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  1. It's been awhile since I've created any new sets for Nationals. I'd like to say, I need room to post at least one more picture. I have tried to standardize in the past decade or so to post a front and a back in their proper slots. It makes for a neat looking collection. So here's that new collection--not terribly impressive and that's why I haven't had a MA set in the past. <a href="https://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/MySets_Listing.aspx?PeopleSetID=30026"><img src="https://boards.collectors-society.com/signatures/signature.php/PMG/set/30026/sig.jpg"></a
  2. Thanks! I always wish I had someone to do the paperwork for me ... at no charge. I do shift notes on the form so a $20 gets a -020 number or a radar SN with lots of 2s gets -002. I avoid the $10 per submission fee like that fee was going to my ex :-)
  3. PMG posted recently that they would be faster to mark shipments as received to give us worry warts some piece of mind. Received is what I call purgatory and PMG did not say your notes would get out of purgatory faster. I wish you luck! Why did you break that into 3 submissions and not just one submission of 15 notes??
  4. May be a tougher block (EK Star). Here's one that sold as a lot of two with another start note for $59. Face value is $40 and the notes were Crisp Uncirculated. https://currency.ha.com/itm/federal-reserve-notes/fr-2090-k-l-20-2004-federal-reserve-notes-choice-crisp-uncirculated/a/141913-84399.s?ic4=ListView-Thumbnail-071515 you may need to create an account on heritage to see this--it's free and well worth it just to browse their prices realized.
  5. What's the PMG number? I can look on PMGNotes under verify to find it and get a pic with great resolution that way. Or just post it to a set and let me know to look for it. Those FRNs are beautiful!
  6. Nice write up on your Ukrainian sets by PMG: https://www.pmgnotes.com/news/article/9040/PMG-Registry-News/ Well Done FM!
  7. I agree with FM unless I'm missing something about the EK* block. I even checked to make sure the stars were pointy end up. Looks like a VF at best with ink at top.
  8. ddr70

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    That is fantastic! Love it. Radars on the treasury SNs are tough to come by. I have a Green Bay $5 DB on The Citizens NB Ch. # (M)3884 Fr. 592 in PMG 35. These two would go nicely together :-)
  9. ddr70

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    I fill in slots with other state's notes while I search on. But usually they are neat notes!! I got my grades back and added the replacement, but PMG has to approve use of an Fr. xxxR (R is for Replacement) in and Fr. xxx slot. It just takes an admin to make the addition. Here's that note.
  10. ddr70

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    I'll post my Series 1902 DB Milwaukee (2715) replacement--it's in QC now, so I ought to have a grade this week!! It will be here as well as in a signature set on replacements. NOTE: There's a nice Milwaukee radar already in my Wisconsin Type set on Charter 6853. I've bid on a few notes from Racine--never won any. Thanks for sharing!
  11. ddr70

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    I created a signature set for my national bank notes that are replacements. The Atlanta $20 is there now in a PMG 25 holder. It sports non-standard C's in the serial number, diagnostic for type 1 replacements. The SN also displays the typical rubber-stamped appearance. You'll also find my PMG-graded large size NBN and a Fr. 228R 1899 $1 Silver Certificate Note Pre-Star Replacement PMG 35 SN R15745419 pp C4968/2519.
  12. ddr70

    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    You need a 2ID short-timers calendar to countdown to receiving your notes . I was in the Warrior Division twice and a third time in 6th CAV (an Eighth US Army unit). Nice to see the 2ID crest!
  13. ddr70

    Citizens United

    Yes, Hampson and Clancy signed the Riverside, CA note. Riverside could also be in my set on notes with titles having something to do with water... I have a few creeks, bays, lakes, etc. in that set. lots of possibilities :-)
  14. ddr70

    Citizens United

    What do Ontario, CA and Glasgow, KY and Warren, PA have in common? Those are three towns of many that had National Banks with "Citizens" in their titles. David Wooster, a general in the American Revolutionary War has at least one municipality named in his honor. What state is it in? By the way, it had a Citizens NB and the note I have posted there happens to have a nice radar serial number. Keene, right? Yep, it had a Citizens NB and was one of the first banks to have BEP produced plates which was a reason for Series of 1875 National Bank Notes!
  15. NGC has purchase info for coins. Not the same on PMG. Unless you entered purchase info as part of the comment, there's no field dedicated to purchase info. If you go to My Collection and select note manager, it defaults to US. Like FM says, hit search and you will get a list of all your US notes in this case, but the comments are not displayed and of course photos are not displayed. I use a spreadsheet for keeping info on my notes. I'm not good with databases. I have a standard for files names of pictures of my currency which I made up. There's probably a smarter standard for fil