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  1. Thank you for all the info that you provide. Awesome $1 collection.
  2. Looks clean and unfolded, but the margins are not even. With the bent lower corners, could be About Uncirculated to Uncirculated. I think it is worth about $4-$8. There are a lot of Silver Certificates for sale on eBay, checkout some of the listings and compare to your note. Happy collecting ?
  3. That is CGA. I had CGA 66 and 67 that PMG regraded and they came back 58s. Others came back 2 to 3 points lower, but yours beats them all. If you are buying CGA graded notes you have to treat them as raw and pay for them as such. For US currency, I only trust PMG and PCGS, but I prefer the PMG holders. Give PMG a call ask them what was wrong with the note, sometimes they keep notes about the grading, and let us know. The note looks like it might have a faint tilted horizontal fold above the word FIVE.
  4. Don't know about ICG, but I trust PMG grading. I've sent many notes to PMG to be graded, including ones perviously graded by CGA and PCGS. The PCGS ones came back mostly with the same grade or 1 point less except for 1 that went from 67 to 68 and 1 that has tiny pin holes that PCGS missed and came back with NET. CGA is a different story. Thanks to eBay's policy of not recognizing CGA, I treat their notes as raw notes and pay accordingly. Grades that were said to be Gem or Superb Gem, I took as 63 and paid for that. That said I still ended up with a couple that were graded 66 and 67 by CGA and PMG send back as 58 because they had very faint folds that were smoothed over, the others were mostly 2 to 3 points lower. Like you said try to always use the same grading company to keep your collection consistent. I chose PMG, but there is nothing wrong with PCGS except their holders.