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  1. Sheik Sheck

    A PMG Grading Kanban

    I am like you. I know it's a long, long wait so I just predict what the grade will be. I am usually pretty close. However, the note posted below I purchased ungraded. It was crisp, perfect corners, clearly never had any folds...I mean the note is just spectacular. I thought it was going to grade 63 EPQ. And hoping it might even go higher When I received it, I was in shock. I have seen 40's that weren't even close to this note. This is the first note I have ever resubmitted. I will probably get the same grade, but this time I will press them as to what the flaws were. This not is so obviously never been circulated! I'll let you know when it returns from regrading purgatory!
  2. Sheik Sheck

    Ch #6301

    D. Dr. You're eye is far superior to mine. I would have never noticed the serial number type set you discovered. However, I did read the completely new news for me, from the article that before star notes, the replacement notes could be detected in the serial number. However, the article was not clear on exactly how to identify a replacement note before stars. Are you saying my $10 red seal is a replacement note because of the crooked treasury serial number? I recently sent this in for grading and just sent it back because I am sure 40 EPQ is not correct. This note was clearly uncirculated. Any help from your fountain of knowledge would be much appreciated. Yes, I am hooked on 6301, 252 and 2941. Common charters but easy to find notes to complete collections (or should I say...easier). Thanks, Sheik PS I added the reverse of the $20 PB because it was given the "good embossing" comment. Purchased ungraded for $336
  3. Sheik Sheck

    Collage from Los Angeles Ch # 2491

    Thank you very much my friend. Now I can cease my tireless search for the $5 PB from Ch #2491. Amazon sells Don Kelly's NBN book but it was written in the 90' edition 3. I think there are like 6 editions now?? Do you know what edition is the most current? Do you know where I can get the latest version. Amazon had a few old versions that were used. I want the latest version that is not used. In the meantime I thought I would share my BB Ch #2491. In addition to my $10, $20, $50 & $100 1902 PB and my $50 small Type 1 1929.
  4. Sheik Sheck

    Ch #6301

    My beautiful Ch #6301's. Just tell me I have a reason to be in love with this Charter.
  5. Sheik Sheck

    Salem, OH Charter 43 sequential serial numbers

    I couldn't tell you about back plates, but that is a seriously excellent score. What are the odds of finding consecutive notes graded the same at different shops? That is awesome. Keep them together forever!
  6. Sheik Sheck

    Collage from Los Angeles Ch # 2491

    I would be interested to know if a collector has all denominations in the 1902 series and the 1929 series both Type 1 and Type 2. It would be really awesome to see a complete red and blue seal 1902 complete denomination set with the complete Type 1 & 2. I imagine there are only a few banks that have all of those notes available. It would be nice to see your Ch #13044 collage? I also have the $50 Type 1 from this bank so I am working on a complete 1902 and 1929 series from Ch# 2941. I picked up this $50 note in the picture ungraded for $275.
  7. Sheik Sheck

    Ch # 252 Multiple Signatures for $5 Note

    And so on, the same two signatures on a large note with a date of 1918 now on the small version for the 1929 series. C.C. Taylor and G.G. Brooks seemed to have a long relationship.
  8. Sheik Sheck

    Ch # 252 Multiple Signatures for $5 Note

  9. Sheik Sheck

    Ch # 252 Multiple Signatures for $5 Note

    How about FOUR different signature pairs for a single bank. Two of the notes show the cashier presumably promoted to the President. And C.C. Taylor, the cashier quite common on the Ch # 252 notes is President on the 1929 small versions from this Charter. I wish someone could explain this bank's storied signatute lines. Obviously the "FirstSecond NB" merged to become the First NB but the multiple signatures requires some research of which I haven't done yet.
  10. Sheik Sheck

    Collage from Los Angeles Ch # 2491

    The file was too large to load so I cut the reverse photos and here are the obverse for my Ch #2491. And yes,there are multiple signature combinations for a single bank. I'll post that next. Thanks!
  11. Sheik Sheck

    Collage from Los Angeles Ch # 2491

    I can't find the $5 note!?!? Other than that, this is an awesome collection I put together. They are all graded but finding notes with the same signatures for all the denominations was not easy. I really enjoy putting sets like this together. Comments would be nice!!
  12. Sheik Sheck

    Is this note under-graded?

    I think you're lucky the 258 and 990 graded 30. The 258 looks like a 25 and the 990 could have easily been a 25. I have several 30's that look like your 922. If a note has been pressed, many folds are not visible unless examined under high magnification or ultra-violet light. That's why I always rant against sellers that auction ungraded notes and describe them as "we believe this is near GEM" blah blah blah.... they often come back as 30's as it's impossible to see all folds fro photos, especially the sellers that lighten the notes to make them look fake white. PMG is a coin toss. Unless the embossing is absolutely clear, obtaining the EPQ is very difficult. I have even sent notes that come back with "Good Embossing" on the reverse label but not the EPQ moniker! Why? I never understood this. PMG could create tremendous value if each note that was graded came with a detailed explanation of the logic behind a subjective number. However, because of subjectivity plus the sheer volume of notes they grade, I think it's just not possible. Note they seem to always have job openings for associates. I think it is a rare expertise where there is no formal training and a lot of grades are inconsistent because of the high volume and lack of true experts looking at all the notes. Diamonds, for instance, have gemologists with formal training to quantify cut, clarity and color. Paper currency seems to lack that expertise. I hope that one day the companies evolve and give us better explanations.
  13. Sheik Sheck

    CH #252 Again

    Difficult to put this story together with the name of the bank and the merger of the 1st and 2nd with the many cashiers and Presidents
  14. Sheik Sheck

    CH #252

    I picked up some more Warren's Type 1. I hoe I am not stomping on your territory. I like the way Hertzel's signature has 3 dots below the signature line on the large and small types. Very easy to recognize.
  15. Sheik Sheck

    CH #252

    Very nice!! I bought my Warren simply because I couldn't believe I found an NBN in 25EPQ!!