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  2. I have an Fr 1300 graded VF 35 that only received 81 points. Only 14 notes have been slabbed in all grades and the highest grade was an AU58. The Fr 1300 is incredibly rare in any grade so why is such a rare note worth only 81 points?
  3. Fractional currency from the Civil War era is amongst the rarest of the paper money. Many of the notes have fewer than 20 graded and there are a few that are almost unique. The fractional specimens are also very rare and some of these notes were actually hand signed by the Treasurer and Treasury Secretary.
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    How do I submit my competitive set for consideration in the 2016 paper money awards?
  6. I submitted 20 notes at the Memphis show on June 3 for grading in the economy tier. At the time PMG indicated it would take 35 days to return the notes, now the time is 45 days. It has been more than 7 weeks and I still don't have my notes. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  7. I collect fractional currency and use the PMG population report to judge rarity. IFor fractionals the most common notes have fewer than 1000 certified, most varieties are less than 100. My benchmark for rarity is 20, any fewer than that I consider rare.
  8. The first two are 5th issue notes and are pretty common. The last one is a 1st issue postage note. Their condition is poor so they wouldn't be worth very much probably less than $20.
  9. Net after the grade means that the note has been altered in some way, such as mounted, repaired or has a foreign substance. These note are slightly less desirable.
  10. I have been collecting fractional currency for more than 12 years and most of my notes have increased by 2-3X in value. If you want to get started with these buy Rob Kravitz's book, it explains the history of these notes and a good description of their value and rarity.
  11. The note on the right is an Fr 1316 (very scarce). I don't know about the note on the left, all second issue 50 cent notes had surcharges on the back I don't see any on the left note.
  12. I'm not sure that they are counterfeits. The bronze oval around Washington's portrait was meant to prevent counterfeiting. Most counterfeit plates were made from photographs, the oval made it impossible to photograph the details of the note design.
  13. The third issue 25 and 50 cent notes are the rarest and most difficult to find
  14. I have almost a complete collection of fractionals..look at the registry. They are a fascinating type of currency, most people don't know that they ever existed. Yet they helped save the economy of the Union during the Civil War. There are 23 note designs and about 125 major variations so putting a good collection is not an impossible task. I have been collecting for about 12 years and most of my notes have appreciated by 2-3X in value.
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    Offices PMG.

    I submitted some notes at the Memphis show in the economy classification. At the time the wait was 30 days, now it is 45 days. When can I expect to get my notes?