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  1. Thanks for your reply, Jennifer. I just logged on to NGC Hong Kong and I read this "You must be an NGC Hong Kong member to submit." in the first paragraph on this page and "NGC Hong Kong paid collector members can submit their notes directly to NGC Hong Kong. Not an NGC Hong Kong member? Paid memberships start at just $25/year. Join now!" Does this mean that my submission privileges' with PMG/NGC etc are only valid at the office I originally registered with? Or am I automatically a member of NGC (PMG) Hong Kong and other submission loc
  2. Hello I am based in Indonesia and I have direct submitting privileges to PMG/NGC in FL, USA. However, due to the pandemic, I find I have difficulties using my local postal service to send items to the United States. I would not experience difficulties sending items to the PMG/NGC Hong Kong office or to the Singapore PMG/NGC agent. With my membership renewal, I gained a $150 grading credit. Is there some way to have this credit transferred to either the Hong Kong or Singapore office as payment towards my grading fees? If so, how would I go about doing this? How can I come
  3. Please send me lists of items you have for sale. Banknotes from other countries considered. You should mention the minimum price you are willing to accept. If necessary, I will ask you to send scans of the items I am interested in. My email address is [email protected]
  4. Hello Ali Thanks for immediate response and opening of new registry set for these items. However when I inputted the relevant data I go this response: PROCESSED NOTES These notes have been processed, and the results are explained on the right. Slot Cert # Registered Note in Slot Message 20 FRANCS P61 8064914-015 Yes No This No
  5. Hello You have a registry set titled Registered Sets in Belgium 1905-1997 Complete Set, P67-P152 My note is Pick 62d and is a 20 Franc denomination and is dated 30 October 1909 and is thus well within the set's date parameters. Alternatively, the Registry set could start at Pick 61. Pick 61 to 66 inclusive are still relatively available unlike issues up to Pick 60 which are practically non-existent on the marketplace. Would welcome proper consideration of my request.
  6. Yes, it was fun traveling around Africa for numismatic reasons in the '00s'. Only sorry I did not reach any ex-Portuguese colonies besides Mozambique. Heard horror stories about what happened to people trying to smuggle Angolan currency out of Angola... Zimbabwe officials were not a problem to deal with. I took out almost a ton of coins at the time.
  7. I was in Harare during the initial phase of the inflationary period on a number of occasions. When I went to the Reserve Bank for Traveler Cheques, it was already problematic to obtain the lower denomination examples. Just obtained around five of the Z$1000 and multiples of 10 of everything else up to the Z$100,000. The reason the issuing stopped because these notes could - of course - only be used once. It took several years for quantities of Traveler cheques to reach the market. In my experience via eBay but also probably via some of the wholesalers at the numismatic shows. Of course pr
  8. Hello Just got the following message when trying to enter an Austrian note for my registry set: 50 Schilling 1927-30 Issue P96 8054848-001 Yes Yes This Note was successfully added to your set. 100 Schilling 1933-36 Issue P101 8054848-003 Yes No This Note is not valid for this slot. Please check the slot's list of eligible Notes. 8054848-03 actually is a 50 Schilling 1935-dated note Pick 100. The above is an error from PMG. Please revise. Regards!
  9. Very impressive collection, IR? This would surely interest the rest of us: where did you get the notes - reveal as much as you like - and how much did you pay? There are websites out there with auction results information for Bahamas Specimen notes.
  10. Sorry, I sold all my TPG South Korean notes. Demand for the stuff was quite fierce recently.
  11. Any interest in AMC issued for Korea ie the famous "A" notes. Just trying to see how far your interest goes.
  12. Hello Anuj Please reveal what you would be paying for Portuguese India notes - PMG graded of course. A range would be fine, depending on conditions.
  13. Hello Kelin Welcome to the PMG/NGC message board community. I was in Accra back in 2005 and I went to a market near to the Central Bank. In one of the stalls I met an elderly gentleman from whom I bought quite a few better grade 2/- coins. I think I visited him a couple of times and at a certain point I bought all he had to sell of the grades (condition) that interested me. The 2/- coin is not made out of a Nickel-Brass mixture. Thanks for the photographs scanned with your message. The coins in the pictures all appear to be heavily circulated and some are damaged or corro