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  1. Hi Ali Maybe it is me but I thought I read elsewhere that 12-06-19 at 10:30 A.M. was the cut off date. You are saying 11-6-19
  2. "PMG’s standard CrossOver service have been re-certified by PMG at the same grade or higher. Updated statistics are published weekly on Fridays." This is a quote from the crossover article, Where can I find the Updated Statistics, I looked everywhere on the PMG site and I can not locate it Thanks
  3. With the end of the Registry Set year, (Dec 6 I believe) when the sets should be finalized or updated for 2019. If a note is added to the set before the cut off date but was not released by the previous owner. But is released after the last day, will it be accepted. I know that PMG is very good about contacted the previous owners and releasing the note for the new owner, but it can take a couple of days. Question put another way: does a note have to be released before the cut off date or can it be submitted to one's set before the cut off date and accepted after the cutoff date. Thanks