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  1. Alain, the 1500 should not affect the grade much, but will very likely get an "annotation" comment on the back. It would be great to see a picture of the note.
  2. Looks like a partial back to front offset. You can check heritage currency auctions; you'll need a free account. Search error notes "partial offset $1". Price will depend on the grade of the note and the darkness and size of the offset.
  3. ddr70

    Found at Coin Shop

    Wow, a hundred consecutive stars! There are some nice Dallas Fed Reserve Bank Notes collections competing and all denoms have Cashier (not blacked out) and Governor (with President blacked out). I guess Dallas ran their operation differently. By the way, I like the collage of different shifts of the overprinted bar showing the underlying engraving (of Cashier and President). I'm sure you're right about one generic front for both small size nationals and Fed Reserve Bank Notes--just needed to overprint correct titles of the signatories (and black out the extraneous titles found on small size nationals. So, now I have to change subject to nationals of course... Here's a Large size 1902 PB from the First NB of Fostoria, OH, Ch. #2831. It's rather scarce. Kelley's census includes bank officers for some banks with Ohio covered fairly well. Fostoria long time President (1883-1935) would have been Andrew Emerine except the VP signed. Cashier is R.S. Powley. The VP signing was common enough that the FNB stamped Vice Prest. above the blacked out Prest. Unfortunately, I can't make out the signature on my well used example. Two better examples of 1902 PBs are in Heritage's archives, but are signed by Prest. Emerine. Other notes I've seen will have a v or vice penned in front of Prest. This is the first instance I've found of a stamp applied locally by the bank similar to what was done on Fed Reserve Bank notes blotting out the incorrect title. This note (SN 11217 pp G) is in Kelley's census, so I guess I'm not the only one unable to decipher that signature.
  4. Nice article. Thanks! The Newton, MA note is in my 1902 Large Nationals type of Mass. set here: https://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/SetGallery.aspx?PeopleSetID=18638&SelectedTab=Gallery and my Signature set of 1902 Nationals by Fr. # here: https://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/ViewPersonalCollection.aspx?UserCollectionID=1070&Tab=list I'm still looking for a Jones-Woods in Large. That $10 Dunbar NB in 66EPQ is a Top Pop. PMG only graded 8 Fr. 637s with the next closest a 65EPQ. Thanks for sharing!!
  5. ddr70

    Found at Coin Shop

    Kelley lists two $10s and three $20s as far as type 2's for Ch. 3906 (not including your SN A001908). Best Ty. 2 $10 was VF-XF and Ty. 1's out number 2's by about 3:1. Not sure if T&P has more listed but certainly a great find (assuming she doesn't have SN 1909-2009 stashed away in the back) ! Appears to be a single bank town and a County (Fayette) with only 4 National Banks (good luck finding the FNB of Flatonia $50 Brown Back)! On the FRB of Dallas, any idea why the black bar to the right of Governor? Maybe that's common as I don't look at the FRBs much. [yes, appears to be part of the Fed Reserve letter printing, but why?]
  6. Go to PMG Services & Fees on pmgnotes.com and scroll down to crossover. It’s $10 if pmg decides the note will not cross at same grade given by PCGS and returns as is. Cross at any grade receives a 20% discount off the tier selected.
  7. ddr70

    A Keene National

    I recently added this note, Keene, NH The Citizens NB Ch. # 2299 PMG 25 Net, $10 1875 Fr. 416 Allison | New SN 2690/K296099 pp A. dtd. Sept. 25th, 1875, from the Sept. 2019 Long Beach Expo. It was Net grade for a repair and minor discoloration. It features a fancy title layout seen on few First Charter examples from all banks combined. It's a great looking addition [however, not so great for points :-( ] to my type set of 1875 (see: https://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/SetGallery.aspx?PeopleSetID=23251&SelectedTab=Gallery) and I've made it the first note in my signature set of "Citizens" National Banks (see: https://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/ViewPersonalCollection.aspx?UserCollectionID=1289&Tab=list). It became a post auction buy after my desired California red seal #1 went for about $24k or twice low estimate. Looking forward to seeing other sets with their recent additions!
  8. No, unfortunately not. Now, you can enter a valid PMG number for a given slot and upload pictures of your PCGS note--i.e. a bit of trickery. You will get points for the PMG numbers grade, not the PCGS grade. For my signature sets (signature sets are not competitive). I have a few postcard pictures of national banks that I use as the Reverse while the front has the note from that national bank. One of the notes in my Warren National Bank Signature set displays a postcard picture of the bank. In this case I have the note in a PMG holder but chose to display the postcard as the notes reverse. The set is here: https://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/ViewPersonalCollection.aspx?UserCollectionID=1184&Tab=list the fourth note has the postcard view of the bank. I have one Warren National Bank note in a PCGS holder, but choose not to trick the system to display it, although it would be very easy to do so using any valid PMG number in a signature set.
  9. I collect nationals. I have a few notes that have "Signature type stamped" or penned on the back of the holder. Is it possible to add the actual names of the bank officers? Kelley does record bank officers' names for some banks. Is there anything else i could request on to be added on the back (i.e. do you have a pick list)? thanks!
  10. ddr70

