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  1. Ooops! I forgot typing "Jack A $ S" note causes the system to automatically spit out "person_too_unaware_of_social_graces"...
  2. I bought several gold coins and bullion oz when gold was hovering around 1300-1400. I stopped when gold began to rise. With Covid, who knows which way gold will go but it is forming a long term double top which concerns me. If it breaks out above 1800 then I might reconsider but I tend to think we will correct back down to the 1500 level at which point I might pick up more. In the mean time, I believe in a longer term bull market for bank notes. With the lowering demand and perhaps ultimate usage of physical money, I believe that bank notes will continue to be the subject of collectors and investors. I know you are interested in world notes and I invest/collect almost exclusively US notes but I want to continue to communicate how I do it. First, Track and Price is necessary. It costs but I know it has saved me countless dollars by not overpaying. I then plot the price history for a particular note at a specific grade for all data in the data base. I see the same trend over and over. An incline in prices prior to the 2008-9 recession. A decline in price until about 2014 followed by price stabilization. The noise can be attributed to problem notes on the low end and low serial number, EPQ/PPQ or star notes on the high end. I choose a bottom of the stable trend and try to pick out my target notes on the low end of the stabilized trend. The first plot is the very common FR-1200 at a grade of 40 to demonstrate the long term trend. An example is an Fr-107 "person_too_unaware_of_social_graces" I picked out for my "Greatest Notes" set. I believe the long term price has stabilized although you might believe the price has further to fall. The red data point is the price I picked that note up. I may be full of it but at least there is some method to the madness. BTW Revenant is your man on Zimbabwe notes!
  3. Thanks! Very useful link. I have wanted to learn more about Colonials and here it is.
  4. Indeed, there are quite the population from T&P. Ch #1352 reports 15 $10 RS with a total population of 169 notes. There were no small notes printed for this bank. There are 12 $5 RS and no reported $20 RS. The highest SN for the $10 RS is 37750. Two of the $5 RS are SN 1 at pp B and D. It is quite frustrating that T&P doesn't report the treasury SN as it seems it would be as easy as the plate # which is reported. Go figure. I'm not sure about your logic on how to recognize that this bank was the first to order 4X$10's? Definitely check in on LK as sometimes notes are comparatively cheap. I don't know why. I picked up a couple of AU common small notes from Denver 7408 and Easthampton 428 for $175 and $90.
  5. PMG should definitely be more creative with more National sets. I think they would do the hobby a big favor to add more resources to PMG and think more out of the box regarding new sets. I would think they could build a state NBN set, city sets, regional, interesting name sets, all kinds that would attract all the NBN collectors. DDR70 has some great ideas in his signature sets. For instance the FR# set. I find I have to create another DUPLICATE set to continue to add the plethora of notes, for instance like the Type 1 $10 NBN that I seem to purchase in copious quantity. So many duplicate sets are boring! I guess us note collectors are the ugly little sister of the numismatic world. NGC has 15,647 registered coin sets whereas PMG has only 986 registered note sets, so perhaps there is no motivation. But there is such a rabid fan base of NBN collectors it sure seems like PMG would be more cognizant of the homely sister and her NBN's. Hey PMG!!! More NBN sets!!
  6. Fantastic set. My compliments to the chef.
  7. The bp on the Hanover note is 9 if that helps. Is there any documentation anywhere re: the uncrossed t's on the Marietta notes? Or did you pick that out? Good point re: PMG. That's my luck as well, to grade 10,000 $1 notes I have one or two graded $1 FRN's, I got one because it's the only 68 in my collection. Frankly, I don't see the point of amassing every recent Fr. FRN especially of the $1 ilk. I see some of the collections here and the sheer bulk scares me! They must have kilos and pounds of graded notes. I guess it must be fun for some, just not my cup of tea although I do like Mnuchin's signature. Quite unusual compared to most Treasury Secs. I try to avoid looking at the Bebee collection. Where one note is more valuable than my entire collection and there are hundreds more. It is quite phenomenal. I would guess there is easily 100 million dollars if they ever went to market. On another note, I thought there would be some bargains at auction after the pandemic correction but not really. I saw a few at the recent LK auction but I forgot to bid. Probably why there was so many bargains! People just forgot in between all the Zoom conferencing
  8. Here is an example. Prices for Fr. 64 in grade 63 have clearly softened in the last few years.
  9. Track and Price
  10. Once again, my compliments to your eyes. Ever thought about being a grader at PMG? I would recommend you. I would like to think I would have noticed the T's not being crossed on your Marietta note, but I can't say with 100% certainty. I always assumed that there were multiple back plates for an issue like the $10 NBN? I presume your evidence is proof of that fact? Or perhaps just the number of the back plate was re-etched? I expect you will find n answer soon and educate us.
  11. That's why I joined T&P. I can load all the notes of a certain grade, transfer it to Excel and plot the price of that note of a given grade since records began. It almost always says Ebay notes are overpriced, of course since many are purchased on Heritage and in order to garner a profit, the note is marked up 30% or more. I love a certain high end vendor of recent notes on Ebay. They bought several world class notes on the Stack's (Pogue note auction) and they are on Ebay for 30% or more above what they sold for a few weeks ago.These are not your run of the mill notes, but five and six figure notes. A profit on one of the notes would make for a sizable chunk of a yearly salary. Good luck to them and the buyers crazy enough to buy a six figure note off Ebay.
  12. I'll buy one from you if you're in the market. I love the Technicolors, like the rest of the free world (and the enslaved world). I find it hard to believe the actual Fr-1179 plates were used but if BEP says so then I guess I believe so. I wouldn't think they are going to go for big dollars ever but to have a version that actually looks like the original print is cool to have. I don't think a finer note was ever printed. Thanks for posting!
  13. There are 5 large and 15 smalls reported from Sulphur Springs (Bad Air), this is the only SN Uno. There are 21 large and 20 small reported from your Beautiful Air bank. I tried to find out why the town was named Sulphur Springs but nothing much, less why it's not spelled the American way. The town was named Bright Star when it was along the Pony Express. Why they changed it is not clear from Wikipedia. It's not near the oil cities of east Texas where one would expect the pungent smell of sulfur and the biggest employers are the ISD and Walmart (no surprise). Just the type of note I love. Thanks for posting your floral slant on the world. PS I love those BEP issued souvenir cards of the Fr-1179. I wonder how many were printed?
  14. I grabbed the very last note of the Pogue auction. I always wanted a SN 1 and from my home State to boot!
  15. Of course it's unethical. To take a note from a TPG and not provide the provenance to a potential buyer is shameful. If you let a marketplace do it's thing, and this is part of its thing, then using previous knowledge of a company event to trade a stock would be legal. The purveyors of these notes often don't respond to questions and often change their handle on Ebay. I wonder why? Looks like some folks need an ethics refresher.