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  1. ddr70

    Citizens United

    Yes, Hampson and Clancy signed the Riverside, CA note. Riverside could also be in my set on notes with titles having something to do with water... I have a few creeks, bays, lakes, etc. in that set. lots of possibilities :-)
  2. ddr70

    Citizens United

    What do Ontario, CA and Glasgow, KY and Warren, PA have in common? Those are three towns of many that had National Banks with "Citizens" in their titles. David Wooster, a general in the American Revolutionary War has at least one municipality named in his honor. What state is it in? By the way, it had a Citizens NB and the note I have posted there happens to have a nice radar serial number. Keene, right? Yep, it had a Citizens NB and was one of the first banks to have BEP produced plates which was a reason for Series of 1875 National Bank Notes!
  3. NGC has purchase info for coins. Not the same on PMG. Unless you entered purchase info as part of the comment, there's no field dedicated to purchase info. If you go to My Collection and select note manager, it defaults to US. Like FM says, hit search and you will get a list of all your US notes in this case, but the comments are not displayed and of course photos are not displayed. I use a spreadsheet for keeping info on my notes. I'm not good with databases. I have a standard for files names of pictures of my currency which I made up. There's probably a smarter standard for fil
  4. Well there's a neat cross over to the stamp collectors of the world! I've got my perf. guage ready. What should I be looking for? Did you get AU 55s because of the centering?
  5. I collect mainly US Nationals, but no hundreds to date. I also collect US Type and fancy SNs and Canadian notes.
  6. I collect mainly US Nationals, but no hundreds to date. I also collect US Type and fancy SNs and Canadian notes.
  7. Why don't you blog about something that interests you? I occasionally write in my journal here pretty much exclusively about national bank notes. We have Zimbabwe very well covered with Revenant and Ukraine with Fentucky Mike. What do you collect??
  8. ddr70

    Reconvening the 252 club

    PMG finally graded my bulk submission from last July. The $5 plain back on Ch. 252 made 30EPQ. It's here: https://www.pmgnotes.com/certlookup/8075269-007/30/
  9. ddr70

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    23 Dec. and my notes just moved into Grading. Maybe I'll have grades before the New Year and if the Post Office cooperates I might see my notes again before Inauguration Day. I see PMG updated their turnaround times for Bulk submissions to 82 days from 62 days. I wish I had mine graded in 82 days. Might as well go with 6 months if you're lucky as a turn around time. They did let me add a variety plus to my $20 Atlanta Ty. 1 replacement note which I do appreciate. I got the charge on my credit card well before the notes moved out of purgatory (i.e. received). There are 7 radars and a repe
  10. ddr70

    Christmas Tree National

    Here's my card to all here on collectors society. Indiana, PA The FNB Ch. # 313 J.R. Daugherty and J.P. Blain Strong stamped signatures PMG 30EPQ $10 1902 PB Fr. 624 SN 44344 pp J/995 dtd. Feb. 25, 1903 radar SN and Charter #. Earliest of 3 National banks located here. Indiana is a borough in and the county seat of Indiana County. The borough and the region as a whole promotes itself as the "Christmas Tree Capital of the World" because the national Christmas Tree Grower's Association was founded there. There are still a large number of Christmas tree farms in the area. The largest employer in
  11. Here's an account of Franklin's experiment https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kite_experiment. At the very bottom, you learn that from the 'electric fire' spirits may be kindled... so it was likely spirits to be used as part of the experiment.
  12. Mica was used for anti-counterfeiting? Didn't Ben pioneer the use of a natural leaf as an anti-counterfeiting measure? I guess colored threads are more pliable and don't leave mica flakes in your pocket book. I always wondered about the boy with the jug... just what's in the jug?
  13. Nice before and after shots FM. I need to make something to shoot better pictures. Sometimes just improvising works. Check out the anti-counterfeiting threads in this paper produced in the mid 1870s... I held the camera and the note up to the window and my wife hit the button on the iPhone to take the image. Took two tries as Franklin had his eyes closed on the first shot. Red arrows point to a horizontal thread running the length of the note on this series of 1875 $10 National.
  14. ddr70

    Brown Back Collage

    You're missing the replacements...
  15. Try clicking on your set's name, then on the history tab. The history will list by PMG number all the changes including the score changes. You may be able to recreate your set from the previous year and record the notes competing at that time.