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  1. EDIT: OMG how do i resize the image?? im so sorry guys!! Hi guys! firstly, I apologize if i posted in the wrong forum section! I'm very new here anyways, I have in my possession booklets of old China banknotes in this special notes "holder" created just for it. I'm just wondering if anyone here have seen/know what this is and the year created ? I have 2 types with me, one of the holder's cover is made of leather and the other is made of a cloth like material with oriental design.. Both of the holder consist of same things ( denominations, manufacturer & explanation ). Any replies / help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks and have a great day ahead!! [] here are the links to the album: imgur: or Photobucket: http://s1179.photobucket.com/user/ohdianjin/library/China%20notes%20holder2