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  1. I may already have some of them but if you would be willing to send me some pictures that would be awesome. You can post them here or if email is easier, my email is [email protected] I really appreciate you taking the time to contact me.
  2. To be honest I havent looked into those notes a whole lot but I am always looking for ways to expand the scope of my collection.
  3. I started my own little collection of Korean currency. I have alol of the currently circulating notes and other random one from 1930s up but there are a lot of missing ones in between. If your looking to sell some, send me a message with what you have. North and South Korean Currency wanted! Much appreciated!
  4. I know this post is really old but I have heard how hard it is to find a 모자상 (mother and son Korean note). If you are still interested I could point you in the direction of some Korean websites that sell them but the cheapest I have seen was around $400 or $500. I speak Korean and love to collect the currency but finding it can be tough. Let me know if your interested.