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  1. Thank you for all the info that you provide. Awesome $1 collection.
  2. Looks clean and unfolded, but the margins are not even. With the bent lower corners, could be About Uncirculated to Uncirculated. I think it is worth about $4-$8. There are a lot of Silver Certificates for sale on eBay, checkout some of the listings and compare to your note. Happy collecting ?
  3. That is CGA. I had CGA 66 and 67 that PMG regraded and they came back 58s. Others came back 2 to 3 points lower, but yours beats them all. If you are buying CGA graded notes you have to treat them as raw and pay for them as such. For US currency, I only trust PMG and PCGS, but I prefer the PMG holders. Give PMG a call ask them what was wrong with the note, sometimes they keep notes about the grading, and let us know. The note looks like it might have a faint tilted horizontal fold above the word FIVE.