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  1. Here is the table showing the populations of the two different signature pairs...
  2. Hey ddr70, I was checking out your nice Large Nationals and noticed your Newton, Mass note. It has the rare Woods-Tate signature combo. Attached is New York Dunbar of the same ilk. You ay be aware but Peter Huntoon wrote a nice article in the April 2019 Bank Note Reporter about the rarity of the combo. Attached is also a .jpg of the article and the banks that issued such notes.
  3. Sheik Sheck

    Found at Coin Shop

    The 100 consecutive Fr-1620*'s....
  4. Sheik Sheck

    Found at Coin Shop

    The New York FRBN's shown above have "Deputy Governor" on the left of the note but observe the Dallas FRBN I posted. It still says "Cashier" Was Harris the Deputy Governor of the Dallas Fed or a cashier!!!!!???? You have opened a Pandora's Box!!
  5. Sheik Sheck

    Found at Coin Shop

    Actually, if you see the left side of the note, the black strip is intended to cover the word "Cashier"." Perhas the plates were originally intended for NBN's and then were adapted for FRBN's? This must be known within the hobby. Great mystery!!
  6. Sheik Sheck

    Found at Coin Shop

    Once again, my compliments to your keen eye. The strip appears on all small FRBNs. As you can see, it is designed to block out the word "President." Whether that was a mistake in the plates, I don't know but it is certainly interesting. Perhaps the engraver mistakenly put "President" instead of "Governor" ?? I don't know but it is certainly interesting. It remind me of the black strip seen on Fr-1225's. Let us know if you find out why!
  7. Sheik Sheck

    Found at Coin Shop

    This little old lady always seems to have some nice stuff. I love being able to locate good stuff that is ungraded and has potential. I was looking through her rotation case and found this Dallas FRBN. We started talking and she pulled out of her special drawer 100 star notes and a local Type 2 NBN, I was thrilled. When I bought the 100 consecutive star notes ($800) she gave me a good deal on the FRBN ($32) and the LaGrange note ($250). I sent them in promptly for grading.
  8. Awesome set of notes. It took a lot of patience and love to put those together. I enjoy reading about your ventures. Thanks!
  9. Very nice! Great story. I am not a big serial number fan but I like your tale. How in the world did someone accumulate 00001111 from such a variety of Feds? I posted a crossover some time ago. A CGA 64 $5 North Africa Emergency turned into a PMG 45. I never sent another in since. I still have a dozen or so CGA's kept as oddities. I too was a coin collector and the first time I held a large $10 Hillegas gold certificate in my hand, I was addicted. I never even knew notes had been so large in our past and was astounded that large notes like that could survive unfolded. I always believed part of my transition to currency from coins was due in part to vision! My vision got worse so tiny coins became blurs and big notes seemed more attractive.
  10. I have been looking at this Ebayer on and off for a while wondering how he always seems to have a limitless supply of ungraded notes for sale. I finally figured out his scam. Jimrob23 has been selling for a while and always gets wonderful feedback. I bought a note once and had it graded and obviously got burned. I complained and he replied, "well 1 unhappy customer in xxx number of happy customers ain't so bad" Grrrrrrr. OK here is his current listing an Fr-268 that is currently at a bid price over $5000!!! This is an ungraded note described as a "faint bend away from GEM-UNC in our opinion" RUBBISH. It took me all of 3 minutes to do a Heritage search and find this note was sold, GRADED at PCGS 25, in April, 2019 auction for $2760 !! He cut the note out of a TPG holder!! This guy is making a killing off of poor folks bidding on ungraded notes thinking he is an honest broker. I get so angry at thieves like this. Jimrob23...avoid!!!
  11. Sheik Sheck

    Must See

    I too am astounded. How in the world would the Ch#, seal and serial number be printed on the reverse of the note in such and awkward position? Mangled is the operative word here as the printing machine must have jammed to create such an error. I wonder if the sheets were re-fed into the machine or if this error was a single pass. The Bebee collection is fascinating. The National below is a: 1) territorial note 2) high denomination 3) error, a $50 reverse with a $100 obverse in addition to the CH# being inverted in addition to high quality!
  12. Sheik Sheck

    Must See

    Here it is! Quite an amazing collection. I imagine if this collection went to auction it would be in the 30 - 50 million range.
  13. Sheik Sheck

    Must See

    If you want to really feel like your collection is small and futile, check out the Bebee collection at the ANA museum website. You can see just about any rarity you could hope for. DDR70... you will salivate at the high denomination, territorial NBN's. It's just an astounding collection!
  14. Sheik Sheck

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    You are truly an awesome Citizen!