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  1. With the President in the White House, its look like we will see the new redesign Twenty Dollars bill with in this year or next year, with "Harriet Tubman" on the bill in 2022 or 2024 series, only after the new Treasurer of the United State and a new Secretary of the Treasury are name and approved by House and Senate. We will see the new "Harriet Tubman" bill that will be printed; I hope they can be printed at both the Washington D.C. and at the Fort Worth TX location. This will be the first time a person of color will be on any U S currency in the history of the United States. This bill firs
  2. The last update by the BEP was for the fiscal Month of September 2020, this cover the Western Currency Facilities cover the 2017A series of notes. The only One Dollar notes that were printed were series 2017A E/A and E/B printed at the Washington DC Facility and for Western Currency Facility were the 2017A L/C series of One Dollar notes. This may be last set of notes to be printed under the current Secretary of the Treasury and the Treasurer of the United States. With the election over and Joe Biden as newly elected President and with a new cabinet that will be names, we may see a new ser
  3. Over the last three months the BEP has added the new 2017A Series of One Dollars notes for the Western or Fort Worth and the Washington DC location. The Collectors Society is also working at this time to updating the Friedberg Numbers for all the existing 2017 and new 2017A series of notes. The first to be corrected were the new 2017A Hundred Dollars notes starting with Fr #2189 and Fr #2190. The next were the new One Dollar notes 2017A series Fr #3005 for the Fort Worth location and Fr #3006 for the Washington DC location, this cover all the district location. At this time BEP is listing
  4. The new BEP updated report cover the One Dollar thru Hundred Dollars for the new 2017A series of notes. It cover the December, January and February, also noted that the notes were printed at both Washington DC and Forth Worth location. The 2017A One Dollar notes are A/A, A/* star and B/B, B/* star block, printed at the Washington DC location and the One Dollar J/A, K/A, K/B and L/A also two run of L/* star notes printed at the Fort Worth location. I hope more information will be forthcoming from BEP as they change over to add the new 2017A Series of notes. More information will come in th
  5. This cover the month of NOVEMBER and added a new series of notes. This one is so far out of the normal, this report with the addition of a new 2017A SERIES, without a notation of a year date or a signature change. The notes were printed at both the Washington D/C and the Fort Worth location. The following notes were printed at DC location they are A/* and C/A blocks. Also the following notes were printed at the Fort Worth location they are K/A, L/A, and the L/* blocks. I hope that more information will come out of BEP or US Paper Money websites that detail this series. This series also cover t
  6. BEP just updated the months of February, March and May. The first is addition of D4 printed at the Western Facility, that cover D/B, D/C and D/D blocks. Also added were the E star notes and L star notes. The next updated should cover the months of June and July of 2019. The website of uspapermoney was also updated. The one item that was added is new F/* star block third run. I hope that BEP will keep the update coming an on time. Added on November 19, 2019 - BEP just updated the month of May, June, July, August, September and October 2019 this is the second this year, I hope that t
  7. Trump Disses "Harriet Tubman" reworked of the Twenty Dollars bills. The Secretary of Treasury Steve T. Mnuchin is correct when he says the reason for the delaying the long-planned reworked of the Twenty Dollars bill, is that he's got his hands full at this time is fighting counterfeiting. "The New York Times quoted senior Treasury officials as saying that Mnuchin was worried that Trump might cancel the Tubman bill altogether, so he opted to avoid the inevitable outcry by delaying the release of the bill from next year to 2028". The release date was to be next year, on the 100th. anniversary o
  8. This BEP report list all the notes that were printed by both the Eastern Washington, DC and the Western Fort Worth, TX location. This report cover all production ranges printed with serial number and star notes, for One Dollar thru the One Hundred Dollars notes. This is first time the FED under this admirations, that they have miss the last three months for February, March and April production reports. The last update by uspapermoney website was for January production and was posted on February 19, 2019. Also on the last update “U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing” website show January 2019
  9. THE NEW 2017 SERIES WILL BE ADDED TO ALL EXISTING SETS, ALSO THE COMPLETION OF THE MULE AND BACK PLATE ERROR NOTES FOR ONE DOLLAR SETS AND UPDATING ONES THRU THE ONE HUNDERS DOLLARS REGULAR ISSUE NOTES SETS. As I complete the One Dollar Master Set with only 43 notes remaining, I will spend more time building the other series of notes starting with the Two Dollars series thru the One Hundred Dollars notes, the first will be the Fifty Dollars notes and working to update and fill in the open slots. The second will be the five dollars sets. This will take some time to complete, for all of
  10. THE SMALL SIZE NEW ONE DOLLAR 2017 SERIES NOTES WILL BE ADDED TO ALL THE SETS THIS YEAR FOR BOTH DC and FW RUNS I hope to complete the 2017 series of one dollar notes this year. In checking the population report, it's show that the total number of One Dollar notes graded at the end of last year is 543,984 an of that 176,139 are small size Federal Reserve Notes an of that 40,488 were One Dollar notes. The plan is to complete all of the remaining twenty nine Back Plat Error and Mule notes for the One Dollar FRN District Master set by the end of this year. This will be part of 46 note slots
  11. The first will be the updating of the existing Five Dollars Small Size Notes sets to fill in the open slots and the addition of the 2017 series notes. The One and Five Dollars notes, along with the addition of 2017 series of $10 and $20 notes. The plan is to complete all of the remaining twenty nine Back Plate Error and Mule notes for the One Dollar FRN District Master set by the end of this year. This will be part of 46 note slots needed to complete the “$1 FRN District Master Set” for all the open slots. I have the SSFRN Five Dollars note sets schedule this year with 35 notes for one of the
  12. Over 2019 you will see this set type “One Dollar Federal Reserve Notes – District Set with Stars and Varieties” change as more new notes are added and with the correction of Mule and Back Plate Error, also the addition of the sheet notes and other BEP issue items. This year, I hope to see the scoring system be completed to remove all of the dual scoring system. Over the last year 2018, with all the changes added up to more than 15 note slots to the sets. You will also see the addition of more 2017 series notes to fill in the open slots as the notes are graded by PMG. One of the sheet not
  13. The One dollar Federal Reserve Note – District Set with Stars and Varieties set type, was just updated to add the missing mule (m) and back plate error (bpe) notes to the set. The last change added more note slots count and was change to 704 within the set. As more information and research work is done, the number of notes within this set will be added. Also some of the mule note are BEP sheet note and would need to be added as part of this set and are some of rarest. You will find most of information in Robert Azpiazu book, “Collector’s Guide to Modern Federal Reserve Notes – Series 1963 thru
  14. At this time the BEP SSFRN sheet notes are not part of the Registry sets of notes and are not part of the scoring system, but the sheet notes are listed in all are part of the some of the existing one dollar sets at this time. I have ask that the BEP sheet notes be added for all sets or as a stand-a-loan sets. All of the information is listed on the US Paper Money Website for $1 thru $100 notes with all the serial number listed. The Registry list Disney Dollars as part of sets, but this is not currency and was shut down by Disney and is only a collector items with full valve as normal currency
  15. SSFRN – THEY ARE ONE DOLLARS 2013 D AND J STAR NOTES The last two one dollar star notes to be added to the $1 Federal Reserve Note – District Set with Stars and Varieties, master set are the 2013 D star block with two runs totaling 3,450,000 as a normal run and the 2013 J star block with only 250,000 notes printed making this a rare note. All the information is on and in BEP mouthy production data. The note were added to the MASTER ONE DOLLAR SET.