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  1. Awesome set of notes. It took a lot of patience and love to put those together. I enjoy reading about your ventures. Thanks!
  2. Very nice! Great story. I am not a big serial number fan but I like your tale. How in the world did someone accumulate 00001111 from such a variety of Feds? I posted a crossover some time ago. A CGA 64 $5 North Africa Emergency turned into a PMG 45. I never sent another in since. I still have a dozen or so CGA's kept as oddities. I too was a coin collector and the first time I held a large $10 Hillegas gold certificate in my hand, I was addicted. I never even knew notes had been so large in our past and was astounded that large notes like that could survive unfolded. I always believed part of my transition to currency from coins was due in part to vision! My vision got worse so tiny coins became blurs and big notes seemed more attractive.
  3. I have been looking at this Ebayer on and off for a while wondering how he always seems to have a limitless supply of ungraded notes for sale. I finally figured out his scam. Jimrob23 has been selling for a while and always gets wonderful feedback. I bought a note once and had it graded and obviously got burned. I complained and he replied, "well 1 unhappy customer in xxx number of happy customers ain't so bad" Grrrrrrr. OK here is his current listing an Fr-268 that is currently at a bid price over $5000!!! This is an ungraded note described as a "faint bend away from GEM-UNC in our opinion" RUBBISH. It took me all of 3 minutes to do a Heritage search and find this note was sold, GRADED at PCGS 25, in April, 2019 auction for $2760 !! He cut the note out of a TPG holder!! This guy is making a killing off of poor folks bidding on ungraded notes thinking he is an honest broker. I get so angry at thieves like this. Jimrob23...avoid!!!
  4. Sheik Sheck

    Must See

    I too am astounded. How in the world would the Ch#, seal and serial number be printed on the reverse of the note in such and awkward position? Mangled is the operative word here as the printing machine must have jammed to create such an error. I wonder if the sheets were re-fed into the machine or if this error was a single pass. The Bebee collection is fascinating. The National below is a: 1) territorial note 2) high denomination 3) error, a $50 reverse with a $100 obverse in addition to the CH# being inverted in addition to high quality!
  5. Sheik Sheck

    Must See

    Here it is! Quite an amazing collection. I imagine if this collection went to auction it would be in the 30 - 50 million range.
  6. Sheik Sheck

    Must See

    If you want to really feel like your collection is small and futile, check out the Bebee collection at the ANA museum website. You can see just about any rarity you could hope for. DDR70... you will salivate at the high denomination, territorial NBN's. It's just an astounding collection!
  7. Sheik Sheck

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    You are truly an awesome Citizen!
  8. Sheik Sheck

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    Truly. Many notes have actually lost value over the last 10 years or so. Even the really expensive rare notes have even seen some decreases since 2013-2015 and it's fairly apparent that the highest note prices were prior to the crash of 07-08. Also, I see folks bidding on Heritage are reselling on Ebay for a razor thin margins. I wonder how many real collectors are out there! I have noticed that really nice notes that have large populations have more or less remained constant over the last 8 or so years. So yes, that commission eats you up when you resell. Banknote Reporter has scant mention of price trends so you're right, there is very little guidance on price trends. One really has to watch the markets closely to even get a feel for it. T&P is good, I just never found it a particularly useful guide on price trends. Doing searches on Heritages ~600,000 notes sold is the only way I can really keep up on trends. I have noticed you can take a bath if you try to resale notes with any flaws unless the rarity of the note precludes those flaws and that seems to be on really expensive notes. And of course, as I have said many many times, buying ungraded notes is Russian roulette. Finally, the traffic of this board compared to NGC or other coin sites is really the nail. This board has a handful of us posting. PMG has let this web site flounder. Many folks update their note collection but no one shares their ideas. Maybe because us currency collectors are the oddest of the odd but i do love it!
  9. Sheik Sheck

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    There is life on these boards! I am curious what the buying and selling trends are in the currency world so I try and keep up with Heritage, Ebay, Stacks, Lyn Knight, Great Collections..etc I want to know if I am going to break even or not if I ever liquidate my collection. Unlike collecting nickels or quarters in a cardboard holders, paying significant money for a lot of currency begs the question of investment potential. Of course one must by the note, not the holder, but if the note is common, any comments or NET has risk. For rare or hot notes, comments are less important but it seems NET's and comments can result in incredible discounts to the actual value. Definitely a hobby one must do their homework. Thanks for the comments.
  10. The meaning of complete set in our world is subjective to say the least. I go on PMG's definitions for the Type sets that I mainly pursue but when you start talking about National it both large and small Fr's? Large notes that go back to the Originals? Large NBN notes of a given denomination? Individual Ch#'s in large and small? Or just large? I guess you get my drift. And I am still working on the custom "signature"sets which is a really poorly written code. You agree? Anyway, no answers from me. Just rambling.
  11. Sheik Sheck

    Latest Acquisition

    After shopping for the vaunted Bison for several years, I finally made the plunge. I am trying to pick up only EPQ when at all possible since observing sales, the slightest comment can cause the price to be extremely volatile. The most minor of comments, NET or not, seems to reduce the price by quite a bit. I'd like to hear your opinions. Bank Note Reporter noted that recent auctions seem to ding notes with "closed pinholes" or "minor repairs." PMG tends to obscure the topic by assigning NET in a somewhat arbitrary fashion. NET can really kill the value of a note, no matter how minor the flaw. Thus, please enjoy my EPQ Fr-122!!
  12. Sheik Sheck

    Ch # 6301

    As always, you are a fountain of information. Thanks for educating me regarding the K4 plate. I assume this subscript essentially means the bank had a lot of currency printed. I assume updating later plates with the new charter date and Treasury signatures was a matter of cost. It would have made life a lot easier for the likes of you and me had the plates changed in a more consistent manner.
  13. Yes Indeed! That's correct. I love this note and of course my name is on front. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. Sheik Sheck

    Ch # 6301

    Indeed that is a K4 plate. The red seals are all C plates and I don't know why the 2 blue seals are coincidentally K plates. I am real confused because I saw a date back, blue seal $10 note but the signatures were that of the red seal notes. And all have the same date on them. Why are blue seals from 1902 have two different signature combo's? This bank always surprises me.