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  1. The temporary extension will allow 45 days for a new banknote issue to be submitted to PMG for these designations Read more
  2. @ParadoxTremors I like to use the cert verification tool when I have access to the cert number and grade as it is much quicker. The link and information below are for the note in question. When you click on the link you will be able to access the specific section of the census by clicking the area circled in blue.
  3. @ParadoxTremors if you are still having issues adding notes please contact our registry team at the email below. [email protected]
  4. NGC and PMG will provide updates on their operations during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation here. Read More
  5. NGC and PMG will provide updates on their operations during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation here. Read More
  6. All NGC and PMG locations remain open to serve collectors and dealers by providing liquidity and confidence to the global collectibles markets at a time when those qualities are more important than ever. Read More
  7. All of our global offices remain open at full capacity, but with enhanced cleaning and safety procedures. Read more
  8. The sheet of four Serial Number 1 notes from the First Charter of National Bank Notes is graded PMG 55 About Uncirculated. Read more
  9. @aankuzuma Please find the link below for the membership benefits. To submit items directly to PMG for grading you must be a paid member or you can submit through an authorized PMG dealer in your area. PMG does not buy, sell, trade, or appraise value of notes. Once the notes are authenticated and graded you can value your notes based off the grade provided and sell how/where you wish.
  10. @nicholaospapa For world notes the catalog numbers are found in the standard catalog of paper money. They have modern, vintage and specialized books. You can find these on the website below as well but it is not linked to the official book and we can not confirm if/when it is updated to match. For U.S. notes you will find them in the Paper Money of the United States book as they are referred to as the Friedberg (Author) numbers. If the 10 notes are the exact same pick number (including variety) you can list them on the same line and write "Various" in the Serial Number field if they do not all fit.
  11. PMG does not sell sample notes to customers as they are promotional items but they are typically sold on ebay.
  12. The PMG Registry continues to grow and now includes more than 12,000 sets. PMG Registry participants, we thank you for sharing your collections with us and the world! Read more
  13. To mark the occasion, a special label is available to submitters for no additional fee for a limited time.Read more
  14. Get added protection for your notes from PMG's comprehensive guarantee and high-quality holder. Read more
  15. About two-thirds of PCGS Currency notes submitted through PMG's standard CrossOver service have been re-certified at the same grade or higher.Read more