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  1. Hi everyone! Since april 4th, Portugal released the new 50€ 2017 banknote. Of course it is not yet in the 2017 catalogue of world paper money. Does anybody knows the catalogue number it will be ? I would like to send mine for grading. Thanks! Pierre
  2. Hi everyone, I would like to share with you a test I did. I collect Portuguese Banknotes and there is one that was on ebay, graded Perfect 70 by ICG. Because of the value of this note, I decided to answer a question I had. What can be the difference of grading the same note in different company? So I ordered it, scaned it (for you to be able to compare), cut the right edge of the protection, saved the label for me and sent the note still in the ICG holder, without touching it. I didn't wanted me manipulating the note influencing the test. And sent it for grading at PMG. B