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  1. I do see some changes happening - more robust the collection manager becomes the more people tend to want to participate. The opposition PCGS are doing a sterling job on there collection manager and I think PMG should get ahead of them. IT website is pretty cheap these days and its really not that heavy on costs.
  2. PMG guru's Any deadline in sight for the upgrades of the Collection Manager? So much is missing from this system compared to NGC Collection Manager system. don't get me wrong - I am sure many PMG Collectors are keen to use the Collection Manager but the system is a tad archaic in nature! We all would very much appreciate a user-friendly app.
  3. Thank you for your kind efforts Ali E.
  4. I think all collectors are somewhat disappointed to the collection manager of PMG. It is absolutely very modest in application. At NGC I can bulk load all my graded easy to replicate that service with PMG...
  5. The PMG collection Manager is really archaic compared to NGC. At least with NGC you get to see the coin pics. At NGC you can bulk load graded coins, individual but at PMG you must first create a set? NGC collection Manager, once you have loaded all the coins just using the NGC grading number, when you wish to setup a coin collection, the program actual lets you know there are coins suitable for that year in the list. I would suggest PMG adopt NGC collectors template for the paper money collection Manager. :)