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  1. What are the best remedies for dealing with currency sellers who hold themselves out as experts and then will not stand behind what they sell? You buy notes trusting the expertise of a dealer and each of the notes grades significantly below what they claim them to be at PCGS currency or PMG. This is a major consumer rights issue. What do you do in cases like this? PCGS and PMG are supposed to protect us against inaccurate and loose grading, but with uncertified notes what steps do you take to support your rights?
  2. No magic with that one IMO. You have to think who will be the end collector for it? If it were collectible at all chances are it would be in Europe.
  3. You could try the PCGS currency forums, also Coin Talk has some active CSA collectors. Or you could research the Heritage auctions archives or download Track and Price for a 30 day free trial which may cover these.