    Dollars to Donuts

    I like to use paint. It comes with your Microsoft operating system. Paint 3D is the newest, but I just use the old paint and pin it to my task bar. Paint is the default program for my .jpeg's. You can right (yes right) click on a pic and select open with and browse to paint and then make it your default. So, once in paint you can use resize. I reduce pics by about 50% and then save as same file name but I add sm for small. You can try resizing and look at the bottom of paint for the size of the resulting file. Once small enough to upload (but not too small to see what you want to see), post to your journal. Hope this helps a little...
  11. ddr70

    Dollars to Donuts

    Ah, SN 15 in binary (00001111 --> 15) very nice! UPDATE: I added my 'lucky 8s' radar-rotator $10s to a fancy SN signature set here: https://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/ViewPersonalCollection.aspx?UserCollectionID=1316&Tab=list I just had these certified back in May. I have to upload pics for my other radars and a binary national (it's a 000111 or a 7)
  12. ddr70

    Dollars to Donuts

    Any chance you could post pics of the fancy serial numbers in a few signature sets? I just started one, but have a bit more work to do (see: https://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/ViewPersonalCollection.aspx?UserCollectionID=1316&Tab=list). You'll find Radars and Rotators on 10s and 20s there. I switched from coins big time to Nationals (mostly large size). I'll have to look for your 1870 Eagle over on NGC. Mine is in an 1870 mint set, but it's not a 60. Hope to get back to an Orlando show in January soon. Perhaps I'll see ya there!
  13. ddr70

    Must See

    If you search Heritage's archives (search $50 Brown Back in error notes) you find this info in the description of an Eric P. Newman $50/$100 BB from Kansas City. In June of 1945, Barney Bluestone sold the Grinnell $50/$100 and the $100/$50 Brown Backs from Albuquerque, New Mexico Territory in one lot. The price realized was $830, at the time a very high price. The pair later found their way into the collection of Amon Carter, Jr. and, upon Amon's passing in 1982, the pair was sold privately and has not been seen since--until now that is. When the charter was printed upside down on the back sheet, it wasn't recognized, but was used to orient the back for the printing of the fronts (can forgive the mistake given the charter is in blue and much larger than other design elements on the back). This is what you will also find on the Kansas City $50/$100 BB. Heritage also sold the Albuquerque $100 BB two sheets prior which is not an error note--they sold it twice. I also noted the Cashier was the Assistant Cashier (R.A. Frost) on both the C on L error above and the B592834 note. Reminds me of the inverted Jenny airmail stamp, only it didn't receive the hype. Too bad I wasn't in Albuquerque in 1903 in need of some pocket money :-)
  14. ddr70

    Must See

    That's the one! It surprises me that the sheet wasn't significantly damaged including this note from the A4 position (this note). At this point in time sometime after 1925 since there's no treasury SN, the Mellon NB had its officers' signatures engraved on the front plates, so I have to wonder if the sheet was ever sent to Pittsburgh. I suspect it was not and somehow escaped destruction. Possibly it ended up in the Treasury Secretary's hands as that would have been Andrew W. Mellon. I wonder where notes with plates B4 through D4 ended up. Possibly they were destroyed having been mangled by the printing machine (which accepted sheets of 4 notes at a time).
  15. ddr70

    Must See

    Impressive. Did you see the PA $5 plain back charter 6301 SN A109273 pp A4 error note with SN A109274 on back? Just awesome! thanks!!