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  1. PMG Please add the population report for U.S. ""TEST NOTES"" Especially on the American Bank Note Company Specimens 10 UNITS, 20 UNITS, ETC.. Also for the Giori Test Notes. PMG has turned down all my requests in the past couple of years to at least add them to the population report for them. I understand PMG has set guidelines, rules, policy's and regulations. I respect that. What I have been told is that they are unable to add these notes because most but not all of them have all Zeros for the serial number(s) or no serial number at all. Too me they are no different than U.S. Fractional Currency notes. They do not have any serial numbers. Except maybe Proof or Essay Notes may have serial numbers or even Specimen's. There are population reports for U.S. Fractional Currency "Specimen & Proof's. PMG please try to Explore some options for us to add TEST NOTES & AMERICAN BANK NOTE COMPANY SPECIMENS into the population report. After all PMG with all due respect in my own opinion if you accept any bank note, test note, specimen whatever the case may be it is only fair for us PMG members, Collectors, etc.. To be able to see the population report on everything that PMG grades and that is certified by the best in the industry. Please review and please advise. Let me know if you need my PMG Certification numbers for the notes that I am talking about. Thank you and I would greatly appreciate it if we can get this created and added into a NEW CATEGORY, SET TYPE and POP report.