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  1. The first will be the updating of the existing Five Dollars Small Size Notes sets to fill in the open slots and the addition of the 2017 series notes. The One and Five Dollars notes, along with the addition of 2017 series of $10 and $20 notes. The plan is to complete all of the remaining twenty nine Back Plate Error and Mule notes for the One Dollar FRN District Master set by the end of this year. This will be part of 46 note slots needed to complete the “$1 FRN District Master Set” for all the open slots. I have the SSFRN Five Dollars note sets schedule this year with 35 notes for one of the bulk submittal. Over last year (2018) a total of 237 notes were sent in for grading by PMG and added to the sets. Also this year will be the updating and adding more “Large Size Notes” this will expand the existing sets. Also updating all of the One Dollar sets with addition or up grading with higher graded notes. Also the addition of more Red and Silver Certificate notes. As part of this expansion I hope to see the BEP SHEET NOTES added to the Registry this would fill in and complete all of the sets for the One, Five, Ten and Twenty Dollars notes.
  2. Over 2019 you will see this set type “One Dollar Federal Reserve Notes – District Set with Stars and Varieties” change as more new notes are added and with the correction of Mule and Back Plate Error, also the addition of the sheet notes and other BEP issue items. This year, I hope to see the scoring system be completed to remove all of the dual scoring system. Over the last year 2018, with all the changes added up to more than 15 note slots to the sets. You will also see the addition of more 2017 series notes to fill in the open slots as the notes are graded by PMG. One of the sheet note that need to be added is the 2003 Fr #1928-J sheet note serial number J99910479A in a PMG-67E this should be listed a RARE note with only 14 graded to date and only 471,000 printed with the serial number range 99500801 thru 99971801.
  3. The One dollar Federal Reserve Note – District Set with Stars and Varieties set type, was just updated to add the missing mule (m) and back plate error (bpe) notes to the set. The last change added more note slots count and was change to 704 within the set. As more information and research work is done, the number of notes within this set will be added. Also some of the mule note are BEP sheet note and would need to be added as part of this set and are some of rarest. You will find most of information in Robert Azpiazu book, “Collector’s Guide to Modern Federal Reserve Notes – Series 1963 thru 2009” from Whitman Publishing, it’s also list all of series. This would help you the collector with notes that may not be listed within sets and help you fill in missing notes with in your collection. The SSFRN One Dollar set is one that will change with each new series. As I noted before this is like a penny collection that will change with time or a living set and sum of the later notes can be pick up at your local bank.
  4. At this time the BEP SSFRN sheet notes are not part of the Registry sets of notes and are not parts of the scoring system, but the sheet notes are listed in all are part of the some of the existing one dollar sets at this time. I have ask that the BEP sheet notes be added for all sets or as a stand-a-loan sets. All of the information is listed on the US Paper Money Website for $1 thru $100 notes with all the serial number listed. The Registry list Disney Dollars as part of sets, but this is not currency and was shut down by Disney and is only a collector items with full valve as normal currency. I have two sheet notes on hand, they are 2003 Fr #1928-J with the following serial numbers J99896479A and J99910479A both were graded as PMG-67E and should be listed a RARE note with a high point count, with only 471,000 printed with the serial number range 99500801 thru 99971801. Both notes are listed in the updated population report.
  5. SSFRN – THEY ARE ONE DOLLARS 2013 D AND J STAR NOTES The last two one dollar star notes to be added to the $1 Federal Reserve Note – District Set with Stars and Varieties, master set are the 2013 D star block with two runs totaling 3,450,000 as a normal run and the 2013 J star block with only 250,000 notes printed making this a rare note. All the information is on and in BEP mouthy production data. The note were added to the MASTER ONE DOLLAR SET.
  6. BEP NEW RUNS - ONE thru HUNDRED DOLLARS NOTES with STARS – NO WOMAN ON THE TWENTY DOLLARS BILL The closing out of the 2013 series notes, the first printing were in November 2013, could be change out within the next two years with the changing of the existing Treasurer of the United States or the Secretary of the Treasury, the year could be as soon as 2017 or 2020 with the printing delay with the new series notes. The 2013 notes came in under the presidency of Barack Obama’s under his second term, the newly elected president will have a change of appointing a new Secretary of the Treasury and a Treasurer of the United States, after January of 2017 with him being sworn in as the 45 President of the United State of America. Only after the printing on new notes will see if the change made to 2013 will remain or if some changes are made. The first notes were the 2017 $1 dollar currency printed in 50-subject sheet format, but the other were printed on 32-subject sheet. Also during the same time the new resign twenty dollars notes was to be printed with Harriet Tubman the first African-American woman on United State currency and would replace President Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollars notes. This would be the first woman in more than a century that will appear on US currency. The new designs was to be unveiled in 2018 and go into circulation shortly after the unveiling of the new twenty small size Federal Reserve note. The currently announced delay could be a precursor to outright cancelation of the Tubman portrait. With Trump in the Whitehouse we will not see a new twenty in the near future with a women’s right to vote. For more information see David C. Harper in May issue Numismatic News.
  7. UPDATING THE SCORING SYSTEM and CORRECTING THE SETS FOR MULES AND BACK PLATE ERROR NOTES I am very happy to see the Registry adding and updating the scoring system and also being proactive in adding the new series of 2017 notes as the information is issue by BEP and other website for the notes that have been printed. In this way a collector can see what notes that have been printed an issue by BEP and can picked up a new note as a bank note fine. They also have update the sets with mules (m) and back plate error (bpe) notes for the one dollar sets with stars and varieties and checking with the notes that are existing in the population report. Over the last year they have corrected and changes the scoring for more than hundreds notes and sets. Also at this time you can see the changes made to the scoring over the past six months. They have also added new 2017 sets for the one and twenty dollars notes along with star notes for that series. The next is for the Registry to correct and update the existing remaining scoring system that stall have some of notes with duel or two difference scores or points for the same note, this was part of the old scoring system stall exist within the system today. This may take some time for the Registry to correct and remove all of the dual scoring.
  8. THE BUREAU OF ENGRAVING AND PRINTING – ADD MORE THE NEW 2013 FIVE DOLLARS STAR NOTES. SSFRN – THIS UPDATE THE FIVE DOLLARS 2013 series B, F AND H STAR NOTES The last update on show the adding of the following new Five Dollars star notes MB/star, MF/star and MH/star all form Eastern Facility (DC) and one MK/star from the Western Facility (FW). The star note complete the DC taking the series to 17 notes and one note from FW facility. Below are the photo of new B and F stars notes, the notes are schedule for grading by PMG.
  9. THE BUREAU OF ENGRAVING AND PRINTING – NEW SERIES OF 2017 SHEET NOTES LISTED IN BEP STORE SSFRN – ONE DOLLAR 2017 F/A BLOCK SHEET NOTE The notes were printed and is not part of standard runs for this 2017 issue by the eastern currency facility or Washington D/C an the same serial number block F/A of notes with serial F35315001A thru F35400000A, the photo below is one of the note cut from a sheet of five notes. The note below will be sent in to PMG for grading within week, along with the other nine. Updated on March 24, 2018, the first four notes came back graded from PMG-64 thru PMG-67 EPQ. I have added a Signature Sets to cover the one dollar sheet notes, as the notes are added a photo and description will be added, at this time I have 20 sheet notes set for grading. The 2017 note photo below is one in for grading at this time. New update for both the BEP and in March 2018. They also listed the new addition of B/A, F/A, F/B, F/C, block from the Washington D/C and the first Fort Worth series G/A, G/* and the first L/A and L/B blocks one dollar block. The sheet note were part of a normal run, the first one of the F/A block starting with F35315001A thru F35400000A and are listed in the 2017 notes.
  10. SSFRN – THE FIRST TWENTY DOLLARS 2017 B-STAR NOTE ISSUE In checking the monthly production report, BEP in December 2017 show the first printing for the 2017S series of notes and is listed for fiscal year 2018 and fiscal month December 2017. A small run of 320,000 notes from 10,000 sheets. The notes are listed as New York $20.00 2017S NB/* star and issue by the eastern currency facility or Washington D/C. This will make this run of twenty dollars notes a “RARE” issue with this low printing an also the first one printed. I also check the BEP store to see if the show up as sale item, the BEP store was not updated. The serial number for this twenty dollars note starting with NB00000001* thru NB00320000*. Also in checking new notes are listed, with the last update 2/2/18. I will update this journal as more information is released. Both the Washington DC and Forth Worth have been update, that also added $5 five dollars notes.
  11. THE BUREAU OF ENGRAVING AND PRINTING – NEW SERIES OF 2017 NOTES WERE LISTED IN OCTOBER CURRENCY REPORT SSFRN – THE FIRST IS A ONE DOLLARS 2017 F-STAR NOTE In checking the monthly production report that BEP for October 2017 show the first printing for the 2017S series of notes and is listed for fiscal year 2018 and fiscal month October 2017. A small run of 250,000 notes from 5000 sheet with the serial F00000001* thru F00250000*. The note is listed as a Atlanta $1.00 2017S F* star issue by the eastern currency facility or Washington D/C. This will make this note a “RARE” issue with this low printing an also the first one printed. I also check the BEP store to see if they showed up as sale item, the BEP store was not updated. Also not reported is the new F/A block that were also printed but not listed in the October 2017 production report. Also in checking new notes are listed, with the last update 10/16/17. I will update and edit this journal as more information is released. On 12/18/17 the BEP production data was added. To see the new 2017 series F/A block go to www "Steven Mnuchin's wife strikes a pose with a sheet of money", the notes with the following serial number "F33922301A" is one of note on this sheet is a part of the BEP sheet note issue. Update on March 10th - The new series of 2017 notes, BEP updated the production report and added November 2017 notes, the second run of F star with 3,200,000 notes, with serial F03200001* thru F06400000*. Also the first run F/A block of notes with serial starting at F57600000A thru F96000000A and the second run printing starting at F00000001B thru F19200000B. The sheet notes were the first to be printed starting with F353150001A thru F35400000A. Also the information is also on with the last update also dated 3/24/17. The note slot were added to PMG sets for new 2017 series of one dollars series of notes. Also the BEP have not updated the mouthy population report for the last two mouth for JAN 2017 and FEB 2017 for fiscal year 2018 and is also have not been updated, the last update was on 2/2/18 thru December 2017. BEP Store just issue the new 2017 Uncut Currency Sheet notes on January 30, 2018, all the notes are Fr #3003-F with same series serial number. I have order the notes and will add serial numbers amount and photo at a later update. The 2017 series sheet notes came in today, February 8, 2018 with the same serial number as the standard run. I could not remove the photo below, so I have add a new journal entry to add the picture of the 2017 new note with Serial number F35397184A.
  12. Over the last six month I have been collecting some of the small size one dollar notes, I have added one dollar notes to Master Set and the overflow sets. Over one hundred notes are in PMG for grading, of that sixty were added to the sets. All the sets were updated with the addition of notes. The remaining will be added at a later date. The notes cover from added in 1963 thru 2013 series notes, and the first sixties were added in June and July of 2017. The master set was rework to add higher graded notes of 67 EPQ and taking 67E to 125 within the set. At the same time the one dollar notes were also updated the other sets. Also the 1988A F star Web notes was also added to the set to complete 1988A Web series. Also some new two dollars notes cut from BEP sheet were also added to the sets. With the addition of new notes it's move the collection into ninth place.
  13. In the last updated of on May 10th its shows the new runs of Two Dollars Notes from the Fort Worth Facility an listed as Fr #1940, to complete the set of notes for all 12 Federal Reserve Districts, the runs cover the first A/A, C/A, D/A, G/A, H/A, I/A, J/A with one runs each of 6,400,000 in each run. The order notes with two runs were the E/A with a total run of 12,800,000 and L/A with a run of 5,120,000 and the B/A with a large run of 57,600,000 the other run were the F/A with a run of 3,200,000 and K/A with four runs of 38,400,000 in this run, this complete this runs of twos. The New York B star with a run of 3,200,000 to complete this series of notes, the F and L stars with a run of 3,200,000 to complete this series of notes, the F and L stars are printed and in the set. This complete this set of block runs, to see if BEP will run the stars notes to match all the runs. All the runs were completed in July of 2016, the notes were held and were sent out over the last six month of 2016 and first half of 2017. The stars notes that were issue are B star New York with one run of 3,200,000 the next were the F star Atlanta with one run of 640,000 notes an should be listed as RARE and the last are the L star with two runs of 4,400,000. At this time in May of 2017 it's look like all the notes have been printed, the only note listed in the set is the I/A but no note have been found or listed fore sale by the currency dealer. I have the following notes in PMG for grading Fr #1940-A, C and D. I have not found or located any Fr #1940-I at this time. You can see the updated set listed as - STEVE R COLLECTION - $2 DOLLARS 2013 SERIES with STARS
  14. In checking the BEP printing and annual monthly production report, shows new production for the month of January and February 2017, for one dollar thru hundreds dollar notes on their website - All of the 2013 forth Worth District series (Fr #3001) for the one dollar notes have been printed from A thru L along with six stars notes. The following 2013 Washington DC series (Fr #3002) one dollar notes that have been printed A, B, C, E, F and four stars. The following DC notes that were not printed as of March of 2017 they are the D, G, H, I, J, K and L series. With 660 notes within this set, that cover the first fifty years of the Small Size Federal Reserve notes stars and varieties one dollars sets, may be starting in early 2017 with two run in January and February of 2017 with four runs of DC series A/D, A/E, E/I and F/J block for DC Fr #3002 and four runs of FW series G/G, G/H M, K/F, and K/G blocks for FW Fr #3001 runs. The next runs may in 2018 or 2019 for the next fifty years with the change of the Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mushin
  15. BEP COMPLETE THE RUNS OF FR #1940 2013 TWO DOLLARS STAR NOTES The two dollars 2013 series notes have all been printed to date at the Fort Worth Facility, with a run of full district run from A thru L and three star notes in this series, with the following B*, F*, L* star notes. You can go to this site US Paper Money Information, for all the notes printed to date. I have just picked up the following 2013 two dollars notes, the B* and L* star notes and B,G,J all are schedule for grading this month by PMG. All are will center and good embossing.