and seals were printed simultaneously during normal production. At the end the numbering head was lifted and a few sheets were printed with just the seals (no serial numbers). These sheets were for any make up sheets to replace damaged or otherwise unsuitable notes. The serial numbers for make up sheets were done on separate 'paging' machines, one serial number at a time. The operator basically eyeballed it and many times they were dead on. We know this because one diagnostic for the paging machine is any C position note--the C is quite different from the C on the productio
  13. ddr70

    Reconvening the 252 club

    Last journal entry was about my two submissions sent the end of July. The Economy submission I've rec'd and have been posting notes to my various sets. The bulk submission is still sitting in Sarasota since August 3rd. It has my $5 Series of 1902 Plain Back on Pittsburgh, PA The First NB at Ch. # 252 (along with 49 other notes :-(. I added this small size NBN on 252 yesterday. Great SN (D060000A) and a small size replacement note to boot! Signatures are those of long-serving cashier C.C. Taylor and relatively new president F.F. Brooks who replaced Lawrence E. Sands in 1928. Let me know
  14. But 4 digits is good enough for a solid! (actually I've seen 3 for a Silver Certificate)!!