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  1. .Me too. More to the story, when I saw the eBay listing I sent him a message: "I recently saw this note in a PMG holder. Did you remove the note from the holder? If so, why?" I did not receive a reply.
  2. "This isn't unethical"? Really? The comment "Seal Redrawn" has been removed. Don't you think a buyer would like to know that? Of course it's unethical. When faced with that kind of behavior, I'm not going to "relax". Sad that you will.
  3. Gorgeous note. At a glance it looks UNC. And that centering looks at least 65. BUT put the note under side-lighting and check the shadows... maybe a light fold or two? Then we're looking at AU, maybe 55. An XF would be surprising, maybe justified if deep folds had been pressed out, or other processing/cleaning has flattened the embossing, weakened the note, etc. But like I said - that's a beauty. I'd be a proud owner!
  4. Just saw this note on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/FR-42-1869-2-LEGAL-TENDER-RAINBOW-SUPER-EXTRA-FINE-CONDITION/153720137450 It sold last week on Heritage Auctions for $1050 + 20% buyer's premium: https://currency.ha.com/itm/large-size/legal-tender-notes/fr-42-2-1869-legal-tender-pmg-very-fine-25/a/141944-85451.s WARNING: The eBay seller has apparently removed the PMG holder with comment "Seal Redrawn", VF 25. The seller has titled his eBay listing: SUPER EXTRA FINE CONDITION. It really bothers me that not only has someone destroyed a beautiful PMG holder and erased the effort that a grader has put into their work, but they are also trying to hide details that help us collectors assess the true value of a note! If anyone else would like to report this listing to eBay it may help reduce this kind of unethical behavior. Just click on the Report link in the listing. I used the category/topics: Listing practices > Search and browse manipulation > Incorrect Item Condition. The attached image summarizes my findings.
  5. Thanks G. I get the "contemporary" part of the description now. Still not clear what "reprint" means. I asked the seller to clarify. Never heard back.
  6. Hey Guys. Anyone know what a "Contemporary Reprint" of a Lazy Deuce is? I saw this listing 0n ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/FR387b-2-DEUCE-ST-NICOLAS-NATL-BANK-OF-N-Y-CONTEMPORARY-REPRINT-WLM3654/172773002114?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 If it literally means "modern copy of a note", how can it be worth $1000+ ???
  7. Hi. I see eBay has a PMG-certified note with a Courtesy Autograph (photo attached). I see on the PMG website: To be eligible for a courtesy autograph notation, the signature(s) of either and/or both of the Register of the Treasury, Secretary of the Treasury or Treasurer of the United States from either that same series or any previous series would need to appear on the front or back of the note. My question is, is the autograph authenticated by a handwriting expert in order for it to receive the Courtesy Autograph notation? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello. I see a listing on eBay for a note in a PMG holder, but the label has no numeric grade - just 'Crisp Uncirculated'. Image attached. What can you tell me about this? Is it an old-style PMG label? Thanks in advance.
  9. jlars

    Bent holder

    Hello. I just received a PMG-certified note I bought at eBay. The holder is unfortunately noticeably bent in a bow-like way (photo attached). The packing was perfectly flat and undamaged. I am wondering: 1) How could this happen? 2) Is there anything I can do to safely flatten the holder? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for the replies. Here are scans of the note. I'd give it a VF grade. I'm thinking the note may have been flattened - maybe ironed to reduced creases.
  11. I just purchased a raw 1934A $10 Hawaii note from ebay and am concerned about the paper. It seems very thin and 'papery' - not as flexible/fibery as my $1 and $5 Hawaii notes. The printing seems fine and I believe I see some red security thread in the paper. Does anyone know - was the $10 printed on a bit different paper? Thanks for any help.