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  1. Just an fyi, the problem with warpage still exists even on the new thicker redesigned holder. We have received several batches of these new holder types back where the top portion with the label was bent inward and others were just warped on the bottom portion. Maybe not as bad the older style holders were coming out but still not ideal.
  2. Why doesn't PMG hand out a 'Best new set of the year award like PCGS currency does? As it stands right now a new participant can't really win any of the awards that are given out as they are all locked up by a few old timers who's sets cannot be surpassed. By adding a best new set of the year award this will ensure that a new participant has a shot at winning something. Otherwise there will be no incentive for new comers.
  3. Alright got it. Thanks. I still don't understand why those users create 2, 3, 4, 5 or more duplicate sets in the same category. Why not just have all of your notes in one set and keep things cleaner and organized. Makes no sense to me but if that's what they want to do then so be it I guess.
  4. I wasn't able to post in the registry section so please move this thread there. Anyway can someone clean up the registry sets because they are riddled with duplicate and redundant sets by the same users. Some of which don't even have any notes listed. Some house cleaning in many of these sets would be much appreciated. Thanks. Here's an example of a set that is absolutely cluttered with unnecessary sets by the same people:
  5. Newly registered forum member here. For some reason I am unable to post anything at all in the registry forum so I am doing it here instead. In the set registry I was trying to add a note to one of my sets but it is in an old holder that doesn't have a modern certification number on the back of the holder and the registry will not accept the number that it does have which is longer and doesn't have a dash before the last 3 digits like the newer numbers have. How do you circumvent this problem and get the note added to your set? Also one of the notes I entered was rejected because it said that someone else had already registered the note. I have owned this note for over 3 years and can prove ownership. How long does it take to get the note released to me as it's already been 4 days and I'm still waiting. Thanks. *Edit* my post has been moved to this proper forum now.
  6. We just picked up a large batch of over 100 notes from PMG which were graded and given back to us at the Long Beach coin show. Every single one of them was warped. So the problem has not been corrected and we have experienced this many times before. Obviously we can't send back 100+ notes for reholder. There needs to be better quality control on this for sure!