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  1. Thank you, I know what a net grade is. I want to know like do I need a black light will that help detect some abnormalities, or an infrared light or are their specific things that would quickly tell me if something has been done to a note. Because I am more concerned with some quick ways to tell. Because when I buy a note the window to return it is only a couple days and that is not enough time to get it graded because every note i buy gets graded and I want to be able to return a note that would receive a net grade. Thanks
  2. I was wondering if there were some techniques a collector could use to tell if a note would receive a NET grade (repaired, restored, cleaned, pressed, ect....)? Because when you buy notes from a dealer or other source their return window is very small. So it does not leave enough time to get the note graded. So what are some techniques the average collector could use to tell if the note would receive a NET grade? Thanks