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  1. Hi everyone! Since april 4th, Portugal released the new 50€ 2017 banknote. Of course it is not yet in the 2017 catalogue of world paper money. Does anybody knows the catalogue number it will be ? I would like to send mine for grading. Thanks! Pierre
  2. Hi everyone, I would like to share with you a test I did. I collect Portuguese Banknotes and there is one that was on ebay, graded Perfect 70 by ICG. Because of the value of this note, I decided to answer a question I had. What can be the difference of grading the same note in different company? So I ordered it, scaned it (for you to be able to compare), cut the right edge of the protection, saved the label for me and sent the note still in the ICG holder, without touching it. I didn't wanted me manipulating the note influencing the test. And sent it for grading at PMG. Between the note ant the grading it cost me 130$ for the test. And it went back as a PMG 66 EPQ... I was not expecting such a difference! Just to be clear I don't say that one grading company is better than the other. There is a thousand reasons that might explain the change in the grading. And at the end I'm not desapointed at all and will not send it for regrading, it was just a perfect banknote to do this test on. I just wanted to share this test with you that I thought was interesting, and the only thing we can learn from this test might be this : Try to always use the same grading company to keep your collection concistent. Here is the note to illustrate this test. before in the ICG and as received today in the PMG :
  3. I would like to send it with other that I have from the Portuguese Kingdom. I think I will add a comment to be sure it is not registred as a wrong pick. What if the reference is missing, how will the note be descrive? Just for reference, here is one i'm pride of, having a grade 40 is very hard for this type of note: NET is for : Splits All this notes have amazing engraving.
  4. In the old edition of the catalogue I have there is a email to send images in case of non registred notes, but it seems it doesn't work anymore. Do you know what is the best way to contact them ? Is there is a new contact information ? Thanks!
  5. Hi Jlarronde, Thanks for you answer. I do have the #28 in my collection. It is 10.000 Reis but the design is not the same. The #28 use the design of the original #5 (Winged Cherub....) But here I have the same note but with the design of #13a (6 vignettes in oval frame)... This is why I think this is a missing variety for PEDRO IV On the other side, on the MIGUEL I notes, they have both varieties : # 40 with design #5 # 41 with design #13 Best,
  6. Hi all, I have a Banknote from Portugal that I think is not in the World Catalogue. This banknote has the red seal of DON PEDRO IV, so reporting to the catalog, between Pick 19A to Pick 31. In this range, the only 10.000 Reis is the n°28 but the design is different. I think this note is a missing variety for DON PEDRO IV. We can find the same note as the n° 41 but it's with the seal of MIGUEL I,...this is why it may not have been spoted before. I would be very interested to have your opinion on it. And if it is the case, what is the best way to have this note added to the catalog ? Thank you very much