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  1. Sheik Sheck

    Ch # 6301

    Indeed that is a K4 plate. The red seals are all C plates and I don't know why the 2 blue seals are coincidentally K plates. I am real confused because I saw a date back, blue seal $10 note but the signatures were that of the red seal notes. And all have the same date on them. Why are blue seals from 1902 have two different signature combo's? This bank always surprises me.
  2. Yes, it drives me crazy but there is nothing that can be done. They process so many notes that some come out with crooked labels and crooked notes. I am a real perfectionist so looking at crooked notes in a beautiful holder makes me grind my teeth, but I am assured that I am an outlier regarding this appearance issue.
  3. Sheik Sheck

    Ch # 6301

    Friday art time. The Mellon signatures continue to intrigue.
  4. Sheik Sheck

    Another collage

    If you get sick of them let me know. I know they get boring. But I enjoy Paint. Here is a Speelman-White signature collage. Those two signatures are very common on many many notes. Here are a few notes you can find the famous duo.
  5. Sheik Sheck

    Another collage

    Speelman and White signature combination.
  6. I promised myself I would not get carried away with NBN. Stick to Federal currency. Ha! Just didn't happen. Putting sets together is a great hobby for me. How about those Arizona notes? The territorial notes seem to be off the charts with prices reaching that of decent automobiles for the red seal territorial from Nogales. Unbelievable how fickle that part of this hobby can be. Folks pay exorbitant money for utter rarity. I thought I would post an example of my other hobby. Finding interesting internationals at reasonable prices.
  7. You are truly amazing. I just don't have the eye you do. In that regard I am a simplistic collector, however from your observations I've learned how to scrutinize notes more carefully. How about some eye candy from the last Heritage auction. I couldn't resist this note. It's just so gorgeous.
  8. Ooops, here is my scan compared to the Heritage scan above.
  9. Sheik Sheck

    Ch #6301

    Do you have a list of the 132 Charters that printed on the Napier-Thompson plates? Is there a count of the number of notes with this combo? Do they command a premium? I would be interested as I only have one. Thanks!
  10. Sheik Sheck

    Ch #6301

    I have no connection to Pittsburgh. Can't stand the Steelers. Just like Ch 252 because I thought I could build a complete set. But found out that might be more doable with Ch 2491. And Ch 6301 I started collecting only because of the Mellon signature. You looking for these?
  11. Sheik Sheck

    Oswego County, NY Nationals

    Beautiful note with a ladder serial number. Let's see the value on the reverse